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Supernatural (2005–2020) is a paranormal/horror/thriller/drama-themed television series on the WB Television Network (now merged with UPN into the new network The CW) that details the lives of two brothers who travel across the country in a black 1967 Chevy Impala investigating paranormal events and other unexplained occurrences.  Season twelve originally aired from the 13th October 2016 to 18th May 2017.

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Keep Calm and Carry On [12.1] edit

Bearded Demon: Whatever.
Jervis: Whatever? What are you, a 14-year-old girl now?
Bearded Demon: I mean, not right now. I possessed one once, but, it didn't work out. A lot of feelings and urges and ugly snot crying about how Julie's with Craig Castle now, even though he's total bae, but she's, like, a busted bitch on ice... [Jervis looks at him weird] Hormones, dude

Sam: Just wondering how far I'm gonna have to walk back to town after I kill you. And her. But you first.
Toni: Yes, well. Before you murder us all.

Sam: [to Toni Bevell] You can ask me any type of question you want, but the answer is gonna be the exact same: screw you. You wanna get mad? You wanna get mean? I've been tortured by the Devil himself. You? You're just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?

Dean: He's an angel.
Mary: Come again?
Dean: Angel. With a capital 'A'. You know, wings, harp.
Castiel: No, I don't have a harp.

Mary: Is that a..a computer?
Castiel: Yes. I don't trust them.

Castiel:This must be difficult for you. I remember my first moments on Earth. It was jarring.
Mary: One word for it. I grew up with Hunters. I've heard of people coming back from the dead before. But to actually do it... after 30 years. A lot's changed [She looks around] A lot.

Mary: No. I'm sorry. I just... I spent my life running from this, from hunting. And I got out. I never wanted this for you and Sam.
Dean: Mom, I-I get it. I do. If I had kids, I wouldn't want them in this. But Sam and me... saving people and hunting things, this is our life. I think we make the world a better place. I know that we do.

Mamma Mia [12.2] edit

The Foundry [12.3] edit

American Nightmare [12.4] edit

The One You've Been Waiting For [12.5] edit

Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox [12.6] edit

Rock Never Dies [12.7] edit

LOTUS [12.8] edit

First Blood [12.9] edit

Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets [12.10] edit

Regarding Dean [12.11] edit

Stuck in the Middle (With You) [12.12] edit

Family Feud [12.13] edit

The Raid [12.14] edit

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell [12.15] edit

Ladies Drink Free [12.16] edit

The British Invasion [12.17] edit

The Memory Remains [12.18] edit

The Future [12.19] edit

Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes [12.20] edit

There's Something About Mary [12.21] edit

Who We Are [12.22] edit

All Along the Watchtower [12.23] edit

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