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Eat Garfield eat LyricsEdit

Eat Garfield eat. Eat with all your might! Eat that pasta, eat it fasta. Till it's out of sight. Till it's out of sight. Munch Garfield, munch. Come on let's do lunch. Make your belly mozzarelly Crunch, crunch, crunch Crunch, crunch, crunch. Cheese, salami, ham and swiss Whole wheat, rye and white Sliced tomatoes, ton of mayo Love at first bite Garfield, you're an awesome eater. Yes, you are the top. Butter beatters, bitter batter You don't have to stop. Double stack it, you can hack it. Yum, Garfield, yum. Don't you miss a crumb Add a dinner, you're the winner Don't you pause or you'll get thinner More, Garfield, more. Till you can't fit through the door. Eat Garfield Eat Chow, chow, chow.

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