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- Points for alliteration, sort of—an amazing moment in nonsensical political opposition. Republicans are calling mass transit, the closest thing there is to a universally accepted economically stimulative good thing—they, today, called that waste and they voted against it. Voting against transportation infrastructure in a stimulus bill is like turning up at an Emil Villa‘s Hickory Pit and ordering salad.

- So, is this time for a rethink of the issues, a rethink of the strategy maybe? Are you kidding? Clearly, what‘s needed here is a new brand.

- Just say no. No ideas for five years. We‘re the Taliban. We‘re emboldened. We‘re the goose eggs, zip, zero. Woo-hoo!

- I believe that whole red state, blue state, United States. Like, I believe that. There‘s a reason we all get goose bumps when we hear that line in Obama‘s stump speech. It‘s not red states and blue states... Alexandra Pelosi: You‘re drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Rachel:I‘m not at all. I‘m not at all. I just—I believe in that whole one America thing. I totally believe it.

- The president‘s farewell address just 90 minutes ago was his last public event, his last speech to the country and puts a cap on the furious Karl Rove and Karen Hughes-produced legacy polishing tour that they undertook starting shortly after Election Day.

- You keep using that word “moral clarity.” I am not sure it means what you think it means.

- If the Department of Justice was a house, say, that the Obama administration was inheriting, it could safely be classified as a real fixer-upper. It was essentially foreclosed on after having been trashed by its outgoing tenant, the windows smashed before it was even boarded up.

- The difficult thing about a victory lap is that: (A), there needs to be, you know, victory; and (B), the people you are triumphantly visiting should be probably be happy to see you. We know about point two, the shoe hurling debacle is bound to be a staple on whatever the future‘s YouTube is for generations to come. But lost in the middle of this is point one, the idea of a victory, a clear-cut victory, right?

- What he's done for America? Like seek a country music deal and get a publicist?

- A couple things, first, Republican complaining about mistreatment of the Constitution after these last eight years? Kind of like Colonel Sanders arguing for chicken rights. Second, if a judge has empathy, that's not legal? And third, forgive me here but, the gay? Senator Kit Bond warning us off of compassion for the gay? You know it's not catching, right? It's not like the measles.

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I'm aware that she probably didn't invent this verbal mannerism, but she uses it so much it's a quite a cliche of hers (if a person can be said to be using a cliche they invented): 'The TV/Internet Machine'. If you want a citation she says 'The Internet Machine' on her interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, and there's already a quote with her saying 'The TV Machine' on this page. Does this merit inclusion? -djb13 11 March 2009

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..when clicking on external links in this article. Does this mean MSNBC can't afford to update their website? Ottawahitech (talk) 23:40, 23 September 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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