RoboCop 3

1993 science fiction film directed by Fred Dekker

RoboCop3 is a 1993 American science fiction action film, featuring the titular character RoboCop as he continues to work in Detroit. Meanwhile, the bankrupt city government is forced to give up and prepare the city or redevelopment by Omni Consumer Products into a new metropolis called Delta City, while deploying Urban Rehabilitator squads - the Rehabs - to force out the residents.

Directed by Fred Dekker. Screenplay by Fred Dekker and Frank Miller.
Chaos. Corruption. Civil War. He's back to lay down the law.(taglines)

Dr Marie Lazarus edit

  • [airing a message to the public using OCP security cameras, with Nikko Halloran's help] People of Detroit, this is an illegal broadcast. It may be cut off at any time. So listen to me. OCP is lying to you. They're destroying people's lives for big business. Those Rehabs you see on TV, they're mercenaries hired by OCP to throw people out of their homes. You've got to believe me. I'm speaking for all the homeless and jobless citizens of this city and every city like it run by heartless capitalist scumbags, OCP doesn't care about people. OCP cares about... Your neighborhood is next unless you fight back now. Time's running out. OCP's the enemy. I repeat. Time is running out. OCP is the enemy. Help us. Innocent people are dying.

Dialogue edit

[Dr Lazarus tinkers with RoboCop and a jetpack unit]
Dr Marie Lazarus: What I've done is programmed the command system to take its cues from your hard drive. I've also rigged it to work as an auxiliary power unit. So if you ever have a power drain like yesterday, just interface with the flight pack and recharge whether you fly or not. Nikko, see those resistors over there? Get them for me, will you?
[Robocop wakes up at the last phrase and remembers Anne Lewis dying in his arms]
Sgt Anne Lewis: [in monitors showing RoboCop's visual memories] Get them for me. Promise me. [repeats]
[RoboCop detaches from flight suit and gets his weapon attachment and helmet]
Bertha: What's going on?
RoboCop: Excuse me.
Bertha: Hey, Mac, where you going?
RoboCop: [to Bertha] Unfinished business. [leaves]
Dr Lazarus: It's okay. He'll be back. He needs us too.
Nikko Halloran: Where's he going?
Dr Lazarus: To keep a promise.

[Coontz startles Bertha and the gang]
Bertha: Thanks for the heart attack. [to members] I believe I will go and send out a recon team.
Coontz: I got a better idea. [draw pistol] Why don't we just all have a seat. And relax. It'll all be over in a few minutes.
Zack: You son of a bitch.
Coontz: [has pistol] Hey watch the language, there's children present.
Bertha: [aims pistol at Coontz from behind] Drop it, Coontz. I'm not going to ask twice. [Coontz drops pistol]
Moreno: [stands up, curious at what Coontz just said] What do you mean about "it'll all be over in a few minutes"?
Bertha: [Coontz' hand twitches and he make a slight shrug; realizes that he has betrayed them to the Rehabs] Get the kids out of here! Now! [everybody tries to escape as OCP Rehab forces storm the Resistance base]

[Sgt Reed argues with OCP executive Mr Johnson over Robocop's latest attack, but McDaggett and his men enter the precinct]
Paul McDaggett: Sergeant, we're taking Cadillac Heights. I'll need 50 of your men armed and in full body armor in one hour. Mr Johnson, tell the CEO the demolition crews will have total access at 0600 hours tomorrow morning.
Sgt. Warren Reed: Hey, we don't do that kind of work.
McDaggett: That was a direct order, Sergeant.
Reed: Driving people out of their homes is no work for a cop!
Donald Johnson: [tries to convince him] Now, Sergeant. Fifteen years on the force is quite an investment. Your job, your pension. Maybe instead of worrying about these squatters, you might think about your own family.
Reed: I am. [removes his badge and drops it to the floor] I'm thinking I have to go home and face them. [walks out]
[more officers stop working and drop their badges on the way out]
Johnson: You can't do this. Look, you are employees of OCP! Now remember that. [another officer drops his badge] You're jeopardizing your retirement benefits!!

[Zack and the former Cadillac Heights resistance walk aimlessly]
Moreno: So what now?
Zack: What now? Game's over, Moreno. Just shut up.
Moreno: What about Bertha's plan?
Zack: [angrily] Damn it! Bertha's dead!!! [calms down] I'm sorry... [looks at nearby boy and gives him his own cap]
[Everybody looks at several Detroit PD cruisers arriving. The officers get out of the cars, led by Sgt. Reed in body armor]
Sgt. Warren Reed: Folks, in about 45 minutes, the Rehabs are coming to blow you out of your neighborhood. I want you to take your kids and anybody who shouldn't be fighting to the basement! The rest of you are hereby deputized by the Detroit Police Department. It's time to show how real cops kick ass! [slides shotgun]

[after the battle, Mr Kanemitsu visits Cadillac Heights himself, followed by the OCP CEO]
OCP CEO: Kanemitsu-san, I realize that it looks bad but maybe our plans were over-ambitious. Let's start a skoshy bit smaller. Let's gentrify this neighborhood. Build strip malls. Fast-food chains. Lots of popular entertainment. What do you think? [Mr Kanemitsu says a rapid phrase and walks off. to translator, thinking Kanemitsu agreed with him] What's he saying?
Mr Kanemitsu's aide: He said, "You're fired."
[Kanemitsu presents himself to RoboCop and politely bows to him]
OCP CEO: I got to hand it to you. What do they call you? Murphy, is it?
RoboCop: My friends call me Murphy. You can call me... RoboCop.

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Taglines edit

  • Chaos. Corruption. Civil War. He's back to lay down the law.
  • He's back. Back online, back on duty.

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