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RahXephon (2002) is an anime TV show accompanied by a manga version (2001-2002) and followed by a movie version (2003).

Television series



Enter the new reality
The world, suffused with sound.

Over Lord 1

Quon: The tone of war... Wings creak, the sound of a beginning.

Ayato: All is well in the world, I guess.

Ayato: Who are you?
Haruka: Well, you could say I'm sort of like a champion of justice.
(Subtitle) Aya Hisakawa, who plays Haruka, also played one of the Sailor Senshis in Sailor Moon, where an often used introduction was: I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice!

Haruka: "Why in the world was their blood blue?" That's what you're wondering.
Ayato stops and turns toward her
Haruka: I'll tell you, if you come with me. About the blue blood. About everything in this world.
Ayato: turning away : Sorry, but I'm not interested in older women.
Haruka raises her gun at him
Haruka: You shouldn't embarrass a woman.
Ayato: Champion of justice, my butt.

Ayato: Rah...Xephon

Awakening 2

Mamoru: Teacher, Kamina is always saying that it's a waste of time to study the language of countries that don't exist anymore.
English teacher: Look here, it's true that England, America, and so on are gone now, but novels and music written in English still exist. You guys all sing some Beatles in karaoke, don't you?

City of Two 3

Reika: Sing, RahXephon, sing your song! The song that is forbidden! Sing, RahXephon, so that someday all will become one!

Watch the Year Hand 4

Quon: Dress me please.

On Earth As It Is In Heaven 5

Ayato won't let Haruka take him to his new home. Itsuki appears.
Itsuki: In that case, I will take him there.
Ayato: You are?
Itsuki: Oh, I'm not one of these people.

Ayato: Is the concentration camp still far from here?

Professor Rikudoh: I'm sure it'll take you a while to get used to things, but just pretend like you're staying over at a relatives' place and take it easy.
Ayato: I... I don't really know how that works, since I've never gone to visit relatives before.

Lost Songs Forgotten Melodies 6

Futagami: Well, well. What else was in Pandora's box? Hope, perhaps?
(ADV dub)

Small Shrine of Time 9

Quon: I know this place.
Ayato: What is this place?
Quon: I don't know.
Ayato: Deh!
(subtitles and audio)

Blue friend 19

Futagami finishes a phone call.
Futagami: into phone: Not at all. Goodbye.
Intelligence agent: Who were you calling?
Futagami: That Isshiki bastard.
Intelligence agent: with recognition: Oh, the White Snake.

A dolem has appeared
Ayato: I'll go defeat that thing.
Hiroko: Kamina, there's something I have to tell you.
Ayato: Don't worry. I'll come back, no matter what. So wait for me here.

Hiroko: Ayato....Ayato....Ayato...

Deus Ex Machina 25

Mamoru: Hiroko....

Time Enough For Love 26

Ayato and Quon prepare to tune the world.
Ayato: But what should I do?
Quon: Don't worry. Leave it to me.
Ayato: All right.
Quon: But in exchange... Be gentle, okay?

Haruka and Maya join the tuning. Ayato sees a glimpse of Haruka.
Ayato: Was someone there just now?
Quon: In order to regain the lost emotions... In order to find the forgotten sound... I will show you the truth.
Ayato: I feel like someone said that to me once before.

Multiple episodes

Quon: The world, suffused with sound.

Makoto: Don't call me a D!

Quon: Ra-ra?



Birth 1

Ayato: I can see your panties.

Haruka: I'm here to point out the yellow brick road. Call me the Tin Man, if you will.

The Real World 2

Reika: I am Ayato's real family.

Trust 5

Reika: But I kinda like this scar... I made friends with Ayato because of it. He calls it my "Angel's wing".

Alone 6

Kim: I can see your panties.

Reika: Ayato's going to be my new family. Not my real family ... but my only family for now.

About RahXephon

Then there's the mysterious girl Mishima Reika who tends to pop up randomly and sporadically - like those gophers in that game at the arcade with the hammer and they keep popping up and I keep missing them and they make that high-pitched laughing sound and I cry. Damn those gophers.
Hong, En (September 2002). "Feature: Animefringe Coverage: RahXephon". Animefringe.
One of these days, some enterprising company is going to market a video-game tie-in for anime titles like RahXephon that simply lets players smack the series' protagonists upside the head until they get some sense. It might not be as exciting as the usual video-game puzzle-solving and firefighting, but in some cases, it would be a lot more integrally satisfying.
Robinson, Tasha (2003-04-21). "Anime Reviews - RahXephon". Science Fiction Weekly 9 (313).
RahXephon is in a class all its own, a class you'll want to attend.
Houston, Don (2004-01-21). DVD Video Reviews - RahXephon - Crescendo (Vol. 7). DVD Talk.
A paragon of responsible storytelling, RahXephon comes full circle in the end. (...) No loose strings are left;
Like Evangelion, you have to bend and warp your brain around this thing, but unlike Evangelion, if you think about it, it all makes sense. Everything connects.
Bertschy, Zac (2004-01-12). Review: RahXephon DVD 7: Crescendo. Anime News Network.

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