RoboCop 2

1990 film directed by Irvin Kershner

RoboCop 2 is a 1990 American cyberpunk superhero film about cyborg law enforcer RoboCop who returns to protect the citizens of old Detroit but faces a deadly challenge when a rogue OCP member secretly creates a new, evil RoboCop 2. Set in the near future in a dystopian metropolitan Detroit, Michigan, it is the sequel to the 1987 film, RoboCop.

Directed by Irvin Kershner. Written by Frank Miller and Walon Green.
He's back to protect the innocents.taglines

Alex Murphy/RoboCop edit

  • [As he rips Cain's brain out of the RoboCop 2 body] Goodbye! [destroys the brain by smashing it in the ground, killing RoboCop 2]

The Old Man edit

  • And so, people of the press, city officials, in a few minutes, Omni Consumer Products and the troubled city of Detroit will join in a bold new venture. Now, I'd like to explain just what this will mean: Sometimes, we just have to start over from scratch to make things right, and that's exactly what we're going to do. We're going to build a brand new city where Detroit now stands, an example to the world.
  • About a year ago, we gave this city RoboCop. I think he's worked out pretty well, but things have become a little rougher out there. And now, we need a law enforcement unit capable of meeting the enemy on his own ground, and carrying enough firepower... to get the job done. [a prototype model of Robocop 2 rises from the model of the proposed new city] Ladies and gentlemen, with great pleasure, I give you RoboCop 2.
  • [While RoboCop and RoboCop 2 (Cain) are shooting each other] BEHAVE YOURSELVES!

Dialogue edit

RoboCop: And now, a word on nutrition.
Little League Kid: Shit, he's fucked up!
RoboCop: Bad language makes for bad feelings.

[Officer Duffy tries to escape from RoboCop in the arcade, but RoboCop catches him]
RoboCop: Officer Duffy, have a seat! [Throws Duffy to the floor and steps on his stomach] You've sold us out, Officer Duffy!
Officer Duffy: [Straining] What are you talking about, Murph?
RoboCop: Where is Cain?
Officer Duffy: I don't know any Cain! [RoboCop grabs him and pulls him up] No!
RoboCop: Where is Cain?!
Officer Duffy: I don't know!
RoboCop: [Throws Duffy to an arcade game and grabs his hair, pulling it very hard; impatiently] WHERE IS CAIN?!
Officer Duffy: I told you, I don't know!
RoboCop: [Slams Duffy's head through the glass of the arcade game, making his face bleed] WHERE?!
Officer Duffy: [Finally gives in] River Rouge! The old sludge plant!
RoboCop: You're a rotten cop! [Throws Duffy and then storms off to find Cain]

[Officer Duffy has been tied on a hospital gurney and taken to a room where Cain, Hob and Angie are waiting]
Officer Duffy: Hey, Cain! Hey, it's good to see you. Thanks for getting me out. [Struggles to move] I can't get up.
Hob: [Smugly] You noticed that one.
Officer Duffy: [Nervously] Cain, I don't know what that kid told you...
Angie: You told them, Duffy. You told them where we were.
Officer Duffy: [Quickly] NO, THAT'S NOT TRUE!
Hob: We know all about it, Duffy.
Angie: You think you're the only cop we have?
[A surgeon walks in with a tray carrying surgical tools]
Officer Duffy: [Frightened] OH, SHIT!!! Cain. Cain, come on. Man, I'm begging you, man! Look, I'll do anything! [Tries to laugh it off] Okay. You're kidding, right? Yeah, you're just kidding. You scaring me. You taught me a lesson, man. I'd never fuck with you, because I really love you guys. Really! I really do!
Hob: Shut up!
Officer Duffy: I've been loyal. I know shit that I still haven't even told you, Cain!
Angie: You deserve this, Duffy! Cain might've been killed!
Officer Duffy: Okay, okay.
Surgeon: [To Cain] You know, maybe you ought to have the kid leave. [Duffy, worried, glances at the surgeon then to Cain]
Cain: [Flatly] Why?? [The surgeon shrugs]
Officer Duffy: What do you mean, "have the kid leave"? [Tries to laugh it off] That's a good touch. That's a good touch. "Have the kid leave." That's good. [Mockingly] "Have the kid leave." "Why?" [Cain glares down at him, while Angie's smile fades into a worried pout] Come on. It's over. [The Surgeon takes a scalpel and prepares to cut open his chest] Come on, Cain! Come on, man. What are you doing? COME ON!!!
[The surgeon begins carving Duffy's chest while a terrified Hob looks away]
Angie: [Gasps in terror] You said you were just gonna scare him!
Cain: [Flatly] Doesn't he look scared? [He grabs Hob's head and forces him to watch]

[Hob and Angie are arguing about whether to save Cain from the hospital]
Angie: What the hell are you talking about? It's like you don't even care!
Hob: Just do what I say, Angie!
Angie: He'd want us to come for him!
Hob: Look, just forget about it! It's not going to happen! I'm through arguing with you!
Angie: I'm not asking your permission! Cain is in the hospital, and we're getting him! [She tries to start the car but Hob snatches the keys from her]
Hob: You've really thought this out, haven't you?! What about the COPS?!
Angie: [Desperate] We've got guns! Damn it, Hob, Cain needs us!
Angie: [Pause; appalled] He'd kill you if he heard you say that.
Hob: He's not going to kill anybody. You heard the news. Shit, he's probably dead already!
Angie: You just shut the hell up!
Hob: [He threateningly holds out a box of Nuke out the window, preparing to throw it away] You mouth off like that again, and it's no more Nuke for you, bitch.
Angie: [Softens down] Damn it, Hob, you know that's not fair. Now, come on. It's been a bad time.
Hob: [Takes a Nuke syringe out of the box] Sure has. You're really hurting.
Angie: Yeah, so I'm hurting.
Hob: You're going to get the shakes soon, Angie. You got it bad.
Angie: You little bastard! [Takes the syringe and plants it in her neck]
Hob: You just do what I tell you from now on, Angie. [Hands her the keys] Start the motor and drive.
Angie: [Crying in agony] He'll kill you. He'll kill us both!
Hob: [With firm finality] Fuck him.

[RoboCop investigates the chaos RoboCop 2 (Cain) has made and he finds a dying Hob in the money truck. Hob, startled tries to move, but RoboCop softly stops him]
RoboCop: Lie still.
Hob: [Lies down] I'm cold.
RoboCop: You are going into shock. I will call for a medical emergency unit. [Tries to leave but Hob stops him by holding his hand]
Hob: Wait, no. Don't leave me.
RoboCop: I won't leave you. [Observes the chaos] Who did this?
Hob: It was big. Bigger than you. It was Cain... I'm gonna die. You know what that's like, don't you? It really sucks. [Dies]
RoboCop: [Softly] Yes.

Cain: You want me?
RoboCop: Dead or alive.
Cain: One of us must die.
RoboCop: Dead, then.

Ellen Murphy: Alex? Don't you know me? Don't you remember me? Alex, it doesn't matter what they've done to you. I...
RoboCop: Touch me.
Ellen Murphy: [touches his lip] It's cold.
RoboCop: [referring to his face] They made this to honor him.
Ellen Murphy: No , I...
RoboCop: Your husband is dead. I don't know you.

RoboCop: [after Lewis guns down a criminal] You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Lewis: He's dead, Murphy.
RoboCop: You have the right to an attorney...
Lewis: You're reading Miranda to a corpse!
RoboCop: [drops the corpse] I'm having... trouble.

The Old Man: My friends, welcome to our city as it should be, and as it will be in the hands of responsible private enterprise. [applause] And a special welcome to Mayor Kuzack and the outgoing administration.
Mayor Kuzack: Oh, we're not going anywhere.
The Old Man: Your Honor.
Mayor Kuzack: You'll have to tear down a lot of people's houses before you can make that thing and take away their homes.
The Old Man: We're going to raise towers of glass and steel. Every citizen will have a living unit. Safe, secure and clean. Now please, take your seat.
Mayor Kuzack: Won't be much room for neighborhoods, huh? Not like the kind that we all grew up in.
The Old Man: These days, neighborhoods just seem to be the sort of places where bad things happen. Don't be nostalgic.
Mayor Kuzack: What about democracy? Nobody elected you.
The Old Man: Anyone can buy OCP's stock and own a piece of our city. What could be more democratic than that?
Mayor Kuzack: Well, let me tell you: there are a lot of people in this town who can't afford to buy your stock, and they're not gonna let you get away with this!
The Old Man: You haven't been following the polls. Sit down.

Mayor Kuzak: I wonder if any of you could help me. I'm looking for a Mr. Hob.
Hob: So. How much you need? Money, I mean.
Mayor Kuzak: Well, our current debt to OCP is...
Poulos: $37,480,911.
Hob: Guess you're in some pretty deep shit.
Mayor Kuzak: Well, we need all the help we can get, young man.
Hob: Tell you what. Put me down for fifty, just to make sure.
Mayor Kuzak: [Laughs] Fifty cents, fifty dollars! That's cute!
Hob: Don't be a queer. Fifty million.
Poulos: This is bullshit. Let's get outta here.
[Hob motions and one of his men opens the back doors of the bomb disposal truck; the back is filled with gold bars and bills.]
Hob: Gentlemen? Well, will fifty do it?
Mayor Kuzak: Oh, yes, that'll do it. Don't you guys think that'll do it?
Poulos: Yeah.
Mayor Kuzak: Fifty mil. Yes, that will do it.
Aide: For God's sake, Marv! These people are criminals!
Mayor Kuzak: Why do you have to label people?! I hate labels!
Poulos: [To Aide] You shut up!

Hob: [He and Mayor Kuzack are negotiating] Why do people do crimes?
Mayor Kuzack: [Notices Angie fiddling with her Nuke syringes] Why? Why, drugs. People do drugs.
Hob: Because they want drugs; the kind that costs too much. Nuke... gives high quality at a cheap price. And if you get off our backs, we're gonna make it cheaper.
Angie: And safer.
Hob: We don't go shoving our shit down anybody's throat. And we don't ADVERTISE it like they do with cigarettes or booze!
Angie: So, leave us alone, and if anybody wants it... [Plants a syringe in her neck] gets it.
Hob: So, no more crimes. You'll get to be the mayor who cleaned up Detroit!
Mayor Kuzack: [Nervously considers this for a moment] He's got a point. [To Poulos] Don't you think he's got a point?!
Poulos: Yeah, he's got a point.
[Suddenly, RoboCop 2 (Cain) storms in on the meeting]
Hob: [Stunned and alarmed] WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

Mayor Kuzack: How are we supposed to raise that kind of money with things the way they are?
The Old Man: You aren't.
Mayor Kuzack: What the hell is he talking about?
The Old Man: We don't expect you to pay.
Holzgang: Let me refer you to our contract. "In the event of default, OCP shall have the uncontested right of foreclosure on all city assets."
Poulos: [reading contract for himself, then to the Mayor] You SIGNED this.
Mayor Kuzack: So you're saying we miss one payment and you can foreclose.
The Old Man: We can and we will. We're taking Detroit private.

Mayor Kuzack: So you deliberately undermined our credit.
Holzgang: That was the easy part.
Mayor Kuzack: And engineered the police strike. Do you want Detroit to-to... to tear itself apart so you can raid it like you would any other corporation? Do you know how many people are dying out there? You're murderers.
Holzgang: I'd advise you to say nothing further. It might be... actionable.
Mayor Kuzack: It's bullshit! BULLSHIT, YA SENILE OLD BASTARD!
Poulos: All right, calm down.
Mayor Kuzack: It's bullshit!
Poulos: I think we better get out of here.
Mayor Kuzack: I'm okay!
Poulos: Calm down. I-I think we'd better leave.
Mayor Kuzack: I'm calm.
Poulos: Calm down.
[Kuzack and Poulous head towards the door]
Mayor Kuzack: I'm okay. I'm okay.
Poulos: All right. Good.
Mayor Kuzack: I'm in control. Everything is fine. It's okay. I'm fine. [stops and turns around] One last thing, gentlemen: we will sue your asses.
The Old Man: Give it your best shot.
Mayor Kuzack: FUCK YOU, YA OLD SENILE BASTARD! This is bullshit! Fuck you! This is bullshit!

Holzgang: [after Cain and his gang shreds up RoboCop] We're talking about a piece of equipment here.
Robocop Technician: Doesn't mean he can't suffer.
Holzgang: Whatever it is, it's electrical.
Robocop Technician: Bullshit. I know every inch of him. His nerve sensors are alive, they're lit up like Christmas trees.
Holzgang: Nah, it's just the back-up generator making him twitch.
Robocop Technician: How is he?
Tak Akita: Well, we got him on minimum life support. Small electrical jolts to keep his brain alive. But there's no telling how long it'll last. It’s damn tricky, He can go at any time.
Sgt. Reed: [Coming in] What's happening?
Estevez: OCP is happening, and this bastard is not lifting a finger to help him.
Holzgang: This unit requires millions of dollars in parts. You can't expect that kind of cash overlay overnight, be reasonable. I'm doing you a favor just by talking to you.
Robocop Technician: You son of a bitch. If you don’t fix him, it’s murder.

Lewis: That son of a bitch is getting away with it. We can't even touch him.
RoboCop: Patience, Lewis. We're only human.

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  • He's back to protect the innocents.
  • Even in the future of law enforcement there is room for improvement.

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