Reign of the Supermen (film)

2019 animated film directed by Sam Liu

Reign of the Superman is an animated superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. The film is a direct sequel to the 2018 animated film The Death of Superman.


Luthor: What do you think you're doing?
The Eradicator: At this moment, I am answering a question posed by Lex Luthor.
Luthor: [annoyed] Okay. Well, here's another one: Why are the hell are you here?
The Eradicator: Lex Luthor is a known criminal. Criminals must be eradicated. [raises a glowing hand]
Luthor: [grabs Mercy] Thank you.
Mercy: For what?
[Luthor pulls Mercy into the Eradicator's blast]

Superboy: Sorry, pal; crash my party, you get bounced!
The Eradicator: You have been classified a priority-one criminal accessory. Surrender or be eradicated.
Superboy: Well, you've been classified a priority-one dirtbag, so, there!

[Steel joins the fight against the Eradicator]
Superboy: Hey! I had that guy!
Steel: [drily] By all means, go to town, Superboy.
Superboy: [annoyed] It's Superman!

Cyborg Superman: We may see it differently, but in the eyes of the law, Lex Luthor is not a criminal. The rule of law is a rule you never break. And real justice is everyone's right. Even the worst among us.
Luthor: Now, who the hell are you?
Cyborg Superman: I'm Superman.
The Eradicator: There is only one Superman.

Luthor: Have you seen the newspapers?
Superboy: Yeah, I see 'em all over the place.
Luthor: [pulls out his phone, annoyed] Have you read them?
[Luthor presses a button, causing a TV screen to appear in the limo. The screen displays a newspaper article proclaiming "SUPERMAN RETURNS!" with headshots of all three Supermen]
Superboy: [grins, pleased] Oh! Right on! [Lex swipes at the phone, causing another article to appear on the TV, this time about Superboy entitled "SUPERMAN OR SUPERSHAM?"; Superboy visibly deflates] ...This really reflects more on you.
Luthor: Do you know what they've calling you? Superboy.
Superboy: [confused] But... I'm Superman.
Luthor: [makes the TV vanish] They didn't get the memo. This entire roll out has been a disaster: Goggles and the robot are getting all the good press, while you're strutting across TV screens like a clown!
Superboy: [angry] Don't you mean "clone"?

Batman: [watching the President's limo through binoculars] They just passed Burnett Boulevard, coming up on Rodeo.
Cyborg: ...I think they say "ro-DAY-o".
Batman: They're wrong. Lantern?
Green Lantern: [hovering above the limo with binoculars] Yeah, I say "ro-DAY-o"...
Batman: [irritated] Report!
Green Lantern: OH! [nervous laughter] Smooth sailing up here. Flash?
Flash: [speeds through the crowd] I just wanna ask-
Green Lantern: Ah, here it comes...
Flash: I'm just saying, are we presidential bodyguards, or we the Justice League? [speeds off]
Wonder Woman: Today? We're bodyguards.
Flash: [speeding up a building] And you don't think there's other stuff we should be doing?
Batman: The Titans have it covered.
Flash: [stopping at the top of the building] The Teen Titans? [sarcastic] Oh yeah, I feel good about that!
[Superboy flies down to the front of the procession]
Superboy: Chillax, Zippy! The Titans are cool!
Flash: [indignant] ZIPPY?! [beat] Wait, did he just say "chillax"?
[Martian Manhunter floats alongside Superboy]
Martian Manhunter: Young man, stay off this frequency: It's for League members only.
Superboy: No, it's for the President's protective detail; [smug] as the new head of LexCorp Global Security, I qualify.
Green Lantern: [looking down Superboy from the scope of a bazooka] I have the shot~!
Batman: I say take it.
Wonder Woman: That's enough! We have a job to do!
Flash: Okay, can we speed this up? Because if I'm not home in time for dinner, Iris is gonna kill me.

Superboy: [to Cyborg and Green Lantern] Lex is so wrong. You guys are funky fresh.
Lex Luthor: [on ear-piece] Donovan's been letting watch those 90s sitcoms again, I see.
Superboy: Lex?
Lex Luthor: I'm in your other ear. Reminding you to stay alert. President Dale has her eye on you. Keep her safe. By the end of the week, with a little political maneuvering, she'll be publicly recognizing you as the one true Superman.

Superboy: [annoyed] Hey, I did what you told me to do! Everything I'm capable of doing!
Luthor: And you still lost! I gave you every advantage Superman had, and more! [steps out of the elevator]
Superboy: And I appreciate- wait, more?
Luthor: Wait here. [walks away]
[Superboy cautiously approaches the lab]
Superboy: [softly] I remember this place...
Donovan: There you are. [comes into view, heavily bandaged and roughed-up]
Superboy: [surprised] Dr. Donovan? What happened to you?
Donovan: Your father is a hard man...
[Lex retrieves a syringe full of Kryptonite]
Superboy: [confused] My father? You mean, Superman?
Donovan: I don't work for Superma- [cuts himself off, afraid;] ...Oh, no. I... I thought he would have... told you, I... I-I didn't mean to-
Luthor: [interrupting: Well, look who's talking. [comes up behind Superboy, holding the syringe] Again!
Donovan: Mr. Luthor, please...!
Superboy: What's going on?
Luthor: [calmly] It's alright, Dabney – tell him. What difference could it make now?
Donovan: I don't think I-
Luthor: Tell him.
Donovan: [beat] The DNA – your DNA – it's-
Superboy: -Superman's.
Donovan: [hesitantly] Yes... But, also...
Luthor: I told you I gave you more; all of Superman's strength, plus... [looks directly at Superboy] all the Luthor intellect. Supposedly.
Donovan: It just needs guidance! Please...! We got so much closer with this one than any of the others!
Luthor: [sighs] You're right, Dabney; the current model really is leaps and bounds ahead of his brothers. [throws the syringe away] I don't know what I was thinking. [to Superboy] Let's go. [walks back to the elevator. After a moment, Superboy follows him] And Dabney? You're fired. [presses a button on a remote as the elevator doors close, causing the failed clones to advance on Donovan]

The Flash: Any idea where here is?
Green Lantern: I don't recognize any of these star formations. J'onn?
Martian Manhunter: They are foreign to me as well.
Batman: That's because they're not stars.
Green Lantern: What are they?
Batman: [looks through goggles, sees a bunch of alien creatures] Hungry.
The Flash: [runs behind Wonder Woman] I'm just gonna hide behind the Amazon till Vic gets us home.

Luthor: So, do you really think Kal-El is alive?
Lois: I don't know. But, for the first time, I really feel like it's possible.
Luthor: For the first time, I hope he is.

Steel: [to Superman, awed;] It's really you. How...?
Superman: Honestly? I don't know. The robots keep calling it a "revitalisation cycle"; but it's not something I'd ever heard of, or knew was possible.
[Steel looks around the Fortress whilst a pair of robots repair his armour]
Steel: What is this place?
Superman: A Fortress, built to keep me isolated during this... process.
Steel: [glances at the Eradicator] Does he have to just stand there like that? It's creeping me out.
Superman: He's just trying to protect me.
Steel: Then why was he drawing energy from you when you were in the pod?
Kelex: Quite the reverse; Kal-El was the one absorbing ion radiation from the Eradicator, as part of the revitalisation cycle.
Superman: Highly advanced tech, programmed to protect my people.
Steel: [sceptical] So he decides to put on a cape and dispense his own brand of justice? [Superman raises an eyebrow at his shield on Steel's armour] ...I'm just saying. [after a moment, Superman smiles] I can't tell you how glad I am to see you again. [lowers his face plate] There's a lot you need to know.
Superman: These broadcasts have brought me up to speed; Darkseid killed my friends, and people are being turned into monsters by that cyborg impostor.
Steel: Hank Henshaw.
Superman: [surprised] The astronaut? I thought he was dead. [frowns] I guess I didn't know everything...
Superboy: [from behind them] There's a lot of that going around. So, what's the plan... Dad?
[Superman raises an eyebrow at him]

Superboy: What we need is a way to get you to Metropolis. It's 40 below outside, and you're just a guy now.
Superman: A guy with a spaceship.
Superboy: Slammin'!
Steel: Excuse me?
Superboy: Do people not say that anymore?

[during the fight between Superman and Henshaw]
Superman: Is this what Terri would want?!
Cyborg Superman: DON'T SAY HER NAME! You're not allowed to say her name! She's DEAD because of you! [softer] She was always apprehensive in space. She tried to hide it, but I knew. I told her she'd be okay, we all would; we had Superman... Until we didn't. Until my ship and crew were debris... AND YOU WEREN'T EVEN DEAD YET! Just too busy!

Cyborg Superman: All you hear today is "How do we live in a world without Superman?" [scoffs] Well, some of us already had to! Some of us watched as everything we had, everything we loved, was lost!
Lois: Oh, give it a rest!
Cyborg Superman: Huh?
Lois: This isn't about your wife, and you know it! It's about you. You let Darkseid turn you into this.
Cyborg Superman: Superman turned me into this! Darkseid only rebuilt me and taught me how to wield my hatred as a weapon. Just like he'd done with...
Superman: Doomsday.
Cyborg Superman: That beast was only a mindless assassin, while I was set to a singular purpose: destroy what remains of Superman. His good name. It was the best revenge I could hope for. [looks back at Lois] Until now.

Superman: This is between us, Hank. Let her go.
Cyborg Superman: Once we've left the exosphere, you and your gal pal will suffocate and freeze. And it's all. Your. Fault. It's almost poetry.

[After Lois manages to open the Watchtower's sun shields]
Cyborg Superman: Killing you isn't revenge unless your boyfriend has to watch. [to Superman] Open your eyes. YOU'RE GONNA WATCH THIS IF I HAVE TO TEAR OFF YOUR EYELIDS! OPEN THEM!
[After a moment, Superman does, unleashing his regained heat vision and blasting off Cyborg Superman's arm, only for him to reconstruct it]
Cyborg Superman: You won't kill me, and I won't stop until I kill you.
Superman: You're right. It's not how I'm programmed. But you should know... I've got a wild card up my sleeve.
[He reveals a chunk of blue kryptonite in his hand, then flies forward, dodging Cyborg Superman's attacks, and plunges it into his forehead]

Clark: Hey, I almost forgot; [pulls out his phone from his jacket] Conner's all settled. [Lois takes the phone, showing a picture of Superboy being hugged by Ma and Pa Kent ] He said, "Thanks for the sweater, babe".
Lois: Aww...! They're gonna eat him alive!
Clark: So... where did we leave off...? [communicator buzzes] Yeah?
Wonder Woman: [smirking] You're late.
Clark: [sighs] Right. Be there in a sec.
Wonder Woman: Oh, tell Lois I'll see her Friday.
Clark: [stares at Lois, surprised] Friday?
Lois: What is it?
Clark: [beat] Worlds colliding. Also, I have to go.
Lois: [smiles] It's okay, I understand. [Clark smiles back] I'll wait up.

Wonder Woman: Henshaw may be gone, but this was still the boldest move we've seen from Apokolips, yet.
Batman: Darkseid won't stay down for long. And we can't play defense forever.
Superman: Then we agree. We're going to have to take this fight to his doorstep.
[the door opens]
Luthor: Excellent. [Superman turns around and sees Luthor] Count me in. Team.
Green Lantern: Okay, who left the front door open?