Susannah Constantine

British fashion designer and journalist

Susannah Constantine (born 3 June 1962) is a fashion guru and television presenter, who became famous as the co-host of What Not to Wear in 2001, with Trinny Woodall.

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  • My boobs are the bane of my life, they're a real burden. Every time I have a baby, I go up two sizes. I'll probably be an E cup after this. I can't bear it.
    • As quoted in "Acne, alcohol … and non-stop sex" by Lynda Lee-Potter in Daily Mail (6 September 2003)
  • The show is much more emotional now. It's a journey, but it is still about clothes, too. It's been fascinating to see how looking good and having faith in your appearance makes you into a sexier person, which makes you attractive to your partner again. We come in as complete strangers and get to know them all extremely well. It was a privilege for Trinny and I to have these people feel they could open up to us. It was very humbling, too.
  • In social situations I still feel scared. My best friend and husband give me the freedom to be myself.
    • As quoted in "Retail therapists" by Fiona Neill in The Times (14 July 2007)

God's gift to women (2007) edit

Quotes from "God's gift to women" by Barbara Ellen in The Guardian (16 September 2007)
  • Ultimately, what we're doing is giving people confidence. We're probably the only people who have an opinion, who care how ordinary people dress. No one at Vogue magazine gives a shit. They work with the designers, it's more creative and artistic — they are creating something beautiful. But they don't care about how their readers end up looking — whereas we do!
  • I had one little glimpse in the mirror and it was like an electric shock. Horrifying. It took me three or four days to get over it. On air, the plastic surgeon said: "Would you have anything done?" Oh no, I said. "Do you smoke?" No, never. Soon as the camera was off I took his card and had a cigarette.
    • Reaction to being aged to a 70-year-old by prosthetics.
  • I did have Botox once and I felt like I'd had a stroke. It was so claustrophobic.
  • Too fat, too thin, what the fuck are you supposed to be? God bless the media!

Scots Are So Stylish... (2007) edit

Quotes from "Scots Are So Stylish... And Ewan Mcgregor Looks Fab In A Kilt" by Maria Croce in The Daily Record (19 September 2007)
  • Our primary concern is not to be style icons ourselves.
  • We've created a range of clothing which is almost like a prescription from the doctor. Our clothes do the same thing. If you're not happy with your bum, then there's a coat that's going to hide it. If you want to create a waist, there's a dress that's going to do that for you too. We've designed it very much around the female body."
  • Generally speaking Scottish women are pretty good. Look at Sharleen Spiteri and Lulu — you've got two fabulously well-dressed women in different ways.
  • In my case I slob around in old clothes in the country. But I have the luxury of knowing I can pull myself out of that. So I don't feel bad about looking like shit.

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  • You just don't expect posh girls to grab your tits, call your trousers "too clitty" and use words like "pussy pelmet" but they do. You are so shocked by what they are saying that by the time you have recovered and thought of something to say they have whipped you out of your jeans and eased you into a Lycra cat suit.
  • Susannah ... is on the right side of voluptuous and more laid-back. She loses things likes credit cards and keys.
  • By the end of the interview, I pluck up the courage to ask Susannah whether she thinks my bra fits. She stares at my chest: "You’re wearing a 34C and you should be in a 32DD." I get home and check. She’s right.
    • Fiona Neill in "Retail therapists" in The Times (July 14 2007)

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