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What makes this quote by Rajneesh particularly noteworthy? Why is it necessary to include it? Have any secondary sources commented upon it? -- Cirt (talk) 23:26, 11 December 2011 (UTC)

Those questions might reasonably be asked about the entire page you created, apparently as something of an attack page on Ma Anand Sheela‎‎ aiming at defamation of Osho and anyone who might seek to study any of his ideas. I am restoring the quote you have removed, as a noteworthy statement by a notable person on a noteworthy subject and consider its removal here and elsewhere an act of hostile censorship of what others find noteworthy, while you seem quite self-satisfied in creating many pages that focus on and often exaggerate much of the worst in humanity and various individuals — and thus actually offer at least as much evidence of what is truly worst about such people as you who are so diligent in finding things to hate or besmirch in others, whether such findings hold up to fully rational scrutiny or not. I truly wish you well, and that you lose some of your rather unhealthy hatreds of others, but I do not feel any inclination to hide the fact that I despise many of your activities, loathe many of your apparent attitudes, and continue to oppose your efforts to censor others in ways I believe are quite cynical in the modern sense of the word, and extremely hypocritical in all senses of the word. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 21:12, 12 December 2011 (UTC) + tweak
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