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Least I Could Do is a webcomic created by Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza. Although Lar deSouza is the current artist, the comic was previously drawn by Chad W.M. Porter, for two years, and before that, Trevor Adams. It is updated every day of the week except for Sunday, on which their spin-off comic Least I could Do Beginnings is shown .

2003 Edit

  • Rayne: It has nothing to do with you. It's me...I don't like you!
  • Mick: The girl by the bar thinks you're cute.
John: NO!
Rayne: Can't blame her...
John: You never, ever compliment him. Ever.
Rayne: I've got a Noah Wyle thing going on...
John: He tends to go on these ego benders.
Rayne: ...and I have been working out...I AM THE POWERFUL OZ!
John: Every single time.
  • Rayne: You guys remember when I used to say that if I ever got sent to prison I'd find the biggest, meanest inmate I could and submit myself to him for protection? Meet Wayne.
  • Rayne: It started so well, that late winter's night
Quite hot she looked, I must say at first sight
Her shirt she took off, with naught even a care
And that's when I saw, this girl was covered with hair
And so I said unto her, while I do crave some nookie
I'll be damned my dear, if I sleep with a wookie.
  • Rayne: You spoke with your friends, and their words were not kind
They said that to date me, you'd be out of your mind
So they warn and complain, and they yell stay away
For that mr. Rayne Summers, will take no time to stray
But there's a secret they're not telling, in the midst of their lynches
The Rumors are true, I weigh in at 18 inches.
  • Rayne: You know how they say that when a woman is pregnant, she's glowing and beautiful?
John: Yeah?
Rayne: They're just fat.
John: I'm glad your genetic code will die with you.

2004 Edit

But what's really disturing, is that she's been with 10 times more people than me
A decision must be made, about just what I should do
Do I sleep with this girl, or find someone new?
One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, more,
Meh, I'm already wasted, might as well sleep with the whore.
  • Psych Ward Woman: Where are you going?
Rayne: I'm done. You were great.
Psych Ward Woman: What about me?
Rayne: What about you?
Psych Ward Woman: Don't you even care about my sexual satisfaction?
Rayne: I'm not going to even dignify that with a response.

2005 Edit

  • Rayne: Ladies you might think, that men don't care
But I can tell with honesty, that we are incredibly aware
The things that we do, we don't allways choose
But that's the way of the world, always paying our does
I know it's not pleasant, but I beg you to follow,
The simple request, if you give head please swallow.

2006 Edit

  • Little Vader: You're more of a girl than Luke, and he was all like, "No Dad, I don't want to rule the galaxy like father and son because I'm Yoda's bitch." That's really what he said by the way. In those words.
  • Rayne: There are thing people are ready for, and some things they are not
Some things that they plan for, and one I dread a lot
It is only for pleasure, what comes out of my penis
I say it is only for pleasure, and not to create a fetus
I tell you now, that whether you do so for revenge, or even for money
Poking holes in your friends condoms simply isn't funny.
  • Rayne: The Cone of Caring, or COC for short, refers to the immediate area of space directly surrounding me. This area is the one and only I concern myself with. Anything outside of it, I don't care. It's like it doesn't exist.
  • Noel: He would've sold his roommate into slavery to do the thing you traded your friend for.
  • Noel: Hey, can you even drive stick?
Rayne: Of course. Wait. Was that euphemism for masturbation?
Noel: No.
Rayne: Then no, I can't. Sounds sexual, though.
Noel: Maybe so, but it's not.
Rayne: What about a "donkey punch"? That's still dirty, right?
Noel: Yes.
Rayne: This has been a wonderful learning experience. Thank you.
Noel: Anytime.
Noel: Isn't that on your answering machine?
Rayne: Yeah. Anyhow, I've been trying to come up the female equivalent of the saying.
Noel: What've you got so far.
Rayne: "When you're nervous, show your cervix."
Noel: You should keep working on it.
Rayne: This could be my Mona Lisa.

2007 Edit

2008 Edit

Rayne: You don't need to use two hand for making the cobra spit? How else would you cover most of your entire penis?

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