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Stupid! is a comedy TV series that premiered on BBC in 2004. The plot of the TV series is about King Stupid who makes people (mainly children) do stupid things.

King SachinEdit

  • I'm the person that made you ask how much a pencilcase was in the "Everythings a pound" shop.
  • No Goober you boghouse rat!
  • Oh dear! Poor little goth girl!

  • Queen Sensible: From now on, we are going to make the world a more sensible place.. *stupid picking his nose* Stupid! Are you delibritly being stupid?
  • King Stupid: What? Sorry, were you talking to me?


Devil FingerEdit


The GranEdit

  • *laughes* Oh Your Face Graham!

She Fancies YouEdit

  • First Sister: She Fancies You!
  • Second sister: No She Fancies You!!
  • First Sister: No She Fancies You!!!
  • Second sister: No She Fancies You!!!!
  • First Sister: No She Fancies You!!!!!
  • Second sister: No She Fancies You!!!!!!

Which one is it?Edit

  • First older girl: One of those new teachers is swetty betty she gets big sweet patches
  • Second older girl: And when she speaks to you sweat drips off her nose.
  • Young girl: Which one is she.
  • First older girl: I'm not sure.
  • Young girl: I'll just go and ask.
  • Both older girls: NOOO!!!

[After returning from two amused teachers]

  • Young girl: Can you really get detention every day until you die??
  • First older girl: You idiot.
  • Second older girl: So which one is she?
  • Young girl: I never got an answer I'll just go and ask.
  • Both older girls: NOOO!!!

Rude girlEdit

(Audience claps as a pupil gets a prize)

  • Teacher: & the next award goes to Neil Johnson for a spotless 100% attendance record! Neil! Neil?
  • Other Teacher: He's not here today.
  • Teacher: Oh! Right, OK moving on, the award for all round sporting achievement goes to Jas Watkins. Come up Jas.

(Jas walks up on stage)

  • Teacher: *Jas snatches certificate* Not so fast girl. Would you like to say a few words?

(Jas shakes her head)

  • Teacher: Don't be shy. Do you like the certificate?
  • Jas: Yeah, it's great... DOG BREATH! *Puts hand over her mouth & audience gasp*
  • Teacher: Do you like school then Jas? I love coming here.
  • Jas: I knew that... You old witch! *audience laugh*
  • Teacher: Sorry?!
  • Jas: I said it's a terrific school, apart from the stink, & the pee teachers. Mind you, the stink comes from the pee teachers because they're too thick to work out how to use a can of deodorant!
  • Teacher: Um, right! Thanks for that Jas!
  • Jas: You asked you shabby old fat! Where'd you get your clothes from? The 1970s?
  • Teacher: Go and sit down this instant!
  • Jas: Go and sit down this instant! Go and sit down this instant! Big bulbus head!

(Teachers grab her)

  • Jas: Get off me! You've got poo on your fingers! Help! I'm being abducted by poo fingered people!!

(Jas stops fidgeting and calling the people names. Audience is shocked)

  • Jas: *Softly and sadly* I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! It just comes out! Can I keep the certificate?

(Teacher snatches certificate and tears it up)

  • Jas: That's a no isn't it. *goes back and sits down*

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