Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July

1979 stop motion film

Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (also titled on-screen known as Rudolph and Frosty: Christmas in July, or simply Rudolph and Frosty) is a 97-minute fictional crossover television special by Rankin Bass in stop-motion animation in the style of its 1964 Christmas (in July) crossover special; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. It premiered in the US on November 25, 1979 on the ABC network.

Dialogue edit

Rudolph: Hey, Frosty!
Frosty: Hey, Rudolph! [Puts his broom down and walks over to him]
Rudolph: [Shaking hands with Frosty] What a great June day!
Frosty: Positively balmy. Only ten below! Hey, Rudolph, can the kids watch your jumping practice?
Rudolph: Sure!
Frosty: [whistles to his children] Millie! Chilly!
Millie: Okay, Daddy!
Chilly: Here we come!

Crystal: [During the circus parade] Smile, Frosty. Lilly says the key to show business is if you smile.
Frosty: I just have a bad feeling Santa won't be here on time.
Millie: Daddy, the show must go on.
Chilly: That's what Aunt Lilly says.
Frosty: Alright, but I have a bad feeling there's gonna be a really wet act... and it won't be the seals.

Lilly: Elephants? I thought the midgets were going to play the elves.
Clown: Nah, they wanna play the polar bears.
Lilly: Actors.

Frosty: As I always say, "The family that slides together abides together."
Crystal: But you never say that.
Chilly: Stick to the script, Daddy.
Frosty: If Santa doesn't get here soon, we'll be sticking to everything.

Millie: Why do you want to stop the fireworks, Daddy? Aren't you patriotic?
Frosty: Sure I'm patriotic. My only regret is I only have but one life to melt for my country.

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