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Swami Sivananda

Indian philosopher
Be Good, Do Good.

Swami Sivananda (8 September 188714 July 1963) was a Hindu spiritual teacher and a well known proponent of Yoga and Vedanta.


  • Be Good, Do Good.
    Do thou always without attachment perform action which should be done, for by performing action without attachment, man reaches the Supreme.
    • Light, Power and Wisdom (1959), p. 6; note that the short phrase "Be good, do good" had occurred in spiritual teachings of others in the 19th century, usually in conjunction with other injunctions. "Be Good, Do Good" became a prominent motto of the Divine Life Society.
    • Variant: Be good, do good, be kind, be compassionate.
      • Light, Power and Wisdom (1959), p. 207
  • The life of a mendicant during pilgrimages helped me to develop in a great measure forbearance, equal vision and a balanced mind in pleasure and pain. I met many Mahatmas and learnt wonderful lessons. On some days I had to go without food and walk mile after mile. With a smile I faced all hardships.

Autobiography of Swami SivanandaEdit

Autobiography of Swami Sivananda (2000 web edition)
  • I consider that goodness of being and doing constitute the rock-bottom of one’s life. By goodness I mean the capacity to feel with others and to live and feel as others do, and be in a position to act so that no one is hurt by the act. Goodness is the face of Godliness. I think that to be good in reality, in the innermost recesses of one’s heart, is not easy, though it may appear to be simple as a teaching. It is one of the hardest things on earth, if only one would be honest with oneself.
    There is no physical world for me. What I see I see as the glorious manifestation of the Almighty.
    • "What Life Has Taught Me"

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