Speed (1994 film)

1994 American action-thriller film directed by Jan de Bont

Speed is a 1994 action-thriller film that focuses on police officer Jack Traven who must race against speed to foil the crazed plan of an insane bomber/extortionist, who sets up a bomb on a city bus which Traven boards, which must keep moving above 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) or the bomb will explode.

Directed by Jan de Bont. Starring Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper and Sandra Bullock
Get ready for rush hour

Howard PayneEdit

  • A bomb is made to explode. That's its meaning. Its purpose. Your life is empty because you spend it trying to stop the bomb from becoming. And for who? For what? You know what a bomb is, Jack, that doesn't explode? It's a cheap gold watch, buddy.


Harry: Alright, pop quiz. Airport, gunman with a hostage. He's using her for cover. He's almost to a plane. You're one hundred feet away. [Jack doesn't respond] Jack?
Jack: Shoot the hostage.
Harry: What?
Jack: Take her out of the equation. Go for the good wound and he can't get to the plane with her. Clear shot.
Harry: You're deeply nuts, you know that? "Shoot the hostage." [chuckles]

[Payne is holding Harry hostage in the parking garage at gunpoint with explosives strapped to his chest.]
Payne: End of the line. This day has been real disappointing, I don't mind saying.
Jack: Why, 'cause you didn't get to kill everyone?
Payne: There will come a time, boy, when you'll wish you'd never met me.
Jack: Mister, I'm already there.

Payne: [on the phone] What do you think, Jack? You think you pick up all the bus driver's teeth they'll give you another medal?
Jack: Jesus...
Payne: You think I wouldn't have been prepared? Two years I spent setting up that elevator job, two years I invested in it. You couldn't understand the kind of commitment that I have. You ruined a man's life's work and you think you can walk away? You got blinders on to the world! But I got your attention now, didn't I Jack?
Jack: Why didn't you just come after me?
Payne: No this is about me! This is about my money, this is about money due me! Which I will collect! 3.7 Million dollars! It's my nest egg, Jack, at my age you have to think ahead.
Jack: [angry] When I find you...
Payne: [cuts him off] Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do?
Jack: I'd want to know what bus it was...
Payne: You think I'm going to tell you that?
Jack: Yes.
Payne: Aha, very good. There are rules, Jack, and I want you to get this right. NO ONE goes off the bus. If you try to take any passengers off the bus, I will detonate it. I want my money by 11AM.
Jack: We can't pull that kind of money in time!
Payne: Focus Jack! Your concern is the bus. And don't try to call. The radio's down. Now, the number of the bus is 2525, it's running downtown from Venice. It's at the corner of Ocean Park & Main.
[Jack takes off for his car as sirens from approaching fire engines can be heard]

[Jack calls Harry in his office while he is trying to get on the bus and tells him the bomber's back. Mac enters Harry's office.]
Mac: We got a random demand from your dead terrorist. He's rigged a city bus. Where's Jack?
Harry: [puts down the phone] Where do you think?

Jack: Miss, can you handle this bus?
Annie: Oh sure. It's just like driving a really big Pinto.

Annie: So you're a cop, right?
Jack: That's right.
Annie: Well, I should probably tell you that I'm taking the bus because I had my driver's license revoked.
Jack: What for?
Annie: Speeding.

Jack: It's a game. If he gets the money he wins, if the bus blows up he wins.
Annie: What if you win?
Jack: Then tomorrow we'll play another one.
Annie: But I'm not available to drive tomorrow. Busy.

Norwood: [to Mac] Sir, we have a serious problem.
Mac: What?
Norwood: This freeway isn't finished.
Mac: What are you talking about?
Norwood: The aerial unit caught it. About three miles away there's a section missing.
Mac: But it's on the map. It's finished on the goddamn map!
Norwood: I guess they fell behin.
Mac: Fuck! You're fired! Everybody's fucking fired!

Stephens: We're at the airport.
Ortiz: Yeah, so?
Stephens: I already seen the airport.

[Jack says he is going to get off the bus for a minute.]
Stephens: Are you just gonna leave us here?
Ortiz: I would.

Annie: What is that smell?
Jack: It's gas.
Annie: We're leaking gas?
Jack: We are now.
Annie: What, you thought you needed another challenge or something?

Jack: Harry! Tell me good news, man.
Payne: Oh, I'm sorry, Jack. He didn't make it.
Jack: You fuck!
Payne: It was the watch that led him to me, wasn't it? Huh? It seemed a little hammy to me to build a bomb out of my precious retirement gift, but, you know, I figured a sign that said "Howard Payne" would be pushing it.
Jack: I'm gonna rip your fucking spine out, I swear to God.
Payne: You're gonna do exactly as you're told! Jack, we both know he was the brains of your particular operation. You can't beat me, you're gonna pay me every dollar. Otherwise, you, the wildcat, and every innocent person on that bus, are gonna end up just like your friend. You paying attention? Jack, you listening to me? Jack? Jack!
Jack: Yeah...

Jack: You're crazy! You're really crazy!
Payne: No! Poor people are crazy, Jack. I'm eccentric.

[after surviving the bus explosion]
Annie: You're not going to get mushy on me, are you?
Jack: Maybe. I might.
Annie: I hope not, 'cause you know, relationships that start under intense circumstances, they never last.
Jack: Oh yeah?
Annie: Yeah, I've done extensive study on this.

Annie: You didn't leave me. I can't believe it... you didn't leave me.
Jack: Didn't have anywhere to be just then. [they kiss] I have to warn you, I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.
Annie: OK. We'll have to base it on sex then.
Jack: Whatever you say, ma'am.
[they continue kissing, but with more passion]


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