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I love this man. ~ A fan.


  • Superman should be a huge, positive role model, an almost Christ-like force.
  • I just lived daily with my parents fighting against the bomb, the idea that this thing when it happens, we'd be obliterated, forever. & then for me the big thing was discovering superhero comics, because suddenly, there were people who could stop the bomb, Superman could take an atom bomb hit to the chest & just shake it off... so all that reflects on me, the moment you realise that the bomb, before it was a bomb, was an idea, & suddenly that understanding: Superman was a better idea, so why not make that one real instead of that one? (2010, on Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods)
  • I didn't think it was right for superheroes to be burdened with real world problems, I was more interested in going into their world, I wanted to find out what it was like in there, where the sky was always blue and where everything was primary coloured, where time was represented by boxes and you can cut between one moment and ten years over the space of a again this why I thought my agenda and my projects were so different, because I felt that (Alan) Moore brought the grit and grim into super heroes' lives, it was about harming them, kind of messing them up and exposing their futility and fragility, and to me I don't want to expose the fragility and futility of one of the last great forms that we have. (2010, on Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods)
  • What's really interesting is the fact that these long running universes have their weight that is bigger than mine. I wasn't alive when Superman was having his first adventure, I'll be dead and he'll still be having adventures, so there is a certain element of that continuum we've created which is much more real the one we live in. (2010, on Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods)
  • I really do think that the battlelines have been drawn. I want to see comics as a pop medium, I want to see the Forbidden Planet empire reaching out to every city in the world like McDonald's. I want to see comic creators and retailers in Vogue and on telly, but ranged against that brilliant global vision are the cornershop bankers who just want to sneak home with their brown paper bags and their Betty Page video's and who're just desperate to keep comics at the level of stamp collecting and train-spotting because they can't face up to the glare of the real world. Which side will you be on? -- its as simple as that. (1992)
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