Roberto Baggio

Italian association football player (born 1967)

Roberto Baggio (18 February 1967) is a retired Italian footballer, who played in a playmaking role, either as a forward or attacking midfielder. He is also the former President of the Technical Sector of the FIGC.

Baggio in 2013


  • I knew what I had to do and my concentration was perfect. But I was so tired that I tried to hit the ball too hard.
    • Baggio on his physical and mental state before taking the last penalty in the shoot-out of the 1994 World Cup final against Brazil.[1]
  • Penalties are only missed by those who have the courage to take them.
    (Italian: I rigori li sbaglia solo chi ha il coraggio di tirarli.)
    • Roberto Baggio, 2001[2]
  • I have lost three World Cups, all on penalties. [...] If you'll allow me this, it really gets on my nerves.

About Roberto Baggio

  • More productive than Maradona; he [Baggio] is without doubt the best number 10 in the league."
  • Baggio. Oh yes, oh yes…oh yes! What a goal by Baggio! That's the goal they’ve all been waiting for!
  • I had the good fortune to have seen [Giuseppe] Meazza, and I thought of him when I saw Baggio play. Baggio has fantasy.
  • Baggio is the greatest little player I've ever seen.
    • Gianni Agnelli[6]
  • He has the kind of skill people dream about.
    • Paul Elliot, "Roberto Baggio", FourFourTwo, June 1995, p. 8.
  • There's not a team in the world that wouldn't like to have him in their line-up.
    • Don Howe, "Roberto Baggio", FourFourTwo, June 1995, p. 6.
  • He's without doubt the most skilful number ten in the modern game, the archetypal playmaker, if you like, who can create chances and score goals.
  • One games stands out in particular, one against Ancona which we won 5–1. Baggio scored four goals in the first 20 minutes and killed the game off. I don't think I've seen a better performance from any player in any game I've ever played in. For half an hour, he was on fire. As footballers go, he's a genius.
    • David Platt, "Roberto Baggio", FourFourTwo, June 1995, p. 8.
  • Baggio on the bench? It's something that I will never understand in my lifetime.
  • Roberto Baggio was the best Italian fantasista; he was better than Meazza and Boniperti, and he was amongst the greatest of all time, right behind Maradona, Pelé, and maybe Cruyff. Without the injury problems and the difficulties with his knees, he would have been the very best player in history.
  • I said, ‘No, you have to play striker.’ Baggio went to another club. That year Baggio scored 25 [actually 22] goals – for Bologna! I lost 25 goals! Big mistake.
  • One of the greatest ever.
    • Pelé [2], retrieved on 9 February 2014.
  • He's a fantastic guy, he can play football like few others can, without a doubt the best player I've played with.
  • I remember when I was six years old and there was only one idol for me: Roberto Baggio.
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