Rose Mukankomeje

Rwandan conservationist and politician

Rose Mukankomeje is a Rwandan politician, biologist, and environmental activist, whose work addresses conservation of Rwandan forests. She served as a member of the Rwandan parliament from 1995 to 2001, also she served as Director General of the Rwandan Environment Management Authority (REMA).

Rose Mukankomeje in 2015

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  • She said that " the effective management of higher education institutions is one of the pillars that will ensure the quality of graduates."
  • Elle a dit que « la gestion efficace des établissements d'enseignement supérieur est l'un des piliers durable qui assurera la qualité des diplômés dans l' avenir"
  • Mukankomeje told us that she will access and find solutions for issues inside secondary schools and universities; analyze the high education policy- and evaluate measures used in permitting schools to operate.

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