Sarah McLachlan

Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter

Sarah Ann McLachlan, OC, OBC (born January 28, 1968) is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter. She is widely recognized as one of the founders of Lilith Fair, a tour that showcased female musicians in the late 1990s.

Sarah McLachlan in 2010

Song lyrics

All songs written by Sarah McLachlan, unless otherwise noted.
  • Crouching down inside a deep ravine,
    Those angry cries pass quickly by, he can't be seen.
    So many ways spent hiding in so many undone plans;
    Forgetting what it's like to fight when no one understands.
    • Out of the Shadows
  • You're always waiting on the tide,
    It's time you decide.
    I've walked down long roads that seem to have no end at all.
    You never wanted time to end,
    To let my life offend.
    • Steaming
  • In the desert of my dreams I saw you there;
    And I'm walking towards the water steaming body cold and bare.
    But your words cut loose the fire and you left my soul to bleed.
    And the pain that's in your truth's deceiving me, has got me scared.
    Oh why?
  • Open the doors that lead on in to Eden
    Don't want no cheap disguise.
    I follow the signs marked back to the beginning,
    No more compromise.
  • I knew you wanted to tell me;
    In your voice there was something wrong.
    But if you would turn your face away from me,
    You cannot tell me you're so strong.
    Just let me ask of you one small thing.
    As we have shared so many tears,
    With fervor our dreams we planned a whole life long
    Now are scattered on the wind...
    • The Path of Thorns

Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide,
Voices trapped in yearning, memories trapped in time.
The night is my companion, and solitude my guide.
Would I spend forever here and not be satisfied?

And I would be the one
To hold you down,
Kiss you so hard
I'll take your breath away.
And after, I'd wipe away the tears,
Just close your eyes dear.

  • Don't tell me I haven't been good to you.
    Don't tell me I have never been there for you.
    Don't tell me why
    Nothing is good enough.
    • Good Enough

The Brothers McMullen soundtrack (1995)

  • I will remember you;
    Will you remember me?
    Don't let your life pass you by;
    Weep not for the memories.
  • I'm so tired but I can't sleep,
    Standin' on the edge of something much too deep.
    It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word;
    We are screaming inside, but we can't be heard.
    • I Will Remember You
  • I'm so afraid to love you, but more afraid to lose,
    Clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose.
    Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night;
    You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light.
    • I Will Remember You
  • You come out at night;
    That's when the energy comes.
    And the dark side's light,
    And the vampires roam.
    You strut your rasta wear
    And your suicide poem
    And a cross from a faith
    That died before Jesus came.
    You're building a mystery.

It doesn't mean much;
It doesn't mean anything at all.
The life I've left behind me
Is a cold room.
I've crossed the last line
From where I can't return.
Where every step I took in faith
Betrayed me
And led me from my home.

And sweet sweet surrender
Is all that I have to give.

Adia I do believe I failed you.
Adia I know I let you down.
Don't you know I tried so hard
To love you in my way.
It's easy let it go...

Adia I'm empty since you left me.
Trying to find a way to carry on.
I search myself and everyone
To see where we went wrong.

  • What ravages of spirit conjured
    This temptuous rage;
    Created you a monster,
    Broken by the rule of love.
    • Do What You Have to Do
  • Every moment marked
    With apparitions of your soul.
    I'm ever swiftly moving
    Trying to escape this desire.
    • Do What You Have to Do

Spend all your time waiting
For that second chance,
For a break that would make it OK.
There's always some reason
To feel not good enough;
And it's hard at the end of the day.

I need some distraction,
Oh, beautiful release.
Memory seeps through my veins.
Let me be empty,
Oh weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight.

  • In the arms of the angel,
    Fly away from here.
    From this dark cold hotel room,
    And the endlessness you feel.
    You are pulled from the wreckage
    Of your silent reverie.
    You're in the arms of the angel;
    May you find some comfort here.
    • Angel

Heaven bent to take my hand
And lead me through the fire.
Be the long awaited answer
To a long and painful fight.

Truth be told I've tried my best,
But somewhere along the way
I got caught up in all there was to offer,
And the cost was so much more than I could bear.

  • Hearts are worn in these dark ages;
    You're not alone in this story's pages.
    Night has fallen amongst the living and the dying,
    And I try to hold it in, yeah I try to hold it in.
  • Love has made me a fool;
    It set me on fire and watched as I floundered,
    Unable to speak
    Except to cry out and wait for your answer.
    But you come around in your time,
    Speaking of fabulous places.
    Create an oasis;
    Dries up as soon as you're gone.
    You leave me here burning
    In this desert without you.
  • I will be the answer
    At the end of the line.
    I will be there for you,
    Why take the time?
    In the burning of uncertainty,
    I will be your solid ground.
    I will hold the balance
    If you can't look down.
    • Answer

Oh, baby don't give up on us.
I know your heart is full of doubt,
You don't need to be without
These loving arms.

I'll hold you through your darkest hour
I'll be using all my power,
So I can reach you.
Oh my love, don't give up on us.

    • Don't Give Up on Us
  • So what are we saying?
    Our Eden's a failure.
    A made-up story to fit the picture-perfect world.
    The one with "I do"s and "I love you."
    And "we are made for each other."
    Is forever over now?
    • U Want Me 2, written by Sarah McLachlan and Pierre Marchand

Might have been the moonlight,
Caught up in the sparkle in your eyes.
So wicked and I know I should go slow but it's not in me to wait.

Cause I'm alive and I'm on fire.
Shot like a starburst into the sky.
And the fury of desire it burns so bright electrifies
You light me up, you take me higher.

    • Loving You Is Easy

I've been down a long road;
I'd become a stranger to myself.
Digging in my heels and hoping time might be kinder if I wait it out.

But nothing came from wanting.
And I became so small and insecure.
Didn't know the cost of all I'd lost till I found it fresh and new again.

    • Loving You Is Easy
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