Spider-Man 2 (Video Game)

2004 video game

Spider-Man 2 is a 2004 action-adventure game for GameCube, Play Station 2, XBox, N-Gage, PSP, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance Mac and PC published by Activision through Treyarch. It is a follow-up of the game Spider-Man: (2002 video game), followed by Spider-Man 3. The game takes place two years following the events of the first game, Spider-Man is trying to balance his civilian and superhero life, frequently late or absent for school, work, and leisure time with his friends, which gets worse as new villains like Black Cat, and Rhino emerge and his teacher Doctor Otto Octavius attempts to build a nuclear fusion reactor, suffering an accident for which he blames Spider-Man.


  • I can't believe I got washed all the way over here.
  • Hey, nothing better than the soaking with costume.
  • I need to be more careful, swimming definitely doesn't seaweed.
  • My like little New York water to clear up the sinuses.
  • I can't believe it! I lost the bag!
  • Oh, no. When I fell in the water, my delivery bag got washed away.
  • Problems?
  • Yo.
  • Hi, my name is Spider-Man, and I'll be your superhero today.


  • Girl: I lost my balloon!
  • Girl: My balloon!
  • Girl: [Crying] My balloon!
  • Girl: Come back! Balloon, come back!
  • Girl: Balloon!
  • Woman: My purse! Stop!
  • Woman: Menace!
  • Man: For web-slinger.
  • Woman: For web-slinger.
  • Bad Guy Men: Fail!
  • Woman: Give that back! Help!

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