Something Positive

Something Positive, or S*P, is a webcomic by R. K. Milholland, which debuted on December 19, 2001. The comic is defined by its cynical tone and off-beat humour.

2001 Edit

  • Aubrey: Embrace the power of the labia, PeeJee! Embrace it!
12/21/2001, Snow Sculptures
  • PeeJee: Well, I thought, "Who among my friends would want a candy cane-shaped, eggnog scented strap on?" Then I thought, "Who deserves it?"
12/25/2001, Christmas
  • Davan: You know, for a lesbian, you seem to suck a whole mess o' dick.
12/31/2001, The Reluctant Lesbian pt 1

2002 Edit

  • PeeJee: Chemo kitties need extra love!
01/14/2002, Jhim's Kitty pt 1
  • Aubrey: I could menstruate a better cup of coffee than this!
01/28/2002, Coffee Crimes
  • PeeJee: You're like a Columbine kid who was too lazy to do anything.
04/03/2002, Dress Codes
  • Kim: Nothing is as sexy as the look on a man's face as he slips into an unplanned slumber.
04/11/2002, Les Chicas Del S*P...FIGHT! pt 4
  • Davan: I try not to think. It's not really a hallmark of my generation.
09/26/2002, Old Faces, Uneasy Places pt 2

2003 Edit

  • Aubrey: So I made some pork chops and rented "Babe."
05/05/2003, Heaven and Hell
  • Jason: Heresy is sexy, Aubrey. Cancer isn't!
05/17/2003, A Scar is Born pt 2
  • Jason: I bukkake for justice!
06/06/2003, Up, Up and Away pt 5
  • PeeJee: I'm sorry. Is our date interrupting your conversation with my boobs?
06/16/2003, PeeJee Restarts pt 2
  • Aubrey: If a guy tells me I can't possibly stick a crazy straw all the way up his smallest orifice, that's a challenge I'm honor-bound to accept!
10/27/2003, Positively Scandalous pt 1

2004 Edit

  • Aubrey: I'm going to find religion just so I can pray against each of you.
01/09/2004, Confection Affection
  • Aubrey: If masturbating was s'posed to be cute, pink bunnies would do it in meadows and they'd ejaculate rainbows and flower petals.
01/12/2004, Screams in Pastel
  • Davan: Why reach to the sky to touch a star when you can scoop one out of the gutter?
04/19/2004, Confessions of an Unused Mind pt 2
  • Lisa: For future reference, when a woman says she wants your honest opinion, she really doesn't.
5/28/2004, Rings pt 1
  • Davan: The way I see it, there's so much love and beauty in the world, and someone has to balance that shit out.
10/09/2004, Class of Ninety-Bore pt 4

2005 Edit

  • Aubrey: Oh, good. More snow. Nature's bukkake.
02/10/2005, I am Providence pt 5
  • Andy: Well, as long as you promise we're only lynching them for science.
03/09/2005, Rage Science
  • Davan: I'm just saying I've never heard of a SIDS baby growing up to be a murderer or a rapist. Draw your own conclusions, my friend.
04/03/2005, The Downside of SIDS pt 1
  • Cab: It's a lot like nature. You only have as many animals as the ecosystem can support and you only have as many friends as you can tolerate the bitching of.
08/09/2005, In Memory pt 2

2006 Edit

  • Nancy: Elize, I need your help. I'm worried this chloroform has gone bad but my nose is stuffed up. Could you smell it and tell me what you think?
01/30/2006, Zot pt 2
  • Davan: This is one of those situations where "I don't care" is the right answer, but not the right answer, isn't it?
05/22/2006, Alpha
  • Milholland's commentary: On one shoulder is a devil saying, "do it." On the other shoulder is an angel saying, "do it now."
06/29/2006, Fatherly Laments

2007 Edit

  • Davan: Well, y'know, true friendship is a lot like a cervical punch.
01/03/2007, Old Familiar Faces V pt 1
  • Mike: ...a wise man once said that being in love means never having to say, "I'm sorry."
Tamara: A wise woman once said being in a committed relationship means a man never will.
03/05/2007, Investing in Tomorrow pt 2
  • Milholland's Commentary: If you don't get the joke, you're probably the punchline.
08/28/2007, Words Can Hurt
  • Morganna: So...should we skip straight to finding an empty room to have sex in then?
09/07/2007, Scheduling Conflicts
  • Milholland's Commentary: Someone, somewhere, is dressing up like your favorite childhood cartoon character and having sex.
11/08/2007, ...ho?

2008 Edit

  • Kharisma: Thank God I was taught fat people don't have emotions.
01/24/2008, A First Meeting pt 4
  • Nancy: Oh, some more stupid for me. It makes me so hot...
03/28/2008, Customer Serviced pt 5
  • PeeJee: What is it with Texas and the child raping cults?!
04/16/2008, Texas Cults
  • Milholland's Commentary: Everything sounds dirtier when preceded by "For a good time..."
04/25/2008, Fishing
  • Davan: You're only offended because liberal society says you're supposed to think "child rape" jokes are wrong.
11/10/2008, Day One pt 2

2009 Edit

  • Fast Food Customer: I'm the customer and I'm white! That makes me twice as right! Se habla customer service, jerk?!
03/02/2009, Life According to S*P pt 2
  • Rory: If I get this cool stuff now I bet the stuff you give me when you die is gonna be great!
06/17/2009, Childish Things
  • Monette: I've never wanted to be a magician's hat so badly in my life.
07/02/2009, The Right Things to Say
  • PeeJee: Damn it! Why am I arguing shit on the web again?
Davan: 'Cuz sometimes you just need a cumshot of stupid to the face?
07/10/2009, Idle Brains are the Internet's Playthings
  • Vanessa: Expect foreplay full of fumbling and awkward apologies.
07/29/2009, Innuendo

2010 Edit

  • PeeJee: Hey! You! I've got a Vagina! You got a problem with that?
02/04/2010, Indoor Voice

2012 Edit

  • Cat: (angry) Mrrrrrrowwwr.
  • Cat-to-English translation: I am your god and your pain is my altar. Now, Worship!
08/18/2012, Innocents Lost

2013 Edit

  • Rayne (of Least I Could Do): The server's light flashed green three times. That's consent. That's robot consent.
01/30/2013, Here's What Happened
  • Fred: Friendship only really matters if you give it as willingly as you took it in the first place.
02/20/2013, An Attic Full

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