Second Vatican Council

Roman Catholic council, met 1962 to 1965

Second Vatican Council is the 21st and most recent ecumenical Roman Catholic council, met C.E.1962 to 1965.

  • We often talk about the Second Vatican Council: I can only say that I have not yet seen it applied completely in the life of our churches. The anniversaries are celebrated, but the letter of the Council is little applied. It seems, in some cases, a dead letter. Especially with regards to the collaboration between lay people and hierarchy and the question of the infallibility and immutability of the Petrine power, which has remained as it was. (Andrea Gallo)
  • The Second Vatican Council is not a pill to sweeten some difficult dogmas: it is the very essence of the evangelical message. With the Council the Church had finally let some fresh, clean air into her musty rooms. (Andrea Gallo)
  • The renewal of the Council must go deep. To implement it, the Holy Father believes it is necessary for there to be convinced minorities who have the courage to live like this: men and women who in the encounter with Christ have found the "precious pearl" and over time bring out the value of reason, to open it and heal her from her tiredness and laziness. (Nicola Bux)
  • Holland [was] the country in which, in Europe, the fervor of the Second Vatican Council was first felt. The so-called "new Dutch catechism", which caused so much outcry and fear at the top of the Church of Rome, was the fruit of a movement of believers who supported great demands for social commitment and freedom of expression. (Tonino Perna)
  • The liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council was fundamental for a more thoughtful faith, which is not just devotion. For us Christians, the rites are not enough, we need the adhesion of the heart and intellect. It is not enough to repeat formulas whose meaning is not known: those who pray must understand what he says. (Enzo Bianchi)
  • We have never said that the Council had directly professed heresies. But the wall of protection against error was removed and thus error was allowed to manifest itself. The faithful need protection. This is what the constant struggle of the militant Church to defend the faith consists of. (Bernard Fellay)
Second Vatican Council

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