The Death of Superman (film)

2018 animated film directed by Sam Liu

The Death of Superman is a 2018 American animated direct-to-video superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. It is based on the DC comic book storyline of the same name. The film, which chronicles the battle between Superman (Jerry O'Connell) and Doomsday, is the 33rd installment in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies and the 11th film in the DC Animated Movie Universe. Released on July 24, 2018, the film received a limited theatrical release on January 13, 2019.

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Bruno: Get Mr. Mayor and his better half out of here before we get in trouble from the man upstairs.
Intergang Member: Didn't know you was a believer, boss.
Bruno: That ain't the man upstairs I'm talking about.

Cyborg: Operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Utilities are above what the UN cleared for funding, guys.
Batman: I'll handle it. Move on, Cyborg.
Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman merchandise did very well this year. I can step up when the Wayne Foundation falls short.
Batman: You're kidding, right?

Dan: Kidnapping with advanced weapons. Got to be Intergang. They took out half the reserve with their tech weapons last week.
Maggie: Makes you nostalgic for assault rifles.

John: It's definitely from Apokolips. But it's been bonded with Earth-based tri-formulite at an atomic level. The combination makes this stronger.
Silas: Incredible! That means it's even stronger than you, Victor.
Cyborg: Always got an encouraging word, huh, Dad?

Cat: I had a suspicion something was up when you stopped calling him "Smallville".
Lois: I did?
Cat: Sweetie, the women here notice everything about tall, handsome men. And the only competition in this place is Steve Lombard, and he makes me feel like I need to shower.
Steve: Hello ladies, did someone mention the Stevenator?
Cat: Yes, I think it was human resources.

Wonder Woman: Clark, flank me!
Superman: Seriously, Diana. We need to use code names in the field.
Wonder Woman: You just called me "Diana".
Superman: But that's what you want to be called.
Wonder Woman: You want to be called Superman? Sounds like even your ego is super strong.
Superman: I just don't need my real name public. Besides... I like Superman.
Wonder Woman: Because "Wonder Man" sounds like we're married?
Superman: No, because she [Lois] gave it to me.

Wonder Woman: [Referring to Lois] Funny how you use her actual name, but don't allow her to know yours.
Superman: It's a complicated relationship...kind of like how ours was.
Wonder Woman: It was nice for a while.
Superman: Yes, it was.
[Brief pause]
Wonder Woman: It's just as well. I wasn't very good at playing this masquerade of yours.

Batman: I have a meeting with the headmaster at Damian's boarding school.
Green Lantern: No way! Batman has a parent-teacher conference? That's great.
The Flash: Are you in the PTA too? Tell me you're in the PTA. [Puts on a gravelly voice] I'm Batman. We need more chaperones for homecoming. Who has to be convinced to sign up? Hahaha... [Batman gives him a death glare] I'm just joking. I think that's great. [Tries to hide behind a piece of paper] Is he still glaring at me?

Cyborg: We could just push the meeting back to that evening.
The Flash: Ah, can't. I've got rehearsal dinner that night.
Martian Manhunter: [Looks at Wonder Woman] Is he in a play?
Batman: He's getting married. Somehow.
The Flash: Yup, married the next day. Limos, banquet hall, DJ, the whole shebang. [Slight pause] Just the immediate family, you understand.

Ma: Well, you wouldn't be the first young lady to break his heart.
Clark: TMI, Ma!
Lois: Oh, now, we're getting to the good stuff.
Ma: Well, first there was Lana, lovely girl, lived next door. She'd come over once in a while, not... Not like Pete Ross. I mean, he was there every day.
Pa: I always wondered about that boy.

Ma: Then there was the girl on the swim team. Laurel, Laura... Um...
Pa: Lori. Lori Lemaris. I remember her. She was quite a catch.
Clark: Pa!
Ma: Clark's right. Maybe we shouldn't talk about her. I am serving halibut.

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