Red Hands Cave

Australian Aboriginal rock art site

Red Hands Cave is an Australian Aboriginal rock art site in the Blue Labyrinth area of Blue Mountains National Park.

Hand stencils at Red Hands Cave

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  • Old Man may I visit?
May I sit?
May I gaze upon these relics of the past?
These ancient things that stories told, of handprints
that recorded both young and old.
You are the guardian of these secret sites, where youths
became men born again in sacred rites.
Now their human forms are gone, only their spirits linger on.
Perhaps these spirits, through a misty haze of time elapsed,
may cast an image of their ancient past.
  • Inspired by a discussion with the late Clive Williams of Casino, written by John Gallard, 1970, at Red Hands Cave, Glenbrook, in the Blue Mountains National Park. Reproduced with the permission of John Gallard. In: Cameron, Bruce (2014). A History of the Blue Labyrinth (2nd ed.). Sun Valley, NSW, Australia. ISBN 978-0-9586215-1-9. p. 91.

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