Indigenous Australians

earliest inhabitants of the Australian continent

Indigenous Australians are members of groups that existed in Australia and the surrounding islands prior to European colonisation. The term is therefore somewhat broad in scope, including such ethnically diverse groups as Tiwi people, Noongar people, and Torres Strait Islanders, and does not generally imply a close relationship or common origin of all included groups.

Artwork depicting the first contact that was made with the Gweagal Aboriginal people and Captain James Cook and his crew on the shores of the Cronulla sand dunes, New South Wales


  • The realistic timeframe that should be considered to achieve outcomes for Indigenous people equal to the rest of the community is to focus on the outcomes that should be expected for the children to be born in 20 to 25 years from today.
  • Too much emphasis is being placed in the current debate on providing opportunity for indigenous kids in very remote Australia for imagined futures as 'lawyers, doctors and plumbers'…and too little for futures as artists, land managers and hunters living on the land they own.
  • We have to get rid of the passive welfare mentality that has taken over our people. Our traditional economy was a real economy and demanded responsibility (you don’t work, you starve). The whitefella market economy is real (you don’t work, you don’t get paid).
  • The law as far as the Aboriginal law stands, violence on an Aboriginal woman is not really terrible but a mild one. You can work around it.
  • A 65-year-old elder of the Aboriginal Australian Wakkawakka ethnic tribe in the state of Queensland, died after receiving a second mRNA shot. The tribal elder, Bevan Costello had been persuaded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to promote the jab in his community – by taking it himself.

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