Striptease (film)

1996 film by Andrew Bergman

Striptease is a 1996 comedy film starring Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds and Ving Rhames, and is written, produced and directed by Andrew Bergman. Based on the novel Strip Tease by Carl Hiaasen.

Darrell Grant

  • [to Erin Grant] Hey, you only got two hours! That's what the judge ruled right there from that bench! [referring to Angela] I'll be right behind you, just in case you're thinking about snatching her!

David Dilbeck

  • Thank you. Thank you. You're too kind. You're too kind. What a privilege for me to be here with you good people tonight, and to talk about an issue that is critical to this campaign and to all of the American people. I'm talking about the issue of family values.
  • Thank you. Thank you. There comes a time in every public figure's career when he has to think about his future.


Judge Fingerhut: Always considering the best interests and the welfare and well being of the child. Therefore, you may make visitations to your daughter every other week, and on Christmas Eve, and, of course, on Easter Sunday when you're wearing your pretty little Easter outfits.
Erin Grant: Your Honor, my ex-husband is addicted to pills, and he's a thief! Because of his arrest record, I just lost my job as secretary for the FBI!
Fingerhut: He was the finest high school tailback I ever saw. Of course, he's had his run-ins with the law, but he's made his accommodations with the authorities.
Erin: Your Honor, being an informant for the Dade County Vice Squad hardly qualifies him to raise a seven-year-old child!
Fingerhut: Neither does being a mother without a job!
Erin: But I lost it because of him!
Fingerhut: Little lady, my decision is final.

Malcolm Moldowsky: This is a major disaster! Major! Unbelievable! Without doubt, the most asinine piece of human behavior...
Congressman David Dilbeck: It's never gonna happen again, Malcolm! I've got it under control. See, I just love naked women. It's a character flaw. And God's testing me now...
Moldowsky: Oh, will you shut up, you idiot!
Dilbeck: You can't talk to me like that. I'm a United States Congressman!
Moldowsky: I can't? When you go psycho in a titty bar six weeks before the election, what should I call you? Winston Fucking Churchill? It was all I could do to keep Willie Rojo from coming in here and strangling you with his bare fucking hands!

[Erin Grant and her ex-husband Darrell are having a heated discussion about their daughter Angela]
Erin: Why do you keep moving from place to place? How is she gonna make any friends?!
Darrell Grant: Well, aren't we the child psychologist?
Erin: It has nothing to do with child psychology, you moron!! Where is she gonna go to school this year?! Opa-locka, Deerfield Beach? Have you ever thought about it?!
Darrell: Yeah, I thought about it plenty. [Erin feels very disgusted about this and goes off to have fun with Angela] Hey, you only got two hours! That's what the judge ruled right there from that bench! I'll be right behind ya, just in case you're thinking about snatching her!!
Angela Grant: Mommy, does snatch mean kidnap?
Erin: [feeling very happy and excited] Hey, how'd you get so smart?

Willie Rojo: What else?
Moldowsky: A connected matter. Davy wants to nail this stripper, and I'd like to be able to use the boat. That way we can control the situation.
Willie: She's the girl from the picture?
Moldowsky: Mm-hm. That's correct. Erin Grant.
Willie: What does she know?
Moldowsky: Well, we gotta find out. But the good news is she got custody of her child illegally, so she's vulnerable.
Willie: Vulnerable isn't good enough. I say let Davy have his fun, then lose her.
Moldowsky: Willie... Willie... First, let's determine whether she can hurt us or not. And I'm sure she's just another dumb harlot.
Willie: For her sake, I hope so.

Moldowsky: Good evening.
Erin: Good evening.
Moldowsky: You don't know me, Miss Grant; I'm Malcolm Moldowsky, Congressman Dilbeck's right hand.
Erin: You must be a very busy man.
Moldowsky: Touché. I wish to give you a word of advice about your adorable little daughter, Angela.
Erin: What about her?
Moldowsky: Well, we're aware that your custody of her is totally illegal.
Erin: That's just temporary until the appeal gets heard, my–
Moldowsky: Please, please, Miss Grant. Really, it's of no concern to us… as long as you refuse to cooperate with certain individuals who seek to harm and slur Congressman Dilbeck… for their own selfish political gain.
Erin: I don't know what you're talking about. Excuse me.
Moldowsky: Perhaps you don't. But what a pity if Angela were to be placed in a state home. Pretty grim, most of them. A lot of, uh… strange people working there. No, I recommend that you cooperate with us, Miss Grant… for the child's sake. Which means you talk to no one about tonight… or any night. Understood?
Erin: Of course.
Moldowsky: Good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd better toss the Congressman into a cold shower. By the way, I can see why he's so taken by your charms. Good night. Watch your step on the gangplank. [to himself] She ain't dumb enough.
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