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Rogue (comics)

comic book publication and fictional character

Rogue is a monthly comics title, launched at 2005. Published by Marvel Comics, it features the adventures of the titular heroine.


Issue 4Edit

Rogue: [narrating] Shouldn't make fun of some loser tryin' to pick me up. I'm the one to be pitied, not him. He's still got a one-in-a-million chance of hookin' up with someone. Me, I don't even got those odds.

Dream Rogue: Why are you always helpin' people? Why don't you just run off and save yourself?
Rogue: 'Cause then I wouldn't have a self worth savin'.

About Rogue (comics)Edit

  • Storm: Professor, if Rogue stays, I go.
Nightcrawler: My apologies, Herr Professor, but we all go.
Professor X: I see. We pick and choose who we help, is that it? Some are worthy, others not?! Who was it, Ororo, who told me Wolverine was an X-Man, not because of his "sterling" character, but his potential for good? That to deny him-- though we abhor his violent nature-- would thereby deny our true reason for being, which is to help him achieve that potential. The same argument holds for Rogue, does it not? Of course, there's a risk in accepting her-- but consider the alternative. At least with us she has a chance for a better life. Deny her and we condemn her outright... and that I will never do-- to any mutant-- so long as breath remains within me.

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