Shining Through

1992 film by David Seltzer

Shining Though is a 1992 British-American World War II film drama, directed and written by David Seltzer and starring Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith, with Liam Neeson, Joely Richardson and John Gielgud in supporting roles. Although based on the novel of the same name by Susan Isaacs, the film's plot is considerably different. The original music score was composed by Michael Kamen. The film's tagline is: "He needed to trust her with his secret. She had to trust him with her life."

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Ed Leland: What I was going to ask you to do is stand up, turn around, and close your eyes and tell me everything you see in the room. It's an observation test. Do you really have a problem with that?
Linda Voss: Pictures of sailboats and polo ponies; fancy books and diplomas; stuffed fish on the wall; calendar set to the wrong date; bookcases that need dusting; carpets that need cleaning; and a couple of guys from Harvard who are surprised that a girl who needs a job won't be treated like a slave.

Marguerite Von Eberstein: Except for you, I have no use for Jews.

Ed Leland: [seeing Linda for the first time in six months after their passionate affair, and he has come strolling in with a stunning burnette] You can come to work for me while I'm here, I can always use a good secretary.
Linda Voss: This is all so civilized, Edward. That's what you like isn't, it? Civilized people, polite ladies with pedigrees who look good at the opera, and never make you laugh too hard, and never make you feel too much. I've had a lot of time to think about this and don't tell me it's the war, when I've been waiting for six months to hear whether you're dead or alive and you waltz into a nightclub.
Ed Leland: Linda, I came in last night and I was going to call you.
Linda Voss: Oh, go to hell.
[he grabs her arm]
Linda Voss: Careful, Ed. You might have to admit you know me.
Ed Leland: Linda, it is the war.
Linda Voss: You're so noble, Ed.
Ed Leland: Did I promise you something? If I did, I'd like to know.
Army SSG in Canteen: Excuse me, sir. I thought the young lady might like to dance.
Ed Leland: The lady is busy.
Linda Voss: I'd love to dance.
[she starts dancing with the soldier]
Ed Leland: I'm cutting in.
Linda Voss: Don't let him.
Army SSG in Canteen: Excuse me, sir. But I don't think the young lady wants to dance with you.
Ed Leland: Don't try it, or I'll leave here with your Adam's Apple in my pocket.
Linda Voss: What do you want from me?
Ed Leland: I want you to stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Linda Voss: No, you want me to stop feeling, like you... You didn't love me, didn't you? I could have been wrong.
Ed Leland: You weren't.
Linda Voss: Well then. How do you stop, or want to?

Linda Voss: If you don't let me go, I'll quit!
Ed Leland: I'll miss you.

Horst Drescher: [chewing raw dove] Delicious. Makes me feel like a volf.
Horst Drescher: [then gulps with a stick look on his face]

Franze-Otto Dietrich: [from car to Linda Voss who is walking alone and has just been fired by Horst Drescher] It's me, ze zoup.
[points to his chest where Linda Voss had spilled soup on him earlier during the dinner]
Franze-Otto Dietrich: He dismissed you?
Linda Voss: Yes.
Franze-Otto Dietrich: Ze doves were raw.
Linda Voss: I had no time, I arrived at 6:00.
Franze-Otto Dietrich: [talking to Linda Voss about Horst Drescher and the dinner for raw dove] He ate ze whole thing to pwove it was edible.
Franze-Otto Dietrich: You should have seen him. Pompous little ass. Eating a raw bird.
[shakes his head]

Ed Leland: [she lights a cigarette] When did you start smoking?
Linda Voss: I don't know.
Ed Leland: That was a silly thing to do, don't you think?
Linda Voss: I'm a silly girl, Ed. I think you're living proof of that.

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