Sailor Moon

manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

Sailor Moon is a shoujo manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi in 1992 as the sequel to Codename wa Sailor V. Sailor Moon was published in Kodansha magazine from 1992 to 1997. Toei oversaw two anime productions, the original running from March 1992 to February 1997 being dubbed by DiC in the 1990s and then by Viz. Viz would later dub the more faithful adaption Sailor Moon Crystal which is composed of three seasons, the two-part film Sailor Moon Eternal, and an adaption of the final arc Sailor Moon Cosmos that is to be released in 2023. Many spin-offs were created such as a live-musical series and a 40-episode-long live-action based on the Dark Kingdom saga.

Manga/Sailor Moon Crystal

  • Sailor Moon: I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and Justice! I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of Moon I'll punish you!
  • Sailor Mercury (first two arcs): I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and for intelligence. I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!
  • Sailor Mercury: Protected by Mercury, the planet of water. The Guardian of Wisdom. I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!
  • Sailor Mars (first two arcs): I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for Love and Passion. I am Sailor Mars. In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!
  • Sailor Mars: Protected by Mars, the planet of fire. The Guardian of War. I am Sailor Mars. In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!
  • Sailor Jupiter (first two arcs): I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for Love and Courage. I am Sailor Jupiter! I will let you feel so much regret, it will leave you numb!
  • Sailor Jupiter: Protected by Jupiter, the planet of thunder. The Guardian of Protection. I am Sailor Jupiter! I will let you feel so much regret, it will leave you numb!
  • Sailor Venus (first two arcs) I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for Love and Beauty. I am Sailor Venus! In the name of Venus, I'll punish you with the Power of Love!
  • Sailor Venus: Protected by Venus, the planet of beauty. The Guardian of Love. I am Sailor Venus! I'll punish you with Love.
  • Sailor Chibi Moon: I am the Pretty Guardian trainee who fights for love and for justice. I am Sailor Chibi Moon. And in the name of the future moon, I'll punish you.
  • Sailor Pluto: Protected by Pluto, the planet of underworld. Guardian of the Underworld. I am Sailor Pluto!
  • Sailor Neptune: Protected by Neptune, the Planet of Oceans. Guardian of Deep Sea. I am Sailor Neptune!
  • Sailor Uranus: Protected by Uranus, the Planet of the Wind. Guardian of Heavens. I am Sailor Uranus!
  • Sailor Saturn: Protected by Saturn, the planet of Ruin. Guardian of Silence. I am Sailor Saturn!

Dark Kingdom Arc


Black Moon Arc


Death Busters Arc

  • Cyprine and Ptitol: "Welcome! Welcome to the 'Infinity Labyrinth'!"

Dream Arc/Sailor Moon Eternal

Jun-Jun (voice-over): "Ladies and gentlemen, the circus has arrived!"
Ves-Ves (voice-over): "Behold, the city of light, full of hopes and dreams!"
Palla-Palla (voice-over): "Just like we imagined!"
Cere-Cere (voice-over): "We've been waiting for this moment for so long!"
Amazoness Quartet (voice-over): "Look out! Ready or not, here comes the Dead Moon Circus!"
Hawk's Eye (to Makoto): "Won't you join the Dead Moon Circus too? Together you and I could travel the world spreading nightmares!"
Queen Nehelenia (her form shifting to Zirconia before dissolving into dust): "NO! I am the eternally beautiful Queen Nehelenia!

Star Arc/Sailor Moon Cosmos


90s Sailor Moon (1-39)


Crybaby Usagi's Beautiful Transformation (A Moon Star is Born)

Usagi: Ahh! The cat with the bald spot!
Luna: Uh, it's not a bald spot. Don't be rude.

Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon, you have to remember that crying isn't going to solve any of your problems.
Sailor Moon: Yeah, maybe not, but I can't help it! *her loud wailing becomes weaponized and causes things to fall apart for Morga*

Sailor Moon: Luna, what do I do!?
Luna: Throw your tiara and say Moon Tiara Magic.
Sailor Moon: What!?
Luna: Just do it!

Punishment Awaits: the House of Fortune Is the Monster Mansion

Haruna: Umino What is with that outfit of yours? (Umino stars to seat a piece of bread.) Speak Up! Is this some kind of a joke? (Umino walks off and flips Haruna's skirt, exposing her panties.)

The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love (Talk Radio)


Learn How to Be Skinny from Usagi (Slim City)


Scent of a Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love


Protect the Melody of Love: Usagi Plays Cupid

Sailor Moon: I won't let you to use beautiful music for your evil plot. I bet even Haydn, the father of music, would be really mad, too!
Luna: But Bach's the father of music.
Sailor Moon: Don't be a know-it-all, you're making me look bad!

Usagi Learns Her Lesson: Becoming a Star Is Hard Work (So You Want to Be a Superstar)


The Girl Genius Is a Monster: The Brainwashing Cram School of Horror (Computer School Blues)

Luna: Mercury! Amy, take this pen and shout Mercury Power.

Usagi's Disaster: Beware of the Clock of Confusion (Time Bomb)

Queen Beryl: Good work, Jadeite. Now we have Sailor Mercury to contend with.
Jadeite: Yes, Majesty.
Queen Beryl: Looks like we'll have to step up our efforts. We will have to have more energy to fend of those Sailor Scouts.
Jadeite: I have a plan that should bring you all the energy you'll ever need.
Queen Beryl: Go on.
Jadeite: Humans emit powerful amounts of energy when under stress or pressed for time. So my plan is to speed up the process.

Sailor Moon: Ready, Mercury?
Sailor Mercury: Yes! Let's clean her clock!

The Cursed Bus: Enter Mars, the Guardian of Fire (An Uncharmed Life)

Serena: Disguise power! Turn me into a flight attendnant or something!

Luna: Raye's got the sign of Mars!

Luna: Do you still have that stick I left you?
Raye: How come you know how to talk?
Luna: No time to explain! Just take that stick and say Mars Power.

Sailor Moon: Raye's a Sailor Scout, too?
Sailor Mars: You messed with the wrong people! Mars Fire...Ignite! [original attack name: Fire Soul]

Usagi vs. Rei: Nightmare in Dream Land (Nightmare in Dreamland)


I Want a Boyfriend: The Luxury Cruise Ship Is a Trap (Cruise Blues)

Usagi: I got separated from my crew when I got on board and got lost.
Jadeite (disguise as ship's captain): Oh, I see. You've got a bit of a problem, huh?
Usagi: (sporting puppy-dog eyes) I know, we can go look for my friends together!
Jadeite: (looking really awkward and nervous) Uh, okay? (Something about this woman bothers me.)

Girls Unite: The End of Jadeite (Fight to the Finish)

Sailor Mars: And what exactly about you is beautiful?
Sailor Moon: Just look! You can't deny that I'm more beautiful than you are.
Sailor Mars: Okay, I'll humor you 'cause you're dumb.
Sailor Moon: Well, my nose is clearly more beautiful than yours!
Sailor Mars: (laughs) What nose? It looks like somebody put a thumb tack on your face.
Sailor Moon: (tears up) That is so mean!

(Jadeite returns to the Negaverse hideout, bruised and battered)
Jadeite: Queen Beryl, I have important information for you.
Queen Beryl: You have failed to defeat the Sailor Scouts, Jadeite!
Jadeite: But, Queen Beryl, I have learned the identities of the Sailor Scouts! I know who they are!
Queen Beryl: I will hear no excuses! Sleep, forever!
Jadeite: Queen Beryl, wait!!
(Uses her hypnotic gaze to have him disappear)
Queen Beryl: Let Jadeite's fate be a warning to all of you!! You, Nephrite, are my new commander.
Nephrite: Jadeite was a fool. You can depend on me, my queen.

A New Enemy Appears: Nephrite's Evil Crest (Match Point for Sailor Moon)

Nephrite: Jadeite failed because he tried to collect energy from too many people at once.
Queen: And you have a better idea?
Nephrite: Humans' energy are linked with stars and planets. There is a time when their energy is at their strongest.

Usagi's Panic: Rei's First Date (An Unnatural Phenomena)

Serena: I wonder what they're talking about. It better not be my hair!
Luna: Why don't you make yourself invisible?
Serena: Good idea, Luna. (Takes out her disguise pen)
Luna: Give me that!
Serena: What for?
Luna: That Luna pen should not be used for trivial things.
Serena: This isn't trivial.

A Girl's Dream: Usagi Becomes a Bride (Wedding Day Blues)

Umino (about Miss Haruka being proposed to:) It's not the ideal situation, but as long as they love each other...
Usagi: Give me the ideal or nothing! I believe in impossibly high standards!

Usagi's a Model: The Flash of the Monster Camera (Shutter Bugged)


Shingo's Love: The Grieving Doll (Dangerous Dollies)


Usagi's Joy: A Love Letter from Tuxedo Mask (Who Is That Masked Man?)


The Summer, the Beach, Youth and Ghosts


Protect the Children's Dreams: Friendship Through Anime (An Animated Mess)


Romance Under the Moon: Usagi's First Kiss (Worth a Princess's Ransom)


Wish Upon a Star: Naru's First Love (Molly's Folly)


Naru's Tears: Nephrite Dies for Love (A Friend in Wolf's Clothing)

Molly Neflite!
Neflite Sailor Moon?
Sailor Moon Yes?
Neflite It looks like your true identity will remain a secret. (Groans)
Sailor Moon What are you saying?
Neflite' (Dying) Sorry.
Molly For what?
Neflite Don't think we'll be having a chocolate parfait!
Molly (Sobs) Oh Please!!!!
Neflite (Laughs) Sorry I lied to you again but this time, forgive me.
Molly (Sobs)
Neflite Don't forget me, I just want you to know that you're in my heart.

Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love (Jupiter Comes Thundering In)

  • Lita, Sailor Jupiter the Sailor Guardian of Thunder and Protection, makes her first appearance.
  • Sailor Moon is given the Crescent Moon Wand by Luna. She uses Moon Healing Activation to return the monster to his original human self.

Zosite: These Rainbow Crystals, is it true that our seven shadows are imprisoned inside of them?
Queen Beryl: Unfortunately yes, Zosite. The Seven Shadows were my finest warriors in the war against Queen Serenity. But she trapped them inside the white-hot light of the Silver Crystal, then hurled them into space. But somehow the Crystal shattered into the seven Rainbow Crystals, each shadow locked in each piece. I want them free!!

Luna: The fourth sign!

Usagi: (After being offered Lita's rice balls) Uh well actually, I'm not really a Big Eater...
Umino: ...What?
Usagi: ...but since you offered— (tries a rice ball)

Sailor Moon: Lita is Sailor Jupiter.
Monster: Jupiter, Smopiter.

Sailor Moon: What's this, Luna?
Luna: It's the Crescent Moon Wand. Use it and say Moon Healing Activation. It'll break the spell.

(The Monster vanishes and Joe returns back to normal)

’’’Sailor Jupiter:’’’ It’s Joe! He’s back!

(Joe faints)

’’’Sailor Moon:’’’ Wow! Cool!

Luna: Sailor Jupiter, you were most impressive. You're going to make a fine Sailor Scout.
Sailor Jupiter: Thanks, Luna. I'm glad you think so.
Luna: Sailor Moon, the Crescent Moon Wand is an important item of our mission. It's the symbol of our leader.

Restore Naru's Smile: Usagi's Friendship (The Power of Friendship)


Princess Serenity: Tuxedo Mask.
Tuxedo Mask: Huh?
Princess Serenity: You must find the Silver Imperium Crystal.
Tuxedo Mask: Show me your face!
Princess Serenity: You must find the Crystal now, it is the key to everything. But you must hurry, Tuxedo Mask. Evil forces are closing in on it. We can't let them. Please, Tuxedo Mask. Help me. Help me be free again!
(Darien Shields wakes up from his recurring dream)

Queen Beryl: Zosite, I must commend you for finding the first Rainbow Crystal. But you know there are six more to be recovered.
Zosite: Yes, Your Majesty. I was just about to find out the next one.

Amy: Did you find something more about our enemy?
Luna: I checked in with Central Control and I learned that the Negaverse is now after something called the Rainbow Crystals.
Raye: I thought they were after energy.
Lita: Yeah, but maybe these crystals gives them more energy?
Luna: Whatever it is, it's not going to be good. But if they get their hands on those crystals, the universe is history.
Amy: Why the crystals?
Luna: Well, it's a long story that goes back over a thousand years ago, when the Moon Kingdom and Negaverse were at war:
The Negaverse sent their most terrifying warriors, the Seven Shadows, against the Moon Kingdom. They battled for days. The tide turning when Queen Serenity trapped the Shadows inside the Silver Imperium Crystal. She hurled them into space, but somehow the Crystal shattered into the seven Rainbow Crystals; a shadow warrior locked into each piece. They disappeared into Earth's atmosphere and were reborn inside humans who carry the Crystals' but have no memory of their former existence. The Silver Imperium Crystal is the key to the universe. That's why the Negaverse wants the Rainbow Crystals so badly. They got one from game-machine Joe. Count on them coming back for the other six. If they get all seven, we're doomed.
Lita: I think we can handle 'em. Sailor Moon and I dusted that game-machine monster easy.
Raye: Yeah, with a little assist from Tuxedo Mask.
Amy: Luna, how are we supposed to know where these Rainbow Crystals are anyway?
Luna: There's an alarm in the Crescent Moon Wand that reacts to them.
Lita: I thought the Crescent Moon Wand was for transforming people back from Nega-Monsters?
Luna: It is, but it's also got a homing device that will track down the Rainbow Crystals.

Luna: I told you! We got to find the one who has that Crystal before the Negaverse do. You better call the Scouts for backup.
Serena: Does this mean I'm gonna miss the Sailor V movie?

Luna: Sailor Moon, did you see who got the Crystal?
Sailor Moon: I sure did. And he left me this star locket. There's something familiar about it.

Darien: I knew it! I am Tuxedo Mask. Just like the dream. Now if I could just find out who the Princess is.

Crushing on Ami: The Boy Who Can See The Future (Mercury's Mental Match)


The Painting of Love: Usagi and Mamoru Get Closer (An Artful Attack)


Queen Beryl: Zosite, present yourself. You failed me twice so far. You're as bad as your predecessor Nephrite. Explain why our enemies have two of the Rainbow Crystals and we you've on;y brought back one? You showed such promise, Zosite. I had such high expectations for you.
Zosite: Please, Queen Beryl! Give me another chance to prove myself. This time I know I'll succeed.

Serena: You got another one?
Luna: No. That's the same one that fell out of your backpack.
Serena: That's weird. I don't remember it falling out.
Luna: I know. You're much too careless with that wand.
Serena: Are you mad at me?
Luna: Well, I must say, out of all the Sailor Scouts, you're the only one who almost dumped the Crescent Moon Wand in the river.
Serena: Why are you always comparing me to them? You're so mean!!
(Serena runs off)
Luna: She's finally getting a backbone. I thought for sure she'd wail.

Sailor Moon: Where did you it, Tuxedo Mask? It is from the Moon Princess? Do you know her?
Tuxedo Mask: No, at least I don't think so.

Total Chaos: The Messy Love Rectangle (Too Many Girlfriends)

  • The blue Rainbow Crystal is found and taken by Zosite.

Sailor Jupiter: I thought you were in love with Andrew.
Sailor Moon: He's yours. Tuxedo Mask is my league.

Grandpa Loses Control: Rei in Danger (Grandpa's Follies)

  • Raye does not call out Mars Power to transform into Sailor Mars, Scout of War and Fire.

Love and Chased: Luna's Worst Day Ever (Kitty Chaos)


Umino's Resolve: I'll Protect Naru (Tuxedo Melvin)


(About the Rainbow Crystals)
Malachite: Look at them, Zosite. They're beautiful.
Zosite: But we still need three.
Malachite: Yes, that's true. But I have absolutely have no doubt you'll be able to get them back from our enemies in time. I believe in you.
Zosite: Then the negaverse will be free. And the universe will be ours, all ours, Malachite.
Malachite: Don't get ahead of yourself. We're still need to figure out how to transform these crystals into the Imperium Silver Crystal. And a long way from pleasing Queen Beryl.
Zosite: We must please the queen.

Enter Venus, the Last Sailor Guardian (Sailor V Makes the Scene)

  • Sailor Venus, the Sailor Scout of Love and Beauty, makes her debut, as does her feline guardian Artemis.

Raye: Luna, could she be the fifth Sailor Scout?
Luna: You know, I got no clue on this one.
’’’Serena:’’’ Well if she is the fifth Sailor Scout, there’s no way that no go show phony is stealing my name. I was Sailor Moon first and it’s gonna stay that way!
’’’Lita:’’’ (Serious) If that is her, that girl’s gonna pay!

Sailor Moon: Whoa! She set us free. Sailor Venus. She's our fifth Scout, you guys.
Artemis: Thar's right, Sailor Scouts. The fifth Scout's here. Now her guardian, Artemis. Meet Sailor Venus! We're united at last. Looking sharp there, kitty cat.
Luna: You haven't changed.

Sailor Venus: It's great to be here.
Sailor Moon: Oh. Are you the moon princess we're looking for?
Sailor Venus: I don't know.

The Shining Silver Crystal: The Moon Princess Appears (A Crystal Clear Destiny)

  • Serena and Darien reveal their identities as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.
  • The Imperium Silver Crystal affixes to the Crescent Moon Wand, further developing and magnifying its healing abilities significantly.
  • The almighty Silver Imperium Crystal is revealed, as the identity of the long-lost Princess of the Moon: Sailor Moon herself.

Sailor Moon: Thanks for saving us, Sailor Venus.
Sailor Venus: No problem. I'm just really excited I'm finally getting to meet you guys. We'll be a super team.
Sailor Moon: Oh, boy are we glad to have ya.
Sailor Mercury: Yes, now we're finally a full-fledged team.
Sailor Jupiter: The Sailor Scouts.

Malachite: Queen Beryl, I know we can get all those crystals back.
Zosite: Give me one more chance. I'll get those crystals, then get ride of Tuxedo Mask once and for all.
Queen Beryl: I don't want to get rid of him now.
Malachite: But he wants those crystals, my queen.
Queen Beryl: I've decided to bring Tuxedo Mask here. He can be a great value to us.
Zosite: But we don't know who he is.
Queen Beryl: You don't but I do. Now be quiet and listen to my orders.
Malachite: Yes, Your Majesty.

Serena: Darien, why are you after the Rainbow Crystals? Oh, I'm sorry. I guess that's pretty nosy of me, huh?
Darien: I want to know who I am.
Serena: Huh?
Darien: You see, I've never know who I really am or where I come from. I mean, I'm not even sure my real name is Darien. I was an orphan in a terrible car crash when I was really young. I lived at the orphanage until I could get a job. It never bothered me much until I kept having this recurring dream. There's this princess waiting for me. She's keeps begging me to bring her this Imperium Silver Crystal. I think she can tell me who I am. What's weirder is that even though it's only a dream, I feel as though I met this girl. Pretty crazy, huh?
Serena: Oh.

Tuxedo Mask: It's up to you now to get the Crystals. And I want you to know: I'm on your side and always will be.

Luna: The crystals! They're becoming one. The Imperium Silver Crystal!
Artemis: What happens now?
Luna: Don't know. Maybe the Princess we be revealed.
(The Silver Crystal attaches to the Crescent Moon Wand, greatly magnifying its abilities a hundredfold, and calls Sailor Moon to it)
Sailor Venus: It's Sailor Moon!
Sailor Mercury: She's the moon princess!
Sailor Jupiter: Who'd have thought?

Returning Memories: Usagi and Mamoru's Past (A Reluctant Princess)


Zosite: Enough with all your silly chatter! I want that Imperium Silver Crystal and I'm gonna get it!! Zoi!
Princess Serena (thinking): Cosmic Moon Power.
(Unleashes a wave a light pink light from the Silver Crystal which is on the Crescent Moon Wand)

Princess Serena: Tuxedo Mask, I feel you are growing weaker. Please do not go. I need you.
Tuxedo Mask: You're finally free, Serena. You're free and no I remember everything. It's all so clear. I am Prince Darien.
Princess Serena: Yes, Prince Darien. I am remembering now, too. I am Princess Serena of the Moon Kingdom. And you were a prince from Earth. One day, we were to marry. I can picture the last time we were together. I gave you my star locket so you would always remember me. It was right before our last battle with the Negaverse. And you were going to defend our kingdom from the dark forces. You did come back. And you set me free, like in our dream. Oh. We are free.
(Reverts back to Sailor Moon and faints)
Sailor Venus: Sailor Moon! She collapsed! What happened?
Luna: This whole thing must have been too much for her.

Zosite (weakly): Nobody's going anywhere. I hope you had a look at your princess, 'cause she's going back into history. You're all history.
(Malachite teleports)
Malachite: Zosite, you're trembling.
Zosite: Help me, Malachite. Help me get them all before they escape. They'll find the exit and take the Imperium Crystal with them.
Malachite: No they won't. They'll never find there way out of here! We'll get that Crystal back. Don't you worry. But there's something else we gotta take, too.

Queen Beryl: Oh, excellent work. The Moon Princess now has the Imperium Crystal. So what are you going to do about it, Malachite!?
Malachite: Oh, we'll get it back. Don't you worry, my queen. After all, she's only a young girl really a crybaby! You think this kid can pull off being the moon princess!? I very much doubt that!
Queen Beryl: You better be right. I'll give you another chance. Now, Zosite, please explain your behavior regarding Tuxedo Mask!
Zosite: Please, Your Majesty. It was an accident.
Queen Beryl: First the elevator then the ice crystal!!? Did you think I wouldn't know!!?
Zosite: No. It's just-
Queen Beryl: You been warned for the last time!! You won't disobey me again!!
Malacite: Please Queen Beryl, it's my fault I trained her, Queen Beryl!!!

(Queen Beryl uses dark powers and killing Zosite as Zoisite screams and Malacite watches in horror)

Malacite: Nooo!

Queen Beryl: To more important matters. O, great negaforce, do we have enough energy to turn Tuxedo Mask to our side?
Metalia: Yes, but he's very weak. You must go slowly, and have to erase all memories of his he regained with the Princess.
Queen Beryl: Then he'll be ours, all ours! And I'll turn him against the Princess and get that Crystal back!!
Metalia: you've finally succeeded at something, Beryl. Now give me the necessary energy!
Queen Beryl: Of course, my master.

Malacite: (Sits on Zoisite's bed) Oh Zoisite, I'm so sorry! It's not fair! Queen Beryl should've punished me for not teaching you to be more patient! I'm so sorry I failed you.
Zoisite: Hold me. (Malacite grabs Zoisite up) (groaning) the only one who failed was me Malacite. You told me not to seek revenge but I didn't listen. (Groaning) Promise just promise me one last thing, Malacite.
Malacite: Anything!
Zoisite: Don't forget me! (Dies)
Malacite: I would never. Goodbye my love.

Queen Beryl: Darien is a very stubborn man. Erasing his memory is taking longer than I thought. Tell me who you are!
Tuxedo Mask: I am Darien.
Queen Beryl: Not much longer. Very soon you'll be warrior for the Negaverse. Your first assignment: Getting the Silver Crystal back from Princess Serena.

Usagi's Confusion: Is Tuxedo Mask Evil? (Bad Hair Day)


Malachite: I found a way to trap her before she becomes Sailor Moon.
Queen Beryl: Really.
Malachite: This is a piece of her hair that she left behind in the last fight. We'll analyze it and find the girl who matches it. We'll make her transform and give up the Crystal.
Queen Beryl: Very well. Proceed, Malachite.
Malachite: Thank you, Queen Beryl.

Mina: Tuxedo Mask's working for the Negaverse. Sailor Moon's in for it for sure.
(takes out the magical transformation pen Artemis had given her)
Mina: Venus...Power!

Sailor Venus: Quick! Use your wand!
Sailor Moon: Moon Healing...Activation!!

Sailor Mars: You're okay now? You're with us?
Sailor Venus: Keep your distance, Mars. He's no friend of ours now. He's been brainwashed by the negaverse. Who knows what he might do? I know he can't be trusted. It's true. That Nega-Monster was taking orders from him. He's Queen Beryl's man now and don't think for a minute he's working for anybody but her.
Tuxedo Mask: Venus has got it right. You're my enemy now and I won't stop until that Crystal is mine!

Let's Become a Princess: Usagi's Bizarre Training (Little Miss Manners)


The Snow, the Mountains, Friendship and Monsters (Ski Bunny Blues)


Paired with a Monster: Mako, the Ice Skating Queen (Ice Princess)


(Janelyn and Misha are at the ice rink doing ice skating routines. Misha grabs Janelyn, but Janelyn falls on the ice. Janlyn gets angry.)
Janelyn: Just What are you trying to do Misha?
[Serena falls on the ice seconds after stepping onto it]
Amy: Serena!
Raye: We don't know her.
Janelyn:: That was very good! Everyone, get on the ice. Let's Skate!

The Legendary Lake Yokai: The Bond of Usagi's Family (Last Resort)


I Won't Run Away from Love Anymore: Ami vs. Mamoru (Tuxedo Unmasked)

Sailor Moon: Moon Healing...Activation!!
(The great powers of the Crescent Moon Wand, combined with the vast power of the Imperium Silver Crystal, affects Tuxedo Mask)
Luna: It's Beryl.

Queen Beryl: Great! Now all those flashbacks have to be erased!

Sailor Venus' Past: Minako's Tragic Love

Minako Aino: This is how it should be. He chose you, Katarina. As long as you two are happy, that's what counts. That's what matters.

Usagi Abandoned: The Falling-Out of the Sailor Guardians (Fractious Friends)


Sailor Moon: All right, that's it! You're not allowed to use my butt for practice kicks!

Usagi's Awakening: A Message from the Distant Past (The Past Returns)

  • Sailor Moon meets a hologram of Queen Serenity,who was her mother during her previous life as Princess Serena.
  • How the negaverse was defeated the first time is revealed.

Malachite: Hey, Sailor Moon, lets make a deal! Hand over that crystal and I won't toast your friends!
Sailor Moon: No deals with double-crossing sleaze balls like you! Get ready! The Negaverse is dust.
Malachite: Empty threats, Sailor Moon! We wasted Queen Serenity, and we'll do the same to you!
Sailor Moon: How do you know about Queen Serenity, huh!?
Malachite: Because I was there on that glorious day when we trashed the Moon Kingdom. And let me tell you something, brat, you got a lot to learn! You're no Queen Serenity!
Sailor Moon: Liar! She would not have send crumbs like you into the future with us! You're lying! And you're not getting my Crystal!!

Sailor Moon: What is this place? It feels familiar somehow.
Queen Serenity: That's because it's your home, Serena. It's what is left of the Moon Kingdom.
(A hologram of the silver-haired Queen of the Moon appears before her)
Sailor Moon: What's going on here? How come you know my name? Are you for real?
Queen Serenity: Oh, Serena. You haven't changed at all. Still asking a million questions just as a curious a kitten. But I'm not surprised you don't remember me. That's the way I arranged things. I am your mother, Queen Serenity.
Sailor Moon: You mean we're actually back on the Moon? It's not some won-go dream or something?
Queen Serenity: No, Serena. It's not a dream. This is definitely real. And since you all found your way here, it must be time you learned the truth. I'll take you back to the final days of our kingdom.

Queen Serenity: I'm sure Luna told you all about the Silver Millennium when all the planets were at peace. The whole universe was a happy place. And our Moon Kingdom was the happiest place of all. There were fireworks and parties every night, and dancing and laughing. I raised you to follow in my footsteps and rule the Moon. But most of the time you spent staring at the Earth. For you've fallen in love with a young man from there.

Prince Endymion: Serena.
Princess Serena: Endymion, oh, finally you are here.
Prince Endymion: I have some bad news, Princess.
Princess Serena: You cannot come to the ball?
Prince Endymion:

(Takes a hold of the Crescent Moon Wand, with the Silver Crystal affixed to it, ready to die fighting)
Luna: Queen Serenity if you use the Imperium Silver Crystal, you won't have any strength left.
Queen Serenity: It's the only way Luna. I must sacrifice my kingdom if we are to regain our peace. Cosmic Moon Power!!

Luna: Majesty, you did it.
Artemis: They're gone. You beat 'em.
Queen Serenity: I trapped them all, yes. If I had destroyed them, I would have destroyed Serena and the others too. Now they're all inside the power of the Crystal, and now I must send them to a new future on Earth.
Luna: But you saved them. Why are you so sad?
Queen Serenity: Because none of them will remember anything about this time or this place. Nothing. And I'll never see my sweet daughter again or you two either. But this is the only way for any of you to live on. I have enough power left to send everything you'll need in the future to Earth. Serena and her court will need your help if the Negaverse ever breaks free.
Luna and Artemis: Yes.
Queen Serenity: All of you will be reborn on Earth with no memory of the Moon Kingdom whatsoever, but if evil forces should try to repeat what happened here, you two will know what to do. Now, farewell, all of you, and good luck. Goodbye, Serena. You are in my heart always. Be happy. On behalf of the Moon, you will be free again. Perhaps we'll meet again.

Sailor Moon: She saved all of us.
Sailor Mars: She sure did.
Sailor Venus: She's the reason we're here.

Sailor Moon: (After seeing her friends gave up by Malacite's purple energy boomerang) My Friends!!! (Gets Angry) I'm Sailor Moon! Champion of justice, princess of the moon kingdom and you're worst nightmare!!! On be half of the moon I will right all wrongs! And triumph over evil! And you're the worst kind of evil!
Sailor Moon: (Activates wand) Cosmic Moon Power!
Malacite: Huh? (Covers himself and saw Sailor Moon in her ultimate power form) I'm not letting this moon child defeat me! She's no match for the nega power!!!!

(Screams and throws energy boomerang and where Sailor Moon swings it away like a baseball bat and stabs it through Malacite)

Malacite: (Screams in pain) I'm... Losing strength! (Dying) Zoisite! It's me! I'll be coming to join you real soon, Zoisite! Do you hear me?! (Dies and vanishes)

Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle/Usagi's Eternal Wish: A Brand New Life (Day of Destiny)

  • This is two-part Season 1 finale, combined into one episode in the DiC English dub.

Raye: So we;re finally gonna meet Beryl. Are you ready, Scouts?
Amy: This will be our toughest fight ever.
Serena: Raye, major question: You didn't forget to kiss Chad goodbye, did ya?
Raye: Oh!

(In Beryl's throne room)
Queen Beryl: So the Sailor Scouts want pay us a visit. Finally! It's about time. So, who wants to greet our guests and earn a place in Nega history? Any volunteers?
Doom & Gloom Girl: We'll greet 'em, Queen Beryl.
Queen Beryl: The Doom and Gloom girls. Perfect.

Queen Beryl: Finally she's alone. At last! Sailor Moon, we finally meet face-to-face.

Sailor Moon: Darien, no! Moon Healing Escalation!
Queen Beryl: It's no use! You can't heal him. Not even your crystal can break the spell I cast! Prince Darien is mine! Now and forever!!

Sailor Moon (moans): Oh, my wand.
Queen Beryl: Now, Prince Darien, get me that crystal and get rid of her. She caused me enough aggravation.

Prince Endymion: Thank you. I'm free.
Sailor Moon: I know, Darien. I know.

Queen Beryl: I can't be defeated again. I've waited too long for this! Tell me how to win this!
Metalia: Don't wine at me, Beryl. You're nearly as incompetent as your minions. I should abandon you, but I'm giving you this last chance! Use it well!
(Metalia converting Beryl, who screams in terror, into her vessel Super Beryl)

Princess Serena: (After Beryl's Laugh, she sees Sailor Moon walking towards her with a purpose) Better enjoy that laugh Beryl. It's the last laugh you ever had. You won't rule the universe as long as I live.
Super Beryl: We better get this over with!
Princess Serena: Let's get to it!
Super Beryl: You don't have what it takes! Bye bye Sailor Moon! (Screams as she throws a power dagger on her until in crystal she emerges in her moon princess form)
Princess Serena: I will defeat you, Beryl, in the name of the Moon.
Super Beryl: You? Pitiful, little Princess Serena?

Princess Serena: I hear you, Luna. I am not afraid anymore.
Super Beryl: You should be!!
Princess Serena: Cosmic Moon Power. Fight this evil. (thinking) Do not give up, Serena. You can do this. I am not letting you win this one, you witch. My friends are counting on me.

(Flashes back to her good friends' words of help and support)
Amy: Hey, Serena. I'll help you finish this assignment if you want.
Raye: You are so stubborn, Serena! Let us help or I'll never speak to you again.
Lita: Yeah. Let us help you put her away. Still too many guys we oughta meet.
Mina: Let us help. We haven't known each other long enough for it to end yet.
(End of flashbacks)

Princess Serena: I do need all of you. Please, help me.
(Ghostly figures of the five Sailor Scouts of the Inner Solar System appear)
Sailor Mercury: Mercury Power!
Sailor Mars: Mars Power!
Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Power!
Sailor Venus: Venus Power!
Princess Serena: Cosmic Moon Power!! Ignite!
(The Silver Imperium Crystal's power becomes even stronger)
Super Beryl: This cant be!! NOOOO!!

Princess Serena: Beryl is gone, blasted back to the Negaverse. The universe is safe again, thanks to you, my friends. Finally we have a chance for peace, real peace.

Artemis: I'm really proud of our Scouts. They really did it.
Luna: Yes. Only now they don't remember any of it. They don't remember being friends or Sailor Scouts- nothing.
Artemis: Don't worry. All they gotta do is meet up, become friends, and then maybe they'll remember.
Luna: I sure hope so. But what about Serena and Darien?

Sailor Moon R (Episodes 40-81)


The Return of Sailor Moon

  • This 13-episode arc never happened in the manga.

Serena: It's a nightmare, right? This isn't happening!
Luna: Run, Serena! Run for your life!
Serena: Now my cat is talking!! Reality check... talking cat, yucky flower monster - it's gotta be that third piece of rhubarb pie! This is a dream! I can take control of it!
Luna: Uh-oh...
Serena: Hey you, Ms. Flower Power! Keep your icky petals to yourself, because if you don't, I will punish you! [pauses] "Punish you"? Hey, why does that sound so familiar??

Luna: I have no choice. I have to revive Sailor Moon. The Luna mind-meld should help.

So You Want to Stay in Pictures


Sailor Moon: I really don't know what you're up to, but I'm here to stop you! Understand?
Luna: Smooth opening line, Serena!

Cherry Blossom Time

  • Serena receives the Crystal Star Broach from her mother to transform into the second evolution of her standard Sailor form by calling out Moon Crystal Power. The Crescent Moon Wand is replaced by the Cutie Moon Rod, its attack being Moon Princess Halation.
  • Final appearance of Queen Serenity in the entire anime.

Queen Serenity: Princess Serena.
Serena: Queen Serenity.
Queen Serenity: I'm here in your mind, my dear. And I'll always be here whenever you need me, my dearest daughter.
Serena: Can you help me, please? I do not know how to save my friends.
Queen Serenity: The power's in the locket.
(A vision of the Moon Kingdom appears, with Serena in full moon princess attire)
Princess Serena: The Imperium Crystal.
Queen Serenity: The strength of your desire to save your friends makes the Silver Crystal glow bright and strong again.
(The Silver Crystal falls in the broken transformation broach, and turns into the Crystal Star broach)
Princess Serena: Look at it. It is beautiful.
Queen Serenity: Luna, keep an eye on her as you always do. Help her succeed.
Luna: Sure.
Princess Serena: With the power in this crystal, I can save my friends.
Queen Serenity: Dear princess, remember the Silver Moon Crystal has not regained all its power. But the stronger your desire to save your friends, the stronger it will become, and then you'll become the moon princess once more.
Princess Serena: I will make you proud, Queen Serenity. Mother.
Queen Serenity: Now say Moon Crystal Power.

Queen Serenity: Princess Serena. This moon scepter will help you in your quest.
(The Cutie Moon Rod is given to Sailor Moon)
Sailor Moon: Queen Serenity. Thanks. Moon Scepter...Illumination!!

Raye's Day in the Spotlight

Serena: You know what, Raye? You were really something tonight.
Raye: Thank you.
Serena: I was also thinking, you're really a hard worker, aren't you Raye?
Raye: You know, it would hurt you to give it a try one of these days Serena.
Serena: And what's that supposed to mean?!
Raye: That you're a lazy doughnut snorting couch potato!
Serena: I take back everything I said!



This the thirteen and final last episode of an arc that never happened in the manga. It is followed the actual saga Black Moon, of 29 episodes.

Tree of Life: Sailor Moon, a favor?
Sailor Moon: Yes?
Tree of Life: Help me be myself again.

(After using the great powers of her Cutie Moon Scepter)
Sailor Moon: Oh no. I killed the Tree!
Moonlight Knight: No, Sailor Moon. You healed it.

Serena Times Two

  • This is the first episode of the Black Moon saga, the second arc of the manga.
  • Rini (Chibiusa) makes her debut appearance.

Mr. Tsukino: (annoyed) Serena. If you keep up this behavior, we're going have to ground you understand?

Sailor Mercury Moving On?


(Presents the stronger Star Power Sticks)
Artemis: So here are some new power tools for you guys and a wrist communicator.
Luna: I think you'll like them. They're ten times much stronger than the old ones.
Serena: But what are we going to do with Sailor Mercury's new stuff?

The Secret of the Luna Sphere

  • Sailor Pluto, the outer Sailor Scout of Space-Time, makes her debut as a vision.

Sailor Pluto: Please don't be afraid of me, Sailor Scouts. My name is Sailor Pluto. I guard the door of time and space.
Serena: Whoa. Another Sailor Scout. Are you the one Rini calls Luna P?
Luna: Sailor Pluto. Artemis, there's another Sailor Scout.
Sailor Pluto: Please. You must help the small lady or she will perish.

Future Shocked


Luna: Poor Sailor Pluto. I heard about her long ago from Queen Serenity. A solitary Soldier, guarding the Gate of Time for all eternity.
Sailor Mars: What a responsibility.
Luna: Very few people have had the chance to meet her.
Sailor Venus: And what a lonely life.
Sailor Jupiter: Then I guess we're very privileged, aren't we?
Sailor Mercury: Goodbye, Sailor P.

Legend of the Negamoon

Sailor Moon: This Neo Queen Serenity you speak of, who can use the Silver Crystal...Could she be? Could she be, uh...?
King Endymion: Yes. Neo Queen Serenity is your future self, Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon: What!!? I'm going to be queen of the Earth!? And my first-grade teacher said I wouldn't make it out of grade school!!
Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask: Huh?

Sailor Mercury: Excuse me, Your Majesty. What's that substance surrounding the queen?
Luna: Could it be...Silver Crystal?
King Endymion: No, it's quartz.

Jealousy's Just Reward


Diamond in the Rough


Serena: (weakly): Moon Crystal...Power. It's not working.
Prince Diamond: The Silver Crystal's power will not work here.

Final Battle

  • In the manga, Death Phantom was destroyed by Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon combining the mighty powers of their own Cutie Moon Rods in a Double Moon Princess Halation attack

Sailor Venus: "Sailor Moon. She's turned into Neo Queen Serenity."
Black Lady: "Mommy?"
Neo-Queen Serenity: "Listen to me, Rini. Your memory. Remember the goods now."

Rini (thinking): The Crystal! Now I know where the Crystal went when I lost it- Right into my body!
Tuxedo Mask: Rini.
Rini: Darien, I know I'm not strong enough, but I need this Silver Crystal.
Tuxedo Mask: But, Rini, I can't let you! It's way too dangerous.
Rini: I don't care! You guys risked your lives to protect me!
Princess Rini (thinking): Silver Crystal, please give the strength to protect my friends.
Doom Phantom: What!!? Two Silver Crystals!!?"
Neo Queen Serenity: Oh, Rini.
Princess Rini: "Silver Crystal, lend strength to Sailor Moon!"

Doom Phantom: "I shall not be overcome by the power of the Silver Crystals!!"
Neo Queen Serenity: Doom Phantom!!
Princess Rini: Go away forever!!

Rini: "Mommy!"
Neo-Queen Serenity: "Oh, Rini. You've saved our world. Welcome home."

Sailor Moon S (Episodes 83-120)



  • This is the premiere of the S' season.
  • Sailors Uranus and Neptune make their debut, as showed cameos.
  • Final appearance and use of the Cutie Moon Rod.

Crystal Clear Again

  • Serena is granted the third evolution of her standard Sailor form- the Cosmic Heart Compact, with which she calls out Moon Cosmic Power. The Cutie Moon Rod is replaced by the Spiral Heart Moon Specter; its attack being Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Princess Serena: Together, our powers have created this symbol.

Luna: Could it be the legendary...
Artemis: Spiral Heart Moon Scepter?

No Turning Back

Amara: I knew we shouldn't have transformed in front of Serena. Now everything's going to be a lot more complicated.
Michelle: I know we had no choice. Now we can't turn back.
Amara: I know.
Michelle: And don't forget: Serena transformed in front of us. We might have the same mission, after all.

Destiny's Arrival

Sailor Uranus: For now you've managed to stop me.
Eujil: Don't worry. I haven't taken out your cousin's pure heart crystal yet. There's another one I want to get my hands on first.
Sailor Uranus: What are you talking about?
Eujiel: The one in your own heart!! I'm referring to the heart that stopped us from fulfilling our plans, the heart that tried to protect and save this world!!

The Purity Chalice


Sailor Uranus: The legendary Princess must have the Purity Chalice.
Serena: Huh?
Sailor Venus: Legendary Princess?
Sailor Mars: Who is this princess?
Sailor Uranus: She is a friend of this world, and she will save it from the deadly silence and destruction that... is coming. Once the Princess' hands hold the Purity Chalice, this world will be saved.

Sailor Uranus: The pure crystal treasures!
Sailor Neptune: So, I guess there's no victim after all, Uranus.
Sailor Venus: Now that these mystical treasures are revealed, do they have much power?

Sailor Pluto: The power depends on who handles it. The Purity Chalice will either lead the world to peace or destruction. Its power knows no bounds.

(Sees Serena as Super Sailor Moon)
Sailor Mini Moon: Wow. It's so beautiful.
Tuxedo Mask: Another transformation.

Tuxedo Mask: Are you all right?
Sailor Moon: Yes. Yes, I am. I'm just worn out.
Sailor Uranus: Could it be? Maybe Sailor Moon isn't the one who can save the world.
Sailor Soldiers: What?
Sailor Uranus: The one who can save the world is supposed to have unlimited power and strength and Sailor Moon clearly doesn't have that.
Sailor Neptune: You mean, you think it could be someone else?
Sailor Uranus: It looks like we got a new mission, Neptune. Are you in?

Minet: Good news, Doctor. The Purity Chalice is revealed. And the bad news is the Sailor Scouts have it Oh, are all right, Doctor?
Professor Tomoe: I'm fine, Mimet. I'm well aware the Purity Chalice has been revealed. It seems, however, that none of the Sailor Scouts could exactly make use of the Purity Chalice. But, you see, Mimet, if any of the Sailor Scouts learned exactly how to harness its incredible powers, this laboratory and all our Diamon pods would have been completely destroyed, along with my plans for world domination!! But look! There's not even a crack in sight, is there?
Mimet: Call me cookie, but I got a hunch there's someone here who's strong enough- to attract the Chalice's powers with our influence.
Professor Tomoe: Oh yes.

Show Stoppers

  • Hotaru Tomoe heals Rini's scrap with her natural healing power she receives from harboring Sailor Saturn's spirit within her.

Rini: I'm Rini. Rymths with "teeny."
Hotaru: I'm Hotaru Tomoe.

Sailor Moon: That Rainbow Moon power really wipes me out.

Rini: Amazing! You have special powers?
Hotaru: Kids at school think I'm weird. And I don't have friends just because I'm a little bit different.
Rini: I how that is. I think it's great.

Rini's Risky Friendship

(Notices the Cosmic Heart Compact in Serena's bag)
Hotaru: What's this?
Rini & Serena: Well, it's...
Hotaru: Strange. I suddenly feel better.
Mistress 9: Power is rising within me. Power is rising within!

Rini: Hotaru?
Hotaru: Sorry. Did I say anything just now? I know I'm a little odd.
Rini: You're just not well.

The Shadow of Silence

Young Hotaru: Daddy, they say I hurt another friend of mine. But I can't remember things like that!
Professor Tomoe: It's all right, Hotaru. Don't cry. It's not your fault. Not at all.
Young Hotaru: I'll never be able to make any friends! I know that now! There's someone inside me, someone who does bad things, and I can't control what they do.

Diamon: Get out of my way!! I said... Get out of my way!!
(Hotaru's eyes glow red and she immobilizes the Diamon with ease, emitting a strange and powerful reddish aura)
Diamon: Whoa! Can't move! What are you!?

Hotaru: I don't think you should see me anymore. Otherwise I'm afraid I might hurt you somehow.
Rini: How come?
Hotaru (in tears): I'm sorry, Rini. It's for your own good!

Thorny Weather

Hotaru: People always have to meddle with things. Why can't we let nature take its course?

Sailor Neptune: I felt a strong power nearby. I'm stumped as to what it was.
Sailor Uranus: A tidal wave of pure darkness.
Sailor Pluto: Please take great care, little lady.

Heightened Hazard

Darien: This the story from long ago. Apart from the Sailor Scouts, who protected the world of the moon, there were also Sailor Scouts who fought against evil invaders who came from parts of the outer solar system:
Sailor Uranus, the Sailor Scout of the upper world, is guarded by the planet Uranus.
Sailor Neptune, the Sailor Scout of the Sea, is guarded by the planet Neptune.
Sailor Pluto, the Sailor Scout of the lower world, is guarded by the planet Pluto.

Sailor Uranus: The three of us are gifted with incredible powers that are much stronger than those of the other Sailor Scouts. Our powers are to be used for protecting Earth from enemies beyond the solar system.
Sailor Neptune: That's why we're sent from the past to this period. When we arrived here, we found our toughest opponents here and set up base. We'll need all our strength to beat them.
Sailor Pluto: As a result of this deadly invasion of enemies so powerful, not only do we have to worry about the Earth, but the entire solar system is in jeopardy as well.

Lita: So I guess the powers of the other three Sailor Scouts are a whole lot stronger than ours.
Raye: Those three. I don't know. They're sure a lot different from us.
Amy: I'm sure that's why they act like we got a plague and they don't want to get it.
Luna: I think that each is used to working on their own because that's the way they've always done so in the past.

Kaorinite: "Mr. Shun Hayes". I wonder if it's a love letter.
Hotaru: Leave me alone!! You're weird. Why don't you torment someone else?
Kaorinite: Perhaps you're the one whose weird, Hotaru. You write letters but you never mail them. Now that's weird.

Amara: Did you see that power?
Michelle: There's definitely something strange about that girl.
Tristamail: We guessed right, that's for sure. She's dangerous.

It's in the Cards

Sailor Mini Moon: Hotaru? Hotaru, are you all right?
Sailor Moon: Mini Moon, wait!
Sailor Mini Moon: Huh?
Sailor Moon: She doesn't know you're Mini Moon. You better change first.
Sailor Mini Moon: Right. I forgot.

Goodness Eclipsed

  • Sailor Saturn, the Scout of Silence, makes her debut as a silhouette. Her spirit later emerges somewhat as she takes over Hotaru's body, with her pale purple symbol appearing Hotaru's forehead.

Raye (thinking): I can't shake these visions from my head. They seem so real. And who is that girl? I feel like I know her.

Michelle: I been having a recurring nightmare lately, about the end of the world. And it's being more realistic each time. Raye's been having it, too.
Tristamail: We must find the Sovereign, the sooner the better. If the evil wakes from its dark slumber, the Sovereign of Silence will rise and then it's over.
Amara: The dark silence. Could that be an eclipse? If so, your dream may become a reality. And what to make of Dr. Tomoe and his strange daughter? It's really odd. Could they behind all the heart-snatching?
Michelle: Saturn rules the star of destruction, who governs the Sovereign of Silence. The figure stands with a scythe from the light of the Purity Chalice. And when awakened, will destroy the world as we know it.
Tristamail: It's odd. The shadow looks like someone we know.
Amara: Who?
Tristamail: Hotaru Tomoe!
Amara: Yes, of course! It all makes sense! She's the daughter of a heart-snatcher, Dr. Tomeo. She's the perfect choice! Hotaru Tomeo must be the Sovereign of Silence! That weapon in her hand is the Silent Scythe! We have to intercept this eclipse and keep the Sovereign from awakening!
Michelle: Trista this job is going to require your powers of time control.
Tristamail: We're going to have to work together,girls.
Amara: Yes. If we don't stop it, Hotaru may be replaced by the Sovereign, who will be death and destruction to our planet. I am not going to let that happen! We got to stop it!
Michelle: Poor Hotaru. Her mystery's been revealed to us. We gotta reverse her destiny.

Female Voice (from within Hotaru's body): Soon, so very soon, eclipse darkness will crawl over this planet, and I shall be awakened. I'm the only one who can make your dreams come true.
Professor Tomoe: And you will. I knew we were right in choosing you to be the Sovereign of Silence.
Female Voice: There's an energy beginning to bubble inside me. I need more, bring me more pure hearts. They will fuel me for my awakening. And my power, once dormant inside me, will reach its zenith of strength.
Professor Tomoe: Your wish is my command.

Tuxedo Mask: What is this!?
Sailor Uranus: Get away from her!!
Super Sailor Moon: Why?
Sailor Uranus: Hotaru is Sailor Saturn herself! The Soldier of Destruction whose guardian star is Saturn!
Sailor Neptune: When her ruler Saturn awakens...
Sailor Pluto: Her only goal is to destroy the world.
Sailor Uranus: Get away!! She's wielding the Silent Scythe! Her powers are peaky!
Sailor Pluto: It's absolutely crucial that we not let her wake up.
Sailor Neptune: If Saturn wakes up, she'll bring about the end of the world.
Super Sailor Moon: That may be, but I won't let you harm her!
Sailor Mars: Even if Hotaru is Sailor Saturn or the Sovereign of Silence, she can't help it. And we really have to protect her!
Rini: She's just an innocent girl! There's gotta be another way to save the world!
Sailor Neptune: Maybe you're right, little lady. There may be another way, but...
Sailor Pluto: We just don't know what it is yet.
Sailor Uranus: For now, all we know is that we have to prevent her from waking up until the eclipse is over. It's the only way to save the world.

Sailor Jupiter: Something's happening.
(Hotaru's limp body teleports away in a flash of purplish light)
Rini: She's disappearing!
Sailor Mercury: Her guardian took her back.
Sailor Uranus: We've lost her.

Professor Tomoe: We've done it. We achieved our objective. Now she's Sailor Saturn, guided by the star of destruction. She's positioned us perfectly. Nobody else could have been chosen to be the Sovereign of Silence.

Next in Line

Sailor Uranus: You don't understand the supreme terror of the deadly silence!
Sailor Neptune: Sailor Saturn will soon awaken unless we get to her first.
Sailor Pluto: Once she's allowed to awaken, that'll be the end of the Earth as we know it.

Tristamail: We think he may be associated with the Heart-Snatchers somehow.
Mina: And that may mean that Hotaru may also be...?
Lita: A member of the evil Heart-Snatchers?
Tristamail: We don't know. What we do know was that she was definitely born with the spirit of Sailor Saturn within her.
Rini: There's no way! Hotaru's not evil like those heart-snatchers!
Serena: Rini.
Rini: Hotaru is a decent, warm-hearted person. Don't ever harm her! Promise me you won't, Trista.
Serena: Trista, so what if Saturn is the Sailor Scout of Destruction? She's still one of us, isn't she? Come on. There must be some other way to solve this.
Tristamail: There's no time for alternatives, even if there were any. That's we wanted to keep you out of business.
Serena: Oh.

Fiendish Ferns


Mimet: What Are You Doing?
Telulu: Pulling The Plug On Failure!

(Tellu Pulling The Plug)

Mimet: NO!

(The TV Turns Off)

Tuxedo Mask: Why not listen?
Sailor Moon: We could try to work as a team.
Sailor Uranus: No!! Pluto and Neptune are on my team! We're going after the Sovereign of Silence and Sailor Saturn, no matter what!
Sailor Mini Moon: That' won't happen. Maybe you believe she's bad, but she is my best friend and I won't betray her. I'll do everything I can to protect her from you and anyone else. Pluto, please don't try and make us enemies.

The Science of Love

Female Voice (from within Hotaru's body): Let this be a warning to you, Sailor Soldiers! The battle has only just begun!
Super Sailor Moon: HOTARU!!

Wake Up Call

Rini (thinking): Hotaru, plase don't worry. I promise I'll save you. Moon Prism Power!!
Kaorinite (to herself): So that little powderpuff's a Sailor Scout. This is icing on the cake.

Sailor Uranus: No!! If Sailor Saturn is revived, this world will be destroyed!!

Sailor Neptune: That's not Sailor Saturn! I wonder who she is then!
Sailor Scouts: Tell us who you are!
Mistress 9: I am known as Mistress 9, the Sovereign of Silence.

Sailor Jupiter: Hey, what's going on?
Sailor Mars: So she's not Sailor Saturn?
Sailor Mercury: She's one of the Heart-Snatchers. I guess she took control of Hotaru from within, and has been feeding on pure hearts 'till she was strong enough to emerge.

Who's Really Who?

Sailor Neptune: Sailor Pluto!
Sailor Uranus: What happened?
Sailor Pluto: I've stopped time for you. Now go on while my power still holds.
Sailor Uranus: You stopped time?
Sailor Neptune: You never told us you could do that.
Sailor Pluto: Honestly, I couldn't. It was forbidden and I'll be punished. My mission as timekeeper is now over. You must go.
Sailor Uranus: Your mission is over?
Sailor Neptune: What's going to happen to you now?
Sailor Pluto: Go! And if you find the real Sovereign...

Mistress 9: Clever of them to stop time to save themselves and allowing them to gain access to our domain.
Professor Tomoe: They may be clever, Sovereign, but their certainty no match for your skill and power. What's with the hand?
Mistress 9: It will bring the Chalice to me.

Sailor Pluto's Voice: Time is of the essence, Scouts. You must go on.
Sailor Uranus: We won't let you down, Pluto.
Sailor Neptune: We're going to complete this mission, thanks to you.
Sailor Uranus: Take care.
Sailor Pluto's Voice: You, too, Sailor Scouts. It's a dangerous bonding in there. You can't tell who's who anymore.

Mistress 9: I'm afraid you're too late! The future is now!! The future is mine!! Pharaoh 90, can I ask you to wait a moment longer? I some loose ends to tie up.
Sailor Moon: Huh?
Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune: 90 Pharaoh?
Mistress 9: Exactly. Soon you can welcome your new ruler and witness the beginning of the silence!!

Darkness, My Old Friend

  • First appearance of Sailor Saturn herself until Episode 168
  • First appearance of the Silent Scythe, the mighty and deadly scythe of the Goddess of Death
  • Final appearance of the Purity Chalice
  • Final appearances of Mistress Nine and Pharaoh Ninety
  • Final use of Moon Crisis Power enabling her to temporarily evolve into her Super form

Sailor Moon: "HOTARU!!!"
Sailor Uranus: There's no point!! She's not Hotaru anymore!!
Mistress: She's right!! Hotaru Tomoe is no longer with us!!
Sailor Moon: NO!!
Mistress 9: You'll all be doomed anyway, so what does it matter!!? The mighty power I am drawing from the Tau Nebula is that of Pharaoh 90: The power source of Heart-Snatchers and also of the deadly silence!! Once I am able to possess the Purity Chalice, Pharaoh 90 will emerge and the time for silence will begin!!
(Prepares for her one and only planetary attack)
Sailor Uranus: Then we'll destroy you first!!
Sailor Neptune: Prepare for your end!!
Sailor Moon: "Oh!!"
Sailor Uranus: "WORLD...SHAKING!!"
Sailor Neptune: DEEP...SUBMERGE!"
Sailor Moon: "NOOO!! UGH!!"
Mistress Nine: "Why thank you."
Sailor Uranus: "You fool!!"
Sailor Neptune: "Why did you do that!!?"

Mistress Nine: "You better hand over the Purity Chalice, Sailor Moon, or starting waving goodbye to your pals."
Sailor Uranus: "Don't do it!!"
Mistress Nine: "I can't decide which one to get rid of first."
Sailor Moon: "Stop it!!"
Sailor Neptune: "You can't surrender the Purity Chalice!! It's our only hope the save the world from disaster!!"
Sailor Uranus: "Forget us!!"
Sailor Neptune: "Sailor Moon!!!"
Sailor Uranus: "DON'T DO IT!!!"
Professor Tomeo: "Hotaru."
Sailor Moon: "Are you...Hotaru's father?"
Professor Tomeo (weakly): "Hotaru, it's me. Hotaru. It's my"
Mistress Nine: "How sad, you're back to your old self. If Germitoid has more no use for you, neither do I!!"
Sailor Moon: "NO!! Stop it, please!! I beg you."

Sailor Mars: "Try and hang on, Guys!"
Sailor Mercury: "It's increasing its power!!"
Sailor Jupiter: "I'll never give up!!"
Sailor Venus: "I'll stop this evil force from entering the city!!"

Professor Tomeo (weakly): ""
Hotaru's Voice: "Daddy!!"
Sailor Moon: "Huh!!?"
Hotaru's Voice: "Daddy!!"
Sailor Moon: "Is that you, Hotaru?"
Mistress Nine: "This body's rejecting me! I can't breathe!!"
Sailor Uranus: "Finish her off now, Sailor Moon!!"
Sailor Moon: "NO!! Listen!! Hotaru is till alive!!"
Sailor Neptune: "No, she's not!! it's a trick!!"
Professor Tomoe: "Hotaru? Hotaru, can I help you return?"
Mistress Nine: "Yes! The Purity Chalice!! Without it, I can't..."
Professor Tomeo: "Tell me where I can find it, Hotaru."
Sailor Uranus: "Sailor"
Sailor Neptune: "It's a trick. Can't you see that, Sailor Moon? Hotaru's gone!! Save the rest of the world instead!!"
Sailor Moon: "Hotaru must be saved. This'll save her. I still believe that it's possible to save the world without letting anyone get hurt. Sorry, I refuse to give up!!"
Mistress Nine: "There it is."
Professor Tomoe: "The Purity Chalice? Please, I beg you. Hotaru needs it. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Here, it is, Hotaru! Is this what you wanted?"
Mistress Nine: "Yes. Hurry!"

Mistress Nine: "Sailor Moon, after I revive Pharaoh Ninety, who will reward you for allowing me to survive, only you'll be a shell for us instead."
Sailor Moon: 'Hotaru, you can hear me, can't you!!? HOTARU!!"
Mistress Nine: "Don't waste your time. It's too late."
Sailor Moon: "I'll never allow you to take Hotaru, and I won't let this world fall into your evil hands, either!!"
Mistress Nine: "You better give up. You're dreaming if you believe what you say, Sailor Moon. You can't possibly defeat us now we have this missing link. As you know, this Purity Chalice is the purest of hearts in existence now. The only way to defeat Pharaoh Ninety, once he takes possession of the Purity Chalice, is to produce a heart of greater purity. The odds are definitely against you."

Sailor Mars: "AGGHH!!!"
Sailor Mercury: "I wonder what's going on inside!!"
Sailor Jupiter: "OHHH!!"
Sailor Venus: "Sailor Moon!!"

Mistress 9: "Leave me alone!! I don't need you!! No! Leave me alone, Hotaru!! You are...completely worthless to us!! I won't share this body! You're no longer needed!! Remove yourself!! REMOVE YOURSELF!!"
Hotaru: "NO!! I WILL NOT!! I've got...I've got...I have people I care about a lot!!"
(The light purple symbol of Saturn appears on her forehead, driving out the black star of the Death Busters, and vanishes)
Professor Tomoe: "H- Hotaru."
Sailor Uranus: "The Sailor Scout of Destruction, Saturn!"

Darien: "Huh? Who are you?"
Sailor Saturn: "Don't worry. You'll be fine now, Rini."
(The ghostly form of Sailor Saturn herself returns Rini's pure heart-crystal)
Artemis: "Sailor Saturn...?"
Luna: "Is Hotaru?"
Sailor Saturn: "Thank you, my friend Rini. Thank you."
(Gradually vanishes from Darien's apartment)

Sailor Neptune: "Pharaoh 90 seems to be increasing its power."
Sailor Uranus: "You're right. There's no way to stop this deafening silence now. After all we did to try and save this world and now it's all over!!"
Sailor Neptune: It's the end.
Sailor Uranus: Sailor Moon, are you happy now!!? Answer me!!

Sailor Saturn: "Sailor Moon."
Sailor Moon: "Huh?"
(Sailor Saturn's ghostly form solidifies into a more corporeal one)
Sailor Saturn: "I know it was you who prevented me from getting hurt, and I want to thank you."
Sailor Neptune: "Sailor Saturn."
Sailor Moon: "And Hotaru?"
Professor Tomoe: "Hotaru?"
Sailor Saturn: "I am sorry. I am no longer Hotaru. But I'm the one person alive who can save the world from destruction. Believe in me."
Sailor Moon: "Wait! Let me help you!!"
Sailor Saturn: "No. To destroy Pharaoh 90, I must get to the very heart of its core and destroy it while I'm still inside. You, as Super Sailor Moon, could have helped. You did the right thing, giving up your powers to save me. It's impossible for you to even get near Pharaoh 90. This is the only way, but I am glad to do it.
Sailor Moon: But what will happen to you once you annihilate Pharaoh 90, Sailor Saturn?
Sailor Saturn: They call me the Sailor Scout of Destruction, only because I possess powers that can destroy a whole planet. They fear me. But once I use my powers I, myself, shall be also destroyed."
Sailor Moon: "NO!!"
(Sailor Saturn points her Silent Scythe at Sailor Moon to stop her)
Sailor Saturn: "Goodbye!! Thank you!!"
(Plunges right into Pharaoh 90 and unleashes rays of white-and-purple light that cuase the alien to groan in agony and dissipate, little by little)
Sailor Moon: "HOTARU!! AHHH!! Moon Crisis Power!! Transform!! Moon Crisis Power!!"
Sailor Venus (weakly): "Sailor Moon"
Sailor Moon: Moon Crisis...POWER!!"
(Her pure heart crystal bursts out of chest and she becomes Super Sailor Moon for a final time, without the need for the Purity Chalice)
Sailor Saturn: "Goodbye!!"

Sailor Pluto (voice over): "If you can find the real Sovereign..."
Sailor Uranus: "Is she is the real Sovereign?"

Second Chance

  • None of this ever occurred in the manga

Nurse: "She's a beautiful little girl. You took such good care of her. It's a miracle she survived the explosion. You have a visitor. Dr. Tome?"
Michelle: "Here you are."
Professor Tomoe: "Hotaru."

Amara: "You OK?"
Michelle: "Yes, but I'm gonna miss her little face so much."
Amara: "Alright, then let's blow this pop stand."

(Rini suddenly sees a vision of an incorporeal Sailor Pluto)
Sailor Pluto: "I have message for you, Rini, but I'm not really back. I'm only hear in your memory's eye."
Rini: "Pluto, I miss you so much! My best friend Hotaru disappeared as well! I don't have anybody left!"
Sailor Pluto: "That's not true, little one. You have many friends. You'll see. You're surrounded by them."
Rini: "And Hotaru? Is she safe? What happened?!!"
Sailor Pluto: "Have little time to explain. But Hotaru had two really bad creatures living in her:
One was the Heart-Snatchers', Mistress 9, who tried to take over our future. The other was Sailor Saturn, the dark Sailor Scout. Thanks to Sailor Moon, Hotaru has been freed and she's returned from the past to start over as a little baby."
Rini: "No, Pluto, don't go!!"
Sailor Pluto: "We'll meet again, Little One. In the meantime, take care."

Serena: Still I know I did the right thing. Even if Saturn was the Sailor Scout of Destruction, I had to save her. We're all linked by the gift of planet power. And I felt the warmth of her heart when I held her. She's pure sweetness. Uranus, Neptune! Please don't pick this fight.
Sailor Neptune: Give up your claim to the throne and we'll leave in peace.
Luna: That's outrageous.

Sailor Neptune: I'm glad we lost, aren't you?
Sailor Uranus: Yes. I'm guessing that Sailor Saturn wasn't the only one Sailor Moon saved. We were as well. I guess I should say thank you.
Sailor Moon: Wait, you guys. Just one more thing before you leave town: Where's Hotaru? Is she gonna be all right now?
Sailor Uranus: I'm sure you'll meet again.
Sailor Moon: You did take care of her! Thank you, Sailors. I can't wait to tell Rini. She'll be so proud.

Tough Kindness

  • This concludes the third season, even though none of this ever happened in the manga
  • None of the four Sailor Scouts of the Outer Solar System are referenced even once

Rini: "Mommy. Daddy."
(Rini thinking of her parents)
Neo Queen Serenity: Oh, Rini."
King Endymion: "You're my girl."

(thinking during attack sequence)
Sailor Moon: He's right. I don't need the Purity Chalice. With a caring and loving heart I can protect my friends. Moon Spiral Heart Attack!

Sailor Moon SuperS (125-166)

  • This fourth season, loosely based on the 11-episode Dream arc, is less popular, due to the four outer Super Sailor Guardians-Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn- not making any appearances later on
  • The season finale "The Sweetest Dream" is followed by the third and final movie Black Dream Hole

Dreams Take Flight

Pegasus: Please. Don't tell anyone we met.

Zirconia: He cannot exist in this world. If he tried, he would quickly lose his energy and die.

Tiger's Eye: That's him! The Good One- Pegasus!

(Pegasus uses the golden light from his horn to give Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon a power boost)
Tuxedo Mask: Both of them have turned into Super Sailors.

(The Spiral Heart Moon Scepter transforms into the greater, mystical Moon Kaleidoscope)
Super Sailor Moon: A scepter! (thinking) I feel its power.
Super Sailor Mini Moon: Sailor Moon.

Super Sailor Moon (thinking) I feel it comin' to me! Moon Gorgeous...Meditation!
(Wipes out the Lemure with this new and stronger dream/moonlight-based attack)

Sweet Dreams

(In a dream)
Rini: Pegasus. Is that you really you, Pegasus?
Pegasus: Time is of the essence, Rini. You must hurry before the darkness takes over the crystal world.
Rini: Pegasus, don't go. I have a million things to ask you.
Pegasus: Call on me whenever you're in trouble.
Rini (wakes up from her dream): Pegasus! He's gone.

Hawk's Eye: I should've worn my shades.

Pegasus: "Sailor Mini Moon, you called and I answer. Your will to protect beautiful dreams is noble, the love for your mother greater still. You have my power."
(Upgrades Rini's Moon Prism Compact and Serena's Cosmic Heart Compact into Moon Crisis Compact)
Sailor Moon: What is it?
Pegasus: "Your broaches have received my special powers. You can use them to win this battle. Simply say "Moon Cosmic Dream Action" and they will be activated."

Sailor Mini Moon: Serena, say "Moon Cosmic Dream Action".
Sailor Moon: Why?
Sailor Mini Moon: Beasts me. Just say it!
(Both use the even greater powers of their new Crisis Compacts): Moon Cosmic Dream...Action!!

Pegasus: "Take these. Your new Rainbow Moon Wand, and Crystal Chime. My name will activate their powers."
Super Sailor Mini Moon: "Please, Pegasus, protect people's dreams. Crystal Twinkle Bell!"
(Pegasus appears and then bestows more power onto Super Sailor Moon's Moon Kaleidoscope)
Super Sailor Moon: "Moon Gorgeous...Meditation!!"

A Pegasus Page Turner

Mina: You know what they say: "A friend in need is a friend in leed."
Artemis: That's "indeed", Mina.

A Teacher's Lesson

Rini: I haven't told anyone about you and this forest. I kept my promise. So why don't you come and talk to me? Why can't you visit me in my dreams? Why don't you more often? You've come when I call you, but I don't even know the first thing about you. Where do you come from? I want to know.
Pegasus: Why?
Rini: Because I want to be your friend. Why don't you trust me?
Pegasus: I'm sorry. I can't be your friend.

Tiger's Eye: Master, what if the person with beautiful dreams realizes how powerful Pegasus truly is? I mean, what if she realizes she wants to rule the world?
Hawk's Eye: You gotta be kidding. Like Pegasus would allow that to happen. Besides, if they start thinking like that, it would destroy their beautiful dreams and Pegasus will bolt.
Zirconia: He's right. Pegasus would never let the one whose dreams he lives in know about his secret powers. That would be too dangerous. If they did, he would leave them and find another.

Rini: No! I want to make friends with those I love! I don't want to own Pegasus! I want to be his friend!! He'll never be my friend if I am controlling by force!!

Rini: Pegasus, why...?
Pegasus: I want to be your friend, too. I want to be around you.
Rini: Are you sure!? Can we see each other anytime from now on?
Pegasus: Yes, but just the two of us alone.
Rini: I guess we can talk a lot tonight, then.

Double Trouble

Mina: When it rains, it snores!

Kicking into High Gear

(Appears before the four Sailor Scouts of the Inner Solar System)
Pegasus: Sailor Scouts, I will give you power. Harmonize your bodies to the power wave that I send you.
Sailor Jupiter: What power wave?
Pegasus: Trust me, please. Open your hearts and let my power flow into you.
Sailor Mars: Wait a minute. But how do we know you're not one of our enemies?
Sailor Venus: She's right.
Sailor Mercury: This could be some trap.

Super Sailor Mini Moon: Girls, please. Please protect my Pegasus! Please believe in him.

Sailor Venus: Yes.
Sailor Mars: All right!
Sailor Mercury: Give us the strength we need, Pegasus.

(Seeing the four Guardians of the Inner Solar System get a major power up)
Fish Eye: What's going!?
(Stronger than ever before, the Inner Super Sailors' charge)
Super Sailor Venus: Super Venus Love Chain!
Super Sailor Jupiter: Superior Sparkling Thunder
Super Sailor Mars: Mega Mars Fire Rings...Flash!
Super Sailor Mercury: Super Aqua Illusion!

Beach Blanket Bungle

Raye: They're hitting on us.
Mina: You know it.
(Serena and Lita nod in agreement)
Serena: It's true. Sammy, give us a hand here.

No Prince Charming

Super Sailor Jupiter: Superior Sparkling Thunder!

A True Reflection

Zirconia: Listen up, Amazon Trio! Now that you're here, Queen Nehelenia wants to have a word with us.
Hawk's Eye: A queen?
Tiger Eye: Did you say Nehelenia?
Fish Eye: I didn't know we had a queen. Who is she, Master?
Zirconia: Queen Nehelenia is the great ruler of our family. She is the most beautiful in this entire universe.
Amazon Trio: Huh?
Zirconia: O, Queen Nehelenia, please share with us your words of wisdom!

(Appears a shadowy silhouette)
Queen Nehelhenia: Well, it's about time, Zirc! I don't like to be kept waiting, which I seem to be doing a lot of lately. Now listen up, Amazon Trio: Find the Pegasus, or if you fail again, the magic that was cast on you will be recanted on the next full moon. I'll be back, so hurry.

Hawk Eye: May I approach, Master? Why exactly did the queen mean by "the magic that was cast on us"?
Fish Eye: What's so funny about all this?
Zirconia: You still don't have a clue- as to what you really are- do you, Amazon Trio? Here! Take a look at what you really are!
Fish Eye: I'm a fish!?
Hawk Eye: Is that our real selves?
Zirconia: Yes it is. You see, it was magic that transformed you into human-like creatures.
Fish Eye: And that's why we don't hold within us a place for beautiful dreams.
Hawk Eye: Huh?
Zirconia: The spell cast on you will be removed at the start of the next full moon. But you still have a chance to survive- Pegasus! The horn on his head is actually a Golden Crystal. Once you possess this Golden Crystal, you can use its powers to keep you in its present forms. Without it, you will have no chance and you revert back to your final selves forever!

Eternal Dreams

Zirconia: What!? You actually found the holder of Pegasus!? Who is it? what's wrong!? Answer me!!
Fish Eye: Before I answer, I'd like to know something first, Grand Zirconia.
Tiger Eye & Hawk Eye: Huh?
Fish Eye: Are sure about what you said, that we'll become real human beings?
Zirconia: Explain what you mean.
Fish Eye: We may be humans right now, but we can't really call ourselves human. We don't have dreams and feelings like they do! I just want to know now please! Will Pegasus' power make us complete?
(Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye stare at her in bewilderment)

Mister Magic Pierrot: You're helping the enemy?! No wonder why Grand Zirconia wanted you put out with the trash!

Super Sailor Moon: I don't understand. You saved our lives. How come?
Fish Eye: Because you're full of dreams and I envy you, Serena.
Super Sailor Moon: Huh? Are you...that girl?

Pegasus: Dreams and aspirations are an important part of life and you're not complete without them. Now you won't have to worry about these three dreamy ones.

Pegasus (to the Amazon Trio's lights): You can stay in these woods. It's dark now, But I am sure it will regain the light someday.

A New Nightmare

Zirconia: Zirconia at your service, Your Majesty.
Queen Nehelenia: That goes without saying. Now listen carefully to instructions. I hate to repeat myself. I want you to find the Golden Mirror of Elysion for me. With it, I can rule the universe and return the kingdom of the dark moon to its rightful glory.
Zirconia: I'll get right on it. You know I've trained a bunch of new Amazons in the recent weeks. I know a few of them might make good dream-hunting material.
Queen Nehelenia: Spare the details, Zirconia. Just go and bring the key to my triumphant return back to me.
Zirconia: Yes, Your Highness. And please, if you want anything done about those Scouts, let me know.

Heartfelt Melody

Amy (thinking): I just need more courage and power to save my friends. Mercury Crystal...POWER!
(Transforms into her much stronger Super Sailor form)

Super Sailor Mercury (thinking): I can feel it growing stronger within me now. Pure water give me strength. I now feel my new power: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!

Dream Believer

Pegasus: I wish I could see it.
Rini: Huh?
Pegasus: See his plane fly. but I can't. You see, I live in a dream world.
Rini: Hmm.
Pegasus: And in one cannot fly freely in the sky.
Rini: Your dream world? Where is your dream world? Who are you? Where are you?

Rini: Pegasus, we're friends, aren't we?
Pegasus: Can't you tell, Rini?
Rini: Well, I sure like you, Pegasus. I confided in you and told you all my secrets. But I don't know anything about you. You told me nothing. Can you, at least, tell me that you like me?
Pegasus: Rini...please don't ask me that.
Rini: Well, how come?
Pegasus: I'm here with you now. Doesn't that tell you enough?
Rini: You could tell me that you believe in me as a friend. Maybe that's why you don't tell me anything, 'cause you don't believe in me!
Pegasus: I asked you to trust me, but you seem unable to. Maybe I should just go.
Rini: Huh?
Pegasus: Please. Believe in me.

Pegasus Revealed

  • Rini learns the true form and name of Pegasus to be Helios, high priest of Elysion and guardian of the Golden Crystal.

Adult Rini: What is it called?
Pegasus: That is Elysion. That's where we live.
Adult Rini: That's the world of Pegasus? I'd like to see it.

Adult Rini: What is that down there?
Pegasus: That is Elysion. It's all barren now, all frozen.
Adult Rini: No.
Pegasus: It was a wonderful place, built on the beautiful dreams of all the people in the world.
Rini: What happened?
Pegasus: One day, the circus from the shadow of the Dark Moon suddenly invaded our world. They were searching for the Golden Crystal of all dreams. I was caught and trapped by them. If the Gold Crystal falls into their hands, not only Elysion- but the whole world- will be caught in darkness.
Rini: No.
Pegasus: We must not let them have it.

Queen Nehelenia: I am going to get the Crystal soon. Then Elysion and all the other worlds, shall belong to me.

Pegasus: Then, one day, I saw a light. A beautiful dream light, the only light left to me. The light helped me change to Pegasus. Suddenly, I was freed and able to greet the light, and I met you. Sweet, beautiful and innocent as a thousand dreams. But then I lost the light. I couldn't feel your dreams because you wanted to be grown up. But that is dark moon magic. The Dark Moon overshadowed your true dreams. You must get them back, those true and brilliant dreams of yours. They will allow to survive. If you don't, I will never able to find you again.
Adult Rini: Why? Why couldn't you?
Pegasus: Only your pure dreams ad pure heart allow me to exist in the real word. Without them...I can't.
Adult Rini: Oh. So you mean...You mean that if I stay grown up, I can never see you again? Oh no. I couldn't bear it. No. I don't want that, Pegasus. It can't be. I was being selfish. I didn't know.

Rini: I'm little again!
Pegasus: My little girl, only your innocent dreams can save the world.

Pegasus (in his true form): I am the Guardian of the Golden Crystal of Dreams and the world of Elysion. I watch over all the beautiful dreams of everyone on Earth. My name is Helios.
Adult Rini: Helios.

Young Rini: It was dream. I really am small again.

Super Sailor Mini Moon (thinking): Pegasus, I finally know a lot more about you. But was it all really a dream? Even the kiss? Please, tell me, Pegasus.

Rini's Lovely Rhapsody


Rini: So, Pegasus, the Golden Crystal can actually save Elysion, right? But what is the Golden Crystal? Why is it so powerful?
Pegasus: I'm sorry, Rini. I can't tell you yet. There are still some things I can't tell even you, little one.
Rini: I see. You don't trust me enough, Pegasus?
Pegasus: That's not at all, Rini. Someday I'll tell you. When the time has come.
Rini: I can wait except when it comes to deserts, of course.
Pegasus: Just like your mother.

Rini: If you guys think he's my boyfriend, you're wrong! I have met someone special, okay?
Girls: What's his name?
Rini: Can't tell you. (thinking)Pegasus, I will be able to introduce them to you someday, won't I?

Tomorrow's Big Dreams


Mina: Where did the circus girls go?
Amy: I don't know.
Lita: Maybe they decided to leave early, after all.
Serena: They were interesting. I'm sure we have been friends.
Rini: Maybe we'll see them again.
Raye: I'm sure we will. I can sense it.

Queen Nehelenia: This is the only chance in hundreds of years. There's no time to lose. We cannot fail! We must reach this opportunity and reach our goal.

Day of Night

  • The Amazon Quartet learn Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina and Rini's identities as the Super Sailor Guardians.

Queen Nehelenia: Oh, Helios, in whose dream can you be hiding? Since we have managed to imprison your flesh, there isn't any way to counterattack. Or can you? This is my only chance in hundreds of years! We cannot fail!! Zirconia!!
Zirconia: My queen.
Queen Nehelenia: Just when do you think you'll find the holder of the Golden Mirror!? I'm running out of time! I can't deal with this anymore!!
Zirconia: I'm just regrouping a bit.
Queen Nehelenia: If you believe that, Zirconia, what's taking so long for you to find the Golden Mirror for me!!?
Zirconia: It's not so simple as it sounds, Your Highness.

Pegasus: At last, the darkness has come to this world, as I knew it would.
Rini: Darkness?
Pegasus: Yes. To capture me. They're trying to cover your world with darkness.
Rini: Does that mean the darkness will make it easier for them to find you, Pegasus?
Pegasus: Yes. We're in danger. And I'm afraid I must say goodbye.
Rini: What!? But why!?
Pegasus: I have a mission to carry out.
Rini: A mission?
Pegasus: Yes. I've got to find the one who can release the power of the Golden Crystal. And we must do it quickly, otherwise this world- and my world, Elysion- will fall under the evil crescent of Dark Moon.
Rini: If you find the one who could release the power of the Golden Crystal, does that mean it's possible the world could be saved from darkness!? I'll look for him with you! I know I could find him for you! So, so...don't say goodbye to me please!
Pegasus: Huh?
(Tears fall down Rini's face)
Pegasus: Thank you, but...
Rini: But what?
Pegasus: It's brave of you to offer to help, but...I can't put you in any danger. I...I must go. I can't bear to see you cry.

Super Sailor Venus: Oh, the sun!
Super Sailor Jupiter: It's disappearing.
Super Sailor Mars: A solar eclipse?
Super Sailor Mercury: Can't be. At least no one said their would be one.
Super Sailor Moon: Maybe this is what they by "the biggest event."
Super Sailor Mini Moon (thinking): Dark Moon. The evil of the crescent. Is the world being covered in darkness now?

Pegasus: Protectors of the White Moon. You musn't go to the Dark Moon now.

Showtime Showdown

  • In the Dream saga of the manga, the Golden Crystal is Darien Shields/Prince Endymion's very own mystical artifact of great mystical power, just as the Silver Imperium Crystal is Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity's own Sailor Crystal.

Super Sailor Mars: Why are you saying we can't go the Dark Moon?
Super Sailor Jupiter: Yeah! Why would say that!? Do you think we're not strong enough to beat them!?
Pegasus: No, I don't. It's not a matter of strength. You are strong, but the Dark Moon is a monster that feeds on the ruined dreams abandoned by people. As long as there are abandoned dreams, the Dark Moon will survive.

Super Sailor Moon (commanding): Tell me, please. Who are you?
Pegasus: I am Helios, the guardian of Elysion and the one who guards the dreams of people on Earth.
Super Sailor Mercury: Elysion?
Super Sailor Mini Moon: Pegasus?
Pegasus: Once, Elysion had banished the Dark Moon, aided by the strength of people's beautiful dreams. But as people failed to achieve their dreams, they abandoned them and weakened the power that held Nehelenia, Queen of the Dark Moon, and then she awoke. Nehelenia wants to rule the whole world. We must act quickly. She's spinning her evil web to trap this world. We cannot let her succeed. We have to release the power of the Golden Crystal.
Super Sailor Moon: The Golden Crystal?
Pegasus: The Golden Crystal is the horn on my head. It gives off powerful energy. It is the only way we can bind the Dark Moon into the world of darkness again. But be warned: In the wrong hands, the great power of the Golden Crystal could destroy the world you and I know.

Super Sailor Mercury: So that's it. It is why those people from the Dark Moon have been trying to capture you.
Super Sailor Jupiter: Because, in fact, it's the Golden Crystal they're after.
Super Sailor Venus: Ah, well. This isn't surgery. All we have to do is beat the Dark Moon with the Golden Crystal.
Super Sailor Mini Moon: No, it's not that easy. Pegasus can't release the power of the Golden Crystal, but there is someone who can. We have to help him find the person who can help him release its full power.
Super Sailor Moon: Mini Moon, you...?
Super Sailor Mars: You knew all of this?
Super Sailor Mini Moon: Pegasus has been looking for that person, but he hasn't been able to find him anywhere.
Super sailor Moon: But it's so important! Why didn't you tell us all this before now!?
Pegasus: She couldn't tell you. I made her promise. It is a secret known only the Guardians of Elysion. But I broke the silence and... I revealed the secret to Rini.
Super Sailor Moon: Huh?
Pegasus: Because you freed me and helped me find the light I needed when I was bound in the darkness. Because of this, I thought you were the one who could release the full power of the Golden Crystal. But, sadly, you can't.

Queen Nehelenia: Helios is stirring! His spirit is in contact with someone! Ugh!! I have him trapped in darkness!!He knows he cannot escape!! What trick is he trying!? How dare he try to challenge my awesome powers!! What a fool.

Pegasus (voice over): Prince Endymion, as the Earth is your guardian star, your life's ryumes are synchronized to it.

Darien: Synchronized? This means that I am sick because the threads of the Dark Moon are suffocating the Earth. Could this be true?
Rini: I feel so helpless. If only I could release the power of the Golden Crystal.
Diana: Oh, Rini. It's not your fault.
Raye: Yeah. We may not have the power of the Golden Crystal, but...
Lita: When we put ours powers together, there's nothing we can't do.
Amy: We won't allow the poison of the Dark moon to do as their please, anymore.
Rini: Oh, Girls.
Mina: Okay, let's go! We shall defeat Queen Nehelenia!

Queen Nehelenia: Helios shows sighs of life. Can someone be calling him? That means the guardian of Pegasus is nearby. Who is is? Who has the Golden Mirror?
(Sees an image of Super Sailor Mini Moon, holding her Crystal Chime)
Queen Nehelenia: Ah, can it be that puny kid?

Zirconia: I have the greatest news for you, Queen Nehelenia!! As promised, I have found the one who holds the Golden Mirror. Pegasus and the Golden Crystal are ours to do with as we wish!!

The Dark Legend

  • The backstories of Helios and Queen Nehelenia are revealed somewhat.

Super Sailor Mini Moon: He-Helios? Is it you? We finally met. You must have been awfully sad in this dark place, Helios. Helios, I'll get you out of here.
Queen Nehelenia: Oh, I don't think so, Dearie.

Queen Nehelenia: So you're the little dreamer girl who's been holding Pegasus, are you?
Super Sailor Mini Moon: And you are!?
Queen Nehelenia: I'm Queen Nehelenia. I'm the ruler of the people of the Dark Moon.
Super Sailor Mini Moon: But why? Why have you been holding Helios prisoner like this?
Queen Nehlenia: You don't know the depths of real darkness. A happy little girl, like you always been on the bright side, always cared for and protected by your parents? You would never understand the envy I feel.

Super Sailor Mini Moon: Huh?
Queen Nehelenia (narrating):
A long ago, there was a kingdom on the Moon. It was happy and prosperous place, where everyone had a good life and it was called Silver Millennium. For many years this rich kingdom was ruled by a queen called Serenity. And not too far away there lived another queen, who seldom watched this thriving moon kingdom from quite a different place. From her cold, dark planet, she envied everything about the glittering Moon Kingdom. And dreamed of claiming it and ruling over this bright, happy kingdom as her very own one day. Then this Queen of Darkness luckily happened to discover about a mysterious stone that held overwhelming power. And she knew that with that power the Stone possessed, she could take over Serenity's throne of the Moon Kingdom, and she could even rule the entire universe. The stone known as the Golden Crystal. Was kept by a young boy, in a hidden and sacred place on Earth. Because it held amazing power, it was hidden very carefully, so no one could ever find it and use it.
Super Sailor Moon: Ah!
(Realizes that the dark queen is referring to Helios)
Queen Nehelenia: Once the Queen of Darkness learned that a young boy was protecting the Golden Crystal, not only did she crave the Crystal but she believed that boy was the key to the Crystal's power. So she wanted the boy, too. She offered him the chance of a lifetime. She suggested to him that they share the power of the Golden Crystal and use it to conquer the universe together.

(Flashes back to Helios and Nehelenia in the sacred temples of Elysion)
Helios: "This stone, the Golden Crystal, has emotions as part of its powers. If you are an owner of beautiful dreams and good intentions, you may have the Stone and its powers. But...if you're cannot have it. If your intentions are anything other than good, you'll be severely punished."

Queen Nehelenia: The Queen tried to take the Crystal, but when a sacred flame stopped her, she imprisoned Helios' body. As punishment for the Queen of Darkness' evil intentions, Queen Serenity ordered the jealous queen sealed in the darkness of a new moon. But the Queen of the Dark Moon not discouraged and she knew there would be another chance. And that the Crystal's power could break the seal, she waited for her golden opportunity. Then, when there was a solar eclipse, the Queen sent her loyal subjects to Earth, where they were to locate Helios' spirit and bring him here. Which they have finally succeeded in doing, and that is where you come in!!
Super Sailor Mini Moon: But you know Helios didn't hurt you at all! Why don't you let him go!!?
Queen Nehelenia: Not a chance. I blame everyone on the White Moon for my punishment. And now I want revenge.

One in the Hand

  • Queen Nehelenia finally attains the immense mystical power of the Golden Crystal from Helios, and breaks free of her mirror prison.

Zircona: You summoned me, Majesty?
Queen Nehelenia: Those four lazy brats tried to take Pegasus for themselves, Zirconia. Once I have removed him from his dream hideout, you'll get rid of the Amazon Quartet. The same goes for the Sailor Scouts, for making there way here. Do not fail me this time. You shall suffer the same fateful end.
Zirconia: Understood.

Queen Nehelenia (thinking): Good. Now, time for us to get better acquainted, Moon Midget. After all, there's little time left before the world as you know it disappears, and darkness reigns upon my new kingdom forever. Finally. Pegasus is mine! Dream-protector, you're mine.

Queen Nehelenia: Hmm. Finally, the Golden Mirror. Helios, return to your former self. Otherwise I will shatter the pipsqueak's golden mirror into a thousand pieces for you to pick up.
Super Sailor Mini Moon (weakly): Don't do it, Helios. You can't let her win. Helios.

(Pegasus emerges from Rini's golden mirror of dreams)
Queen Nehelenia: If you don't do as I say, I'll make your little friend part of history. Helios, return to me! Remember what walking on two feet is like. Come on, back in your body, and they'll be a happy ending. Helios, come now! Come back into your body and resume your life as Helios, unless- of course- you want her dream world shattered for eternity. I knew you'd see it my way. You kind-hearted types always lose. (thinking) At last, the heart and body of Helios have been reunited.

Queen Nehelenia: Wake-y, wake-y, Helios. Your queen is waiting. Well, well. Here we are, together at last. Congratulations, my drear. Finally, you belong to me. To me and me only.
Helios: I told you befroe, you demented diva: "Never can you or anyone claim me as a possession."
Queen Nehelenia: Noble words from a noble fool. But I'm about to take over as queen, so you don't have much say in this. You are mine, Helios. You always have been.
(Glares at the Queen of Darkness, with eyes of ice)
Helios: Never will you get inside my heart, Nehelenia.Never.
Queen Nehelenia: Don't look at me like that! Your eyes- I can't stand it! They show such coldness! Stop that! You will let me into your heart!! It belongs to me now!!
Helios: No, Nehelenia. My heart can only side with the good. My eyes see perfectly that there is nothing good about you.
Queen Nehelenia: You insult me, disobey me!! UGH!!!

Helios: You're squeezing too hard.
Super Sailor Mini Moon: Oops, sorry.
Helios: That's okay.

Queen Nehelenia: I'm Nehelenia, Queen of the Dark Moon! And you're about to find out rejection is not something I accept or take kindly!! If I can't have Helios, then nobody can!!

Zirconia: I'm almost done with those girls, Your Highness. I'm just regrouping a bit. Don't tell me you got the Golden Crystal? Majesty, is that really it?
Queen Nehelenia: You think I'd settle for anything less? Now tell me, Zirconia, what is your greatest pleasure, hmm?
Zirconia: That is you, my queen. My greatest pleasure is seeing Your Majesty's presence framed before me, in this mirror, every day.
Queen Nehelenia: And seeing me every day until now, I was not a happy queen. And the main reason was that you were not once successful in doing your job!
Zirconia: It was just a slump?
Queen Nehelenia: A permanent slump. Zircona. I'd say it's been a pleasure, but a queen's got an image. You're fired, forever!! Happy trails, Zirconia!!
(Zirconia vanishes in a flash of red light, as the Dark Queen finally breaks free of her mirror-prison, placed upon her by Queen Serenity)
Queen Nehelenia: The seal is broken!! Let darkness begin!
(Holds the Golden Crystal aloft)

Golden Revival

  • The theme of Sailor Saturn is heard, yet she has never appeared in this season.
  • Super Sailor Moon, and the four Super Sailors' of the Inner Solar System, meet and battle Queen Nehelenia for the first time. However they may have encountered herin their past lives during the time of the Moon Kingdom, ruled by Queen Serenity.
  • In the manga (the fourth saga titled Dream with only 11 episodes), the Golden Crystal was, in truth, Prince Endymion's very own artifact of mystical power, as the Silver Crystal is Princess Serenity's. There, Helios was merely the high-priest of Elysion, who stood watch over Prince Endymion and his people of the Golden Kingdom of Earth.

Queen Nehelenia: At last we meet, Sailor Snoots.
Super Sailor Mars: Who are you?
Queen Nehelenia: I am Nehelenia, ruler of this world and the most powerful and true queen of the Moon.
Super Sailor Mercury:Nehelenia, "Queen of the Moon"?
Queen Nehelenia: Yes, and now it is my turn to take over this entire universe and there's nothing any of you can do to stop me.
Super Sailor Venus: What are you saying?!!
Super Sailor Jupiter: You're the creepy queen of the Dark Moon!!? You've done this evil to the world!!?
Super Sailor Moon: Tell us why you're doing this to us!!
Queen Nehelenia: Your queen sealed me within a mirror, and I have been imprisoned in this dark, desolate place for a long. Now I'm free and I'm determined to have revenge. I now possess the power needed to blanket your world in my eternal darkness. I have suffered a great deal and you will suffer even more.
Super Sailor Moon: We will never allow you to do that!!

Super Sailor Mars: Mars power! Mars Flame Shooter.
Super Sailor Mercury: It didn't work.
Queen Nehelenia: You foolish girls. Can't you see you're completely powerless against me? You may have been able to defeat my pathetic minions, but now you're powerless. With the Golden Crystal, I am the most powerful ruler in the universe, the greatest queen. Bow to me! You are my subjects now!!
Super Sailor Jupiter: We will never submit to you! Right, Girls?

Super Sailor Guardians: PLANET COSMIC...POWER!!
Super Sailor Jupiter: I think we've got her!
(Queen Nehelenia is seen, completely unscathed)
Super Sailor Mars: I can't believe this.
(The five Super Sailor Scouts are exhausted, as the Sailor Planet Power attack took a lot of inner strength)
Super Sailor Moon (thinking): Oh, Darien. Now what do we do?

Prince Endymion: Who are you?
Helios: My name is Helios. I was the guardian of the Golden Crystal of Elysion. You have known me as Pegasus.
Prince Endymion: So you are Pegasus. I thought I recognized your voice. You have greatly helped us. You have always been there when the Scouts' needed you.
Helios: But I fear I have failed you. I failed in my duty as guardian. I was not able to protect the Golden Crystal. Now it is in the hands of Nehelenia. She is using it to plunge the world into darkness. Soon everything we know and love will be destroyed.
Prince Endymion: But Elysion was sustained by people's beautiful dreams. She'll never destroy that.
Helios: Yes. Elysion was built on people's dreams, but it was the Golden Crystal that protected those dreams. Now, Nehelenia will use the Golden Crystal to destroy people's ability to dream. Elysion won't exist if people are no longer able to dream.
King Endymion: This can't be true. It will not happen. I cannot believe anyone would want to stop people from dreaming? How? How could they? People will never let go of their sweet, sweet dreams. Just as these beautiful flowers need the sun to grow, people need their dreams. To bring them a ray of hope in their darkest hours. No, people will not let go of their dreams.
Helios "thinking): Oh, Rini.
Prince Endymion: Tell me, Helios. Why did you try to protect people's ability to dream?
Helios: Because...because that is my duty.
Prince Endymion: And that is all?
Helios (hesitates): No. I also love to dream. And I love those who have beautiful dreams. My dream is to protect the dreamers and their dreams.
Prince Endymion: And now, Helios, have you lost your dream?
Helios: No, Prince. I never will.

Super Sailor Moon: Are you...?
Helios: This is all the power I have left. Use all that you can.
(Kisses the slumbering Mini Moon on the lips, to the surprise of Super Sailor Moon and the four Inner Guardians)
Queen Nehelenia: Helios, how dare! You will not make a fool of me again.

Queen Nehelenia: You lousy brat! You've escaped my spell, but you are no longer my rival! The Golden Crystal is finally in my hands! Prevail!

Super Sailor Moon (thinking): Please, Golden Crystal. Grant me your power.

Queen Nehelenia: Fool. Don't you understand? It takes great power to energize the Crystal. And I alone have this great power; dark moon power. There was a time when wimpy dream power could energize the Crystal. Now the people of this world no longer have the ability to energize the Crystal. Only great dreams energize the Crystal and I have a great dream. Your people have lost all their dreams.
Helios: Lost their dreams, maybe, but they have not lost the ability to dream!!
Queen Nehelenia: Silence, you! See for yourself how the Crystal is dying her hands! What other proof do you need?

Helios: Believe me, Mini Moon. Dreams may be lost but people are still able to dream.

Queen Nehelenia: This is impossible!! The Crystal is alive again!!
(The bright gold light from said Crystal illuminates the whole area)
Super Sailor Moon: This is what we and Pegasus have fought to protect: People's beautiful dreams!!
Helios: The Golden Crystal is alive again! It is responding to the dreams of the people.
(Combines her strength with Super Sailor Mini Moon's to further energize the Gold Crystal's energies)
Super Sailor Mini Moon: Now we'll show you the power of the people, the power of their beautiful dreams!! You are defeated!!
Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mini Moon: MOON COSMIC DREAM...ACTION!!

The Sweetest Dream


Super Sailor Moon (thinking): The force of the new moon must be pulling all of us. I'm sure of it.

Queen Nehelenia: Impossible. It sickens me to think that the power to seal me back into darkness is starting to work already. And worse still, it's all coming from this little twerp.

Old Nehelenia: I see now. You're actually that moon princess who was sent to save Earth, aren't you?
Super Sailor Moon: You know who I am?
Old Nehelenia: You should remember me. I was the lady who lived not too far from you, over on another planet. For years I watched your kingdom with all its despicable hope and happiness. Now, stay still and listen to how I became the queen of a cold, dark planet:
Once I was severed by loyal subjects who hung on my every word. All my subjects praised my exceptional beauty; so much in fact that I believed it would be possible for me to remain beautiful forever and ever. Then, one day, the mirror revealed the truth. So I made sure to steal every lovely dream from own people. And it worked. Their dreams preserved my beauty. And I knew that, as long as there were people with dreams, I remain beautiful. So I decided I could alone among the living, loyal ghosts I created. They would keep me young and obey my commands.
(Super Sailor Moon is silent)
Old Nehelenia: So now, do you know why we're rising like this, Miss Moon?
Super Sailor Moon: Why?
Old Nehelenia: We're rising toward the new moon, so I can be trapped and sealed in the dark and lonely shadow it casts. I've decided there's no good reason for me to remain in a future of truth and ugliness when I can be forever beautiful, in the mirror.
Super Sailor Moon: You'd rather live all alone forever?
Old Nehelenia: Silence!! Why should you care how I live!!

Old Nehelenia: Since you've stolen my beauty, I'm going to steal away your breath!!
Super Sailor Moon: I feel sorry for you.
Old Nehelenia: Don't give me like that stupid look, you pathetic little Moon Urchin! The same you gave me last time!
Super Sailor Moon: What do you mean?
Old Nehelenia: Oh, you and your ridiculous sad eyes. I don't want your sympathy, you moon wrtech!!

Super Sailor Moon (thinking): No. I mustn't give up. I believe in my moon power.
(A bright pink lights shrouds her, turning her into her past self, Princess Serenity)

Serena (as Princess Serenity): Rini.
Super Sailor Mini Moon: Sailor Moon. Let's share all our dreams together.

Helios: She's awake. My precious one.

Vesu-Vesu: I don't need a Golden Crystal to preform magic like that.
Para-Para: Um, aren't we going to go without saying goodbye to them?
Cele-Cele: I think it's time to go without a fuss, Para-Para.
Vesu-Vesu: And, what do you know? We may see them again.

Serena; You'll see him again, Rini.
Rini: Yeah. Now I'll just dream about him.

Scattering Nightmare Flowers: The Queen of Darkness Returns

  • Professor Souichi Tomeo is alive and well, unlike the manga
  • Sailor Pluto, Sailor Guardian of Space-Time, makes a sudden comeback, despite her punishment for freezing time
  • Final uses of Uranus Planet Power and Neptune Planet Power and their five-second transformations
  • The infant Hotaru Tomeo has the slumbering spirit of Sailor Saturn stir within her and destroys the Mirror Parodie attacking her
  • The four solitary Sailor Guardians of the Outer Solar System reappear since a long absence, but do not transform into their stronger Super forms bestowed onto them by Sailor Saturn herself via Crystal Power

Queen Nehellenia: "Wonderful silence. Everything is so still. This is the perfect place for my beauty to be eternal."
Galaxia: "Oh, my beautiful queen."
Queen Nehellenia: "What is this?"
Galaxia: "You remain here, trapped in this seal."
Queen Nehlenia: Who are you to disturb my rest?
Galaxia: All I can say, is I can make you wishes come true.
Queen Nehellnia: "My wishes?"
Galaxia: Now! I shall release you from the seal you are imprisoned in."
Queen Nehelenia: "Seal? I'm free?"

Michiru: "How are you...?"
Sailor Pluto: "There is dangerous distortion in the timeline."
Michiru: Distortion?"
Haruka: "That child! Is it...Hotaru?"
Sailor Pluto: "I went to Professor Tomeo, and asked to borrow her for a little while."
Haruka: "But why!!?"
Sailor Pluto: "The time is drawing near when we will need Hotaru's powers. I have no time to explain now."
Haruka: "No matter what, we cannot avoid battle."
Michiru: "Of course not. Fighting is our destiny."
(Puts down the sleeping infant Hotaru down)
Sailor Pluto: "It is not yet time for you to fight. Please wait here. Now, transform!!"

Haruka: "I feel such a warm powerful energy."
Setsuna: This wave is Hotaru's strength."
Haruka: "They are making us overflow with power."
Setsuna: "They are making us stronger."
Michiru: "Yes they are."
(All three evolve into their much stronger Super forms, turning their broaches heart-shaped)
Super Sailor Neptune: "The birth of new powers."

Super Sailor Neptune: "Do you think they are a new enemy?"
Super Sailor Uranus: "Is there a crisis on the horizon that required Saturn to be reawakened? Whatever it is, it can't be good."
Super Sailor Neptune: "Is that you, Hotaru?"
Super Sailor Uranus: "But she was just an infant moments ago."
Hotaru: "A great change is to happen. If not stopped, the Princess will be in danger."
Super Sailor Neptune: The Princess?
Super Sailor Uranus: "Just what kind of threat we dealing with here?"

Saturn Awakens: The Ten Super Guardians Unite

  • This the third appearance of the spirit of Sailor Saturn herself; last appearing in a silent vision in "Second Chance". She appears before a young Hotaru Tomoe, her lookalike reincarnation, whose memories Saturn restores; thus fully awakening as the Sailor Guardian of Ruin and Rebirth
  • Usagi evolves from Super Sailor Moon to Eternal Sailor Moon, her third and ultimate form, with the combined strength of all nine Super Sailor Guardians' powers. This evolution was only temporarily, like when she had used the legendary Holy Grail to temporarily evolve into Super Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon S
  • Chibiusa and Usagi transform into their Super forms for the final time with Moon Crisis Make Up!!
  • The Moon Kaleidoscope becomes the more powerful Eternal Tiare, with which she uses a nonverbal version of Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss

Sailor Saturn: Awaken! The time has come for the young soul to fulfill her destiny."
(Her spirit appears before Hotaru, holding her Silence Glaive,and is glowing with a purple aura)
Young Hotaru:" Who are you?"
Sailor Saturn's Spirit: "I am Sailor Saturn. And I am your guardian."
Young Hotaru: "My guardian?"
Sailor Saturn: "Evil is fast approaching. I call upon your true powers. Now close your eyes."
(Uses her great powers to restore her host's memories of her previous life)
Young Hotaru: "I...I remember."

(Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru are started to see Hotaru in her original height and age of fifteen)
Teenage Hotaru: The Princess is grave danger."
Michiru: "The Princess?"
Haruka: "What of the others? Them, too?"
Hotaru: "The darkness is approaching."

Super Sailor Jupiter: "Uranus!!"
Super Sailor Mars: "Neptune!"
Super Sailor Mercury: "Pluto!"
Super Sailor Uranus: "Mind if we join the party?"
Super Sailor Neptune: "It'll be fun."
Super Sailor Uranus: "We even brought a guest."
Super Sailor Mini Moon: That's...
Super Sailor Saturn: My guardian deity is Saturn, the planet of ruin! I am the Guardian of Ruin and Rebirth, Sailor Saturn!"
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "It's Hotaru!"
Super Sailor Saturn: "Hello, Chibiusa."

Super Sailor Moon: "Why are you all here?"
Super Sailor Pluto: "Saturn warned us that you were all in great danger."
Inner Guardians: "All of us are in danger?"
Super Sailor Saturn: "Sailor Moon, now is the time for you to awaken as the true Moon Princess."
Super Sailor Moon: "Huh?"
Super Sailor Saturn: "Everyone, we must unite our hearts as one."
Super Sailor Moon: Moon Eternal...Make Up!!

Super Sailor Mercury: "What was that just now?"
Super Sailor Saturn: "What you just witnessed was Sailor Moon's true form. I was reborn to awaken this great power inside of her."
Super Sailor Venus: "That power was incredible."
Super Sailor Jupiter: "It purged all of those creatures.'
Super Sailor Moon: "Was that really my true form?"

The Cursed Mirror: Mamoru, Trapped in a Nightmare

  • The is the very first time that the Super Sailor Guardians of the Outer Solar System- Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn- encounter Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon, as opposed to the SuperS season as they had in the manga

Super Sailor Pluto: "Hotaru sensed the darkness fast approaching. This caused her reawakening as Sailor Saturn."
Super Sailor Moon: "This must be why I became Eternal Sailor Moon."

Super Sailor Moon: "Guys, help me!!"
Super Sailor Mars: "Everyone, lend your strength to Super Sailor Moon!!"
Super Sailor Moon: Moon Eternal...Make Up!

The Sailor Guardians' Ordeals

Artemis: "A time paradox?"
Setsuna: "Small Lady's future is changing. If the curse is not lifted soon, the Prince and Princess will never marry in the future. Small Lady will never be born."
Haruka: "Wait! It's a trap."
Michiru: "Nehelenia wants only you."
Setsuna: "Please wait here. We will go rescue the Prince."
Usagi: "I can't do that!!"
Luna: "Usagi."
Usagi: "Mamoru...Chibi-Usa is fading away. I can't just sit here!! I have to go!!
Diana: "She's transforming without anyone's help."
Artemis: "Her emotions are causing her energy to go out of control."

Hotaru: "What are we waiting for? Let's go after her."
Haruka: Hotaru.
Hotaru: We have a mission. A mission as Super Sailor Guardians can fulfill."
Mina: A mission.
Makoto: As only we Super Sailor Guardians can fulfill."
All: To protect our prince and princess!!
Chibi-Usa: I'll come, too!
Diana: Small Lady!!
Chibi-Usa:I am a Super Sailor Guardian, too. Besides, I know just how Usagi feels.

Super Sailor Mercury: To stop this curse from further terrorizing the city.
Super Sailor Saturn: And to save what is dear to us.
Super Sailor Mini Moon: Let's go, guys!

The Endless Battle in the Dark World


Super Sailor Jupiter: "Usagi is someone we love with all our hearts. Nehelenia, haven't you ever had a true friend like that before?"
Queen Nehellenia: "SHUT UP!! How dare you speak to me like that!!"
Super Sailor Jupiter: OW!!"
Queen Nehellnia: " A friend? What nonsense! I have no need for something so useless! But since you feel so strongly, let me seal you away with your precious friends!"
Super Sailor Jupiter (weakly): "Usagi, you gotta wake up. Usagi."

Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "We won't let that happen!!"
Queen Nehelenia: "It's you two!?"
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "You have torn between the love of two people and cursed the world in nightmares!! We will never let you get away with it!!"
(Points her Silence Glaive at Queen Nehelenia)
Super Sailor Saturn: "Nehelenia, we are not leaving until you release our prince and princess!!"

Moon Power: The Nightmare Ends

  • Super Sailor Saturn, now bonded with her reincarnation Hotaru, uses one of her strongest destructive powers by causing massive cracks in the floor and destroying most of Queen Nehelenia's fortress with Silence Glaive Surprise but is prevented from unleashing its full potential by Super Sailor Chibi Moon. It is not to confused with the nonverbal destructive attack she had used to obliterate Pharaoh 90 in "Darkness, My Old Friend"

Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "Mamo-chan. Mamo-chan."
Queen Nehelenia: "Don't bother. No matter how you call out to him, he will not hear you."
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "Mamo-chan. Mamo-chan."
Super Sailor Saturn: "Chibi Moon."
(Picks up her Silence Glaive as the Queen of Darkness laughs)

Queen Nehelenia: "Do you hate me? If so, you will have to kill me. But even if you do, the curse will still be binding."
Super Sailor Saturn: "Huh? AGHH!!"
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "Momo, Momo. Please, you have to wake up! You and Usagi share the same dreams."
Super Sailor Saturn: "Oh, Chibi Moon."

Super Sailor Saturn: "Chibi Moon, keep calling out to him!!"
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: [Nehellenia uses her dark magic to make Mamoru push Chibi Moon violently away from him] "AGHH!!"
Super Sailor Saturn: Silent Wall!!
(Erects a transparent shield that blocks Queen Nehelenia's dark energy and turns it back on her mirror)
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "Mamo?! Answer me, please!"
Super Sailor Saturn: "How horrible."

Queen Nehelenia: I will soon take all the White Moon Princess holds dear: Her lover, her friends, even the Earth itself. Feel the bitterness I felt for being sealed in the darkness."
Super Sailor Saturn: "You're a depraved woman obsessed with nightmares. There is no other choice. I will annihilate you, the root of this evil, and bring an end to everything. In the name of Sailor Saturn, I shall unleash the power of destruction."
Queen Nehelenia: "Such inane chatter. Do you really think I can't see through your ruse? That power is a double-edged sword. If you use it, your body will be destroyed as well. You want me to believe you'd actually do that?"
Super Sailor Saturn: "Yes, for it is my mission."
Queen Nehelenia: "Wait! You really intend to die along with me? Where's the meaning in that!? Your death would serve no purpose!"
Super Sailor Saturn: "That's not true. I have faith."
Queen Nehelenia: "In what?"
Super Sailor Saturn: "The Princess. She is the beacon of our hope. I cannot allow that light to be extinguished from this world."
Queen Nehelenia (thinking): Those eyes again! Damn! I despise that look! "Silence!! Don't look at me like that!!"
Super Sailor Saturn: Princess, please protect the future and Chibiusa along with it. Silence Glaive Surprise!!
(Rays of white-and-purple destructive energy illuminate the castle, resulting in a forceful colossal explosion that knocks Usagi down and destroys most of the castle)

Super Sailor Chibi Moon:" Don't do it."
Super Sailor Saturn: "Chibi Moon."
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "Don't use that power, Saturn, or you'll die."
Super Sailor Saturn: "But..."
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "Saturn, you told me believe in our prince and princess, remember that?. Don't worry. They won't let something like this defeat them. So please."
Super Sailor Saturn: "Chibi Moon!!"
(Uses her dark energy blasts to separate Super Sailor Saturn from her Silence Glaive)
Queen Nehelenia: "Looks like I greatly underestimated you, Girl. I should have sealed inside a mirror from the beginning. My revenge on your princess has just begun. See it from inside your prison of glass."

Queen Nehelenia: Tell me, is this excruciating? After all, in every one of your lifetimes--past, present, and even future--you grew up happy, always surrounded by loved ones. [reveals her true story] Before I acquired that mirror, I was all alone. It didn't matter how much people worshiped me, I had no one with whom I could share my joy or my sadness. For so long, I had to endure that loneliness. But then, finally, the mirror saved me from that horrible feeling. The mirror promised to give me eternal beauty beyond my wildest dreams. I didn't need friends are loved ones. I was the only friend I needed, I was the only one I loved! For all eternity, the one person I knew I could trust, in whom I could confide my feelings, was me! For the first time, I was freed from loneliness, I had defeated it! That is why I needed to remain beautiful forever: so I would never have to experience those feelings ever again. In the same way you needed your friends, I needed the dream mirror. But then, that wretched Queen of the White Moon sealed me away in that cold, abysmal darkness! Do you know how it felt to be alone again without my precious mirror?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA!!!!!! [attacks Usagi viciously] A girl like you could never understand!!

Queen Nehelenia: Why do you continue to look at me with sympathy in your eyes?! You should hate me! Go on, I know you want to!
Sailor Moon: No! If it had been me, I couldn't live all alone like that. Bearing all of that loneliness the way you did, I could never do that!
Queen Nehelenia: Don't talk like you know anything about it! You have no idea what such loneliness feels like!
Sailor Moon: You're probably right, but you must know that doing all of this isn't going to make you feel any better!
Queen Nehelenia: What's that?!
Sailor Moon: "If you want revenge, then go ahead and take it all out on me. Just please leave everyone else out of it, I beg you! It's all right. They all know now the pain you went through. They will accept you. All of them would be your friend. Go... Do what needs to be done."
Queen Nehelenia: "You're serious."

[Mamoru and the nine Sailor Guardians combine their powers for Usagi as Nehelenia goes afraid]
Sailor Mercury: Don't be afraid.
Sailor Uranus: You're not alone anymore.
Sailor Neptune: Anyone's heart would grow cold if they were alone.
Sailor Mars: Please, open your heart.
Sailor Pluto: There's still time to atone for your mistakes.
Sailor Venus: Be brave.
Sailor Jupiter: Believe in yourself.
Sailor Saturn: And have faith in all of us.
Sailor Chibi Moon: Believe in my Mommy, in Usagi.
[with all their combined powers, Usagi becomes Eternal Sailor Moon for good]

Farewells and Encounters: Transitioning Stars of Destiny

  • Eternal Sailor Moon utilizes her stronger moonlight-based attack Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss which she had used twice (through non-verbally) against the Mirror Perrodies and Queen Nehelenia herself.
  • Three, new Sailor Guardians, from another galaxy, make their debut: Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Healer.

Seyia and Usagi's Heart-Pounding Date

  • The main antagonist, Sailor Galaxia, appears before Eternal Sailor Moon

Sailor Iron Mouse: [answers the phone after hesitating in fear] Hi! Thank you so much for your call today! This is Sailor Iron Mouse! How may I be of service?
Galaxia: You've failed me for the last time, Sailor Iron Mouse!
Sailor Iron Mouse: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Sailor Moon: [goes shocked with the Star Lights] What?!
Sailor Iron Mouse: [whimpers] Master Galaxia, is this about me hanging up on you earlier?!
Galaxia: I have no further use for you.
Sailor Iron Mouse: No, I begging you! Please forgive me! [Galaxia appears before Iron Mouse, who drops the receiver, as her wrists begin to lock together] Don't do it!! Please don't take away my bracelets!! [Galaxia reaches out her hand] Hey! I just had a great idea! I'm going to tell you a riddle. And if you can't solve it, then how about you forget all this and forgive me? Okay, it walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening! Well, did you figure it out, or did I stump you?! [Galaxia takes away her bracelets] AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! [vanishes]
Sailor Moon: She vanished!
Galaxia: This whole galaxy belongs to me, Sailor Galaxia, and if you don't want to end up like her, then stay out of my way!

Invaders from Outer Space: The Coming of Siren

  • The first appearance of Chibi Chibi

Ami Mizuno: [about Chibi Chibi] If I'm being honest, the more I look at her, the more she resembles Usagi.
Rei Hino: If she's Chibiusa's little sister, wouldn't that also make her Usagi and Mamoru's second child?
[Usagi and Minako squeal in delight upon hearing this]
Usagi Tsukino: You're right! I guess it would mean that, would it?
Setsuna Meioh: That's not possible.
Sailor Guardians: [startled] Setsuna?!
Setsuna Meioh: I was concerned, so I followed you to this place. You see, as far as I'm aware, Small Lady is Neo Queen Serenity's only child.
Usagi Tsukino: Huh? Then who is she?
Setsuna Meioh: I feel it's best to be wary of her.
Usagi Tsukino: Seriously? I mean, she's just a little girl, though.
Setsuna Meioh: She may be young, but it would be foolish to blindly trust her without knowing who she is.

Chibi Chibi's Mystery: The Big and Noisy Chase

  • None of this ever occurred in the manga, as it had only eleven chapters
  • Final use of Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss

Sailor Antique: [after Sailor Moon accidentally breaks a vase] How could you let this happen?! You'll pay for this, Sailor Moon!
Sailor Moon: [incredulously furious] Now wait just a minute!! YOU'RE the one who started all of this! Oh, and another thing: the only important value of something is sentimental value, you big jerk!

The Power of a Shinning Star: Chibi Chibi's Transformation

  • Unlike the manga, Chibi Chibi never is not seen transforming with Chibi Chibi Crystal Power or with any mystical pen or broach
  • The Eternal Tiare's healing and purifying magic is given a boost from Sailor Chibi Chibi, allowing Eternal Sailor Moon to pacify a Phage on a much higher level with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss by releasing rays of yellow moonlight

Invitation to Terror: Usagi's Night Flight

Sailor Aluminum Siren: [suffers a breakdown] Galactica... [throws numerous beverages at the Guardians like crazy] ...Tsunami!!!

Galaxia: So you've returned. Did you bring the true Star Seed you promised?
Sailor Aluminum Siren: Uh, well... There were a lot more Sailor Guardians than I thought, so I had to leave without it.
Sailor Lead Crow: Wait, you left?!
Galaxia: Siren!
Sailor Lead Crow: You idiot! Hurry up and apologize!
Sailor Aluminum Siren: But I did nothing wrong! Why apologize when it's not even my fault?
Sailor Lead Crow: Please, Siren, just do it!!
Sailor Tin Nyanko: [appears in the shadows smirking] Sounds to me like you made the whole thing up.
Sailor Aluminum Siren: That's so mean! I saw it with my own eyes! Why would I lie?!
Galaxia: [glares and reaches out] I've heard enough.
Sailor Aluminum Siren: [gasps in terror] Please, wait, Master Galaxia! There really was a true Star Seed! I swear on it! [Galaxia summons the bracelets] No, don't do this!! Master Galaxia!!!
Sailor Lead Crow: Please, I beg of you! Give her one more chance! Have mercy!!
Sailor Aluminum Siren: [screams as her bracelet vanish] No, Crow, I don't want to die like this!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! [disappears and dies]
Sailor Lead Crow: SIREN!!!!!! [goes still and sobs]
Sailor Tin Nyanko: Serves her right. [Crow angrily glares at Nyanko coming out of the shadows] That loser wasn't suited for this job anyway. [snickers]

Truth Revealed: The Starlights' Past

(Having transformed into their evolved Super Sailor forms off screen)
Super Sailor Neptune: Oh? You don't get surprised easily.
Yaten: We anticipated it a bit.
Super Sailor Neptune: Protecting Earth and the solar system from intruders from beyond-
Super Sailor Pluto: Is our mission.
Seiya: Stop! This fighting is pointless!
Yaten: Seyia! You should be resting!
Seyia: I'm won't see Tsukino Usagi, Eternal Sailor Moon, anymore.

The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyu Arrives

  • Princess Kakyu of the planet Kimminko makes her debut as a cameo.

Sailor Tin Nyanko: What's gotten into you? All of a sudden, you seem pretty confident.
Sailor Lead Crow: That's because I AM pretty confident.
Sailor Tin Nyanko: What's that mean?!
Sailor Lead Crow: Someone like you wouldn't get it.
Sailor Tin Nyanko: Try me!
Sailor Lead Crow: Have you ever had a rival before? I did, and she was my best friend.
Sailor Tin Nyanko: And your point is?
Sailor Lead Crow: You see, I was right. You're never going to understand. Later.
Sailor Tin Nyanko: [in jealousy] Best friend, seriously?!

Minako Aino: Can you believe those guys?
Ami Mizuno: I'm still shocked they were harassing Chibi Chibi.
Makoto Kino: Just thinking about it makes me so mad!
Usagi Tsukino: [solemnly] Stop it already.
Rei Hino: Usagi?
Usagi Tsukino: Seiya, Taiki and Yaten aren't bad people. You know that. Their voices and songs are so beautiful; there's no way they could be bad.

Sailor Lead Crow: [she observes Sailor Moon's silver Star Seed shaped like a blooming flower] Amazing! I've never seen such a brilliant Star Seed before! We did it, Siren. Now to take it! [Crow suddenly gets attacked by someone making her tumble and lose her black hole breaking from her gem] Oh, no!
[the black hole emerges near Crow]
Sailor Tin Nyanko: [laughs evilly] Oh, I see! So then this was your plan.
Sailor Lead Crow: Why, you!!
Sailor Tin Nyanko: All this time, I thought you and I could become good friends, but I guess not. [Crow struggles trying to stop the black hole from growing] Don't worry, I'll make sure the true Star Seed is safely delivered to Master Galaxia.
Sailor Lead Crow: [thinking] Is this really how I'm going to die?!
Sailor Tin Nyanko: Goodbye, loser.
Sailor Lead Crow: [tearfully] Siren, forgive me. [gets swallowed up] AAAUUUUGGGGHHH!!!!
Sailor Tin Nyanko: I better take the Star Seed and get out of here before I get swallowed up too!

(Chibi Chibi unleashes the mysterious cosmic power of the incense burner)
Sailor Tin Nyanko: What the hell is she?! She destroyed the black hole!

Sailor Star Healer: "This energy wave! This is it!"
Sailor Star Fighter: "Princess."
Usagi (thinking): Princess. Is this the lady they have been searching for?

Crusade for the Galaxy: Legend of the Sailor Wars

  • The long-lost Princess of Planet Kimmiko, Kakyu, finally appears but has her Star Seed taken by Galaxia herself.
  • The ultimate key to destroying Galaxia is the lost Light of Hope
  • Mamoru's gold Star Seed is revealed to be in Galaxia's collection

Sailor Star Fighter: "Princess Kakyu!!"
Sailor Star Healer: "I am so glad you are safe."
Sailor Star Maker: "We have waited so long for this moment."
Princess Kakyu: "I am sorry to have worried you so, Starlights. But I had a crucial mission to fulfill."
Sailor Star Fighter: Mission?
Princess Kakyu: Chibi-Chibi.
Chibi-Chibi: Chibi?
Princess Kakyu: Thank you so much. Sailor Moon, I've been watching you, for a time, from inside that burner.
Usagi: Watching us?
Princess Kakyu: Long ago, fierce and violent battles had waged between different Sailor Guardians. It was known as the Sailor Wars.
Super Sailor Mars: "Sailor...Wars?"
Princess Kakyu: "Sailor Guardians are the reincarnations of stars and planets. There are those who fought for everlasting peace, and those who want to end it. Until the ultimate force of evil, Chaos, was defeated and sealed by the strongest Sailor Guardian of legend."
Usagi: "Eternal Sailor Moon, let us find the Light of Hope together."
Usagi: "Yes."
Sailor Star Healer: "Have you come to threaten our princess!?"
Princess Kakyu: "Stop!"
Sailor Star Maker: "But, Princess!"
Princess Kakyu: "Eternal Sailor Moon. I believe in you."

Haruka Tenoh: Too sweet.
Michiru Kaioh: Oh? Well, it shouldn't be; it's barely sweetened.
Haruka Tenoh: [about Usagi] I'm talking about our princess. When it comes to this whole Light of Hope thing, it's she who's going to wind up getting hurt.
Michiru Kaioh: You're right, the enemy wants her Star Seed.

Usagi Tsukino: Now that I think about it, when it comes to doing my best, it's never really been something I'm good at. You know?
Ko Seiya: Huh?
Usagi Tsukino: [voice breaking] Even those times when I tell myself that I'm going to finish my homework, I get lazy and just end up snacking all day. [[her fists tremble with sadness] Then once I'm full, I get tired and take a nap. [Seiya gasps] But I keep telling myself that I need to get by on my own. [begins to cry] But you threw that rose! And it made me remember him!
Ko Seiya: Bunhead...
Usagi Tsukino: [tearfully] I can only hear his voice on a recording. And he never responded to my letters! I tried to be understanding and said it was fine. But... But... I can't do it!!! I can't!!!
Ko Seiya: [worried] Oh, Bunhead...
Usagi Tsukino: [falls to her knees and continues crying] I miss you Mamo! I'm alone without you! Please come back! [continues crying]
Ko Seiya: [kneels down and comforts her] You've still got me. [Usagi looks at her] Am I not good enough?

Princess Kakyu Perishes: Advent of Galaxia

  • Princess Kakyu of the destroyed world Kinmoku has her Star Seed taken
  • Sailor Galaxia appears before the Super Sailor Guardians' for the very first time

Minako Aino: How'd it go, Ami?
Ami Mizuno: (goes solemn): I contacted the university in America. When I asked them about Mamoru, they said he never showed up.
Makoto Kino: Do you think he got caught in some sort of trouble? And just when we needed him the most to be here for Usagi.
Ami Mizuno: I can't even imagine how worried sick she's been--and to think, she never showed it in front of us.
Rei Hino: I can't believe she actually tried to go through this all by herself. If only she had told us sooner. We could've helped her!

Sailor Tin Nyanko: The galaxy belongs to Master Galaxia!
Sailor Uranus: Not on our watch!
Sailor Tin Nyanko: [groans then acts different] That's right! Don't let Galaxia take control of you!
Usagi Tsukino: Huh?!
Sailor Tin Nyanko: [acts bad again] No! Now hand your Star Seed over to me or else... [groans then acts good again] Please, you must be careful! If she takes your Star Seed, then it's... Ugh!
Usagi Tsukino: Why is she acting so strangely?!
Princess Kakyu: It's that bracelet. Galaxia uses it to corrupt other Sailor Guardians.
Usagi Tsukino: She's been brainwashed?!
Princess Kakyu: Yes, but now that one of the bracelets has been removed, it seems that she is reverted back to her good self as a Sailor Guardian.

Sailor Galaxia: Princess of Planet Kinmoku, was it you who generated the power that challenged me?
(Hurls back Princess Kakyu with her strong magic)
Sailor Star Fighter: Princess!
(Galaxia continues her assault, but Princess Kakyu raises a mystic force-field around her and the Starlights')
Princess Kakyu: Without the Light of Hope, you cannot end Galaxia. I'l hold her off here, while you escape.
Sailor Star Fighter: Princess!
Princess Kakyu: Hurry!

Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy

  • Super Sailor Saturn and her Silence Glaive, make her reappearance after a 24-episode absence
  • The star seeds of Super Sailors' Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus are taken in place of Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and the Starlights'

Sailor Star Healer: "This is what happened to our home planet!"
Sailor Star Maker: "Which means there isn't much time left!"
Eternal Sailor Moon: "Oh no."
Super Neptune: "Where are you three going?!"
Sailor Star Maker: (restrains Fighter) "Fighter!"
Super Sailor Uranus: "You're not planning to charge straight in there, are you?"
Super Sailor Neptune: "If you attack head-on, you'll die in vain!"
Sailor Star Healer: "So what!!"
Sailor Star Maker: (with her back retreating) "You see, our only purpose in life was to protect our princess and see to the revival of our home planet. Now that our hopes have been crushed, we have no reason to live. But first, we must make sure Galaxia pays for what she did!"
Eternal Sailor Moon: "You can't! Your princess would never have wanted that!"
Chibi Chibi: "Nuh-uh!"
Sailor Star Healer: "Shut up!! (cries) What the hell would you know about it?!"
Sailor Star Maker: "Good luck trying to protect your own princess! You'll definitely need it." (leaves with Healer)
Eternal Sailor Moon: "Fighter."
Sailor Star Fighter: (solemnly) "I'm sorry, I have to go, Sailor Moon. The princess's death must be avenged."

Super Sailor Uranus: "Sailor Moon!!"
Super Sailor Mars: "Look out!!"
Super Sailor Saturn: Silent Wall!!.
(Erects a white energy shield that protects Eternal Sailor Moon and the others from the dark energy bursts)
Super Sailor Mars: "Saturn!"
Eternal Sailor Moon: "Pluto!"

Usagi: "Our town! We have to do something!"
Setsuna: "Yes, but this enemy is too powerful. Galaxia has already taken control of a large part of our galaxy."
Hotaru: "Her powers are on a completely different level than the enemies we've faced before this."
Makoto: "Wait, seriously?! Are you saying there isn't anything we can do to stop her?!"
Mina: "There has to be a way. Even as we speak, our town is being torn apart!"

Setsuna: "Let us join you on this mission."
Hotaru: "As members of the Outer Solar System."
Michiru: "Together us four."
Setsuna: "At least one us..."
Hotaru: "Will remain alive..."
Haruka: "And destroy Galaxia."

Super Sailors' Mercury & Mars: "Galaxia!!"
Eternal Sailor Moon: "Chibi Chibi Moon, did your power bring us here?"
Sailor Chibi Chibi: "Power?"
Sailor Galaxia: "I commend you on such a feat. First, I'll gladly finish you off with those three."
Super Sailor Guardians: "Huh?"
Sailor Star Healer: "Why did you come here?!"
Sailor Star Maker: "If you're trying to make us feel indebted to you, it won't work!"
Super Sailor Mars: "That's not why we came!"
Super Sailor Jupiter: "All we wanted to do was protect our world and the people living on it."
Eternal Sailor Moon: "Fighter. I didn't think I would see you again."

Super Sailor Neptune: "Oh, no!!"
Super Sailor Pluto: "The lights of four stars are..."
Super Sailor Uranus: "Fading."
Super Sailor Saturn: "Sailor Jupiter... Sailor Mercury. Sailor Venus...Sailor Mars."

Sailor Star Healer: "No! Why?! Why did you all take the hit for us?!"
Sailor Mercury: "We wanted... to protect... the friends... we love."
Sailor Star Maker: "Protect your friends?!"
Sailor Venus: [tearfully] "That's right. We love Sailor Moon, but we love the three of you just as much. You're all special to us!"
Sailor Star Fighter: "But that's-- Was it worth risking your lives for?!"
Sailor Jupiter: "Please just-- please take our place, and protect Usagi and our world."
Eternal Sailor Moon: [crawls to Sailor Mars] "Rei, come on! Wake up! Please, Rei! Everyone!" [Mercury, Jupiter and Venus fade away] "No!! Please come back!" [cries] "Don't leave me! I need you! Mako, Ami, Minako! I don't want to be alone!"
Sailor Mars: [pats Sailor Moon's head] "Don't be such a baby. I know you're better than that, Usagi."
Eternal Sailor Moon: "You can't go, Rei. You promised you'd be with me till the very end. You can't break a promise like that! Don't leave me! I can't do this without you!"
Sailor Mars: [smiles] "Dummy, you won't be alone. You still have Mamoru, remember?" [gasps painfully then goes to tears] "Sorry that I won't be there to protect you anymore." [vanishes]
Eternal Sailor Moon: "Rei, wait!!" (Sailor Mars vanishes as well.) (quietly) No. (shouts) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Ruler of the Galaxy: Galaxia's Threat

  • Super Sailor Saturn attempts again to unleash her full apocalyptic, deadly powers to annihilate Galaxia from existence, but is again prevented
  • Galaxia reveals her intent for awakening the spirit of Sailor Saturn within five-year-old Hotaru and release of Queen Nehelenia

Eternal Sailor Moon: "No! Mamo! You killed him!"
Sailor Galaxia: "Humph! That man was a fool. There is no love or justice in this galaxy. There is only light, and only those who shine the brightest will reign supreme! Now, hand over your Star Seeds before I take them by force."

Super Sailor Saturn: "Sailor Moon, how are you feeling?"
Eternal Sailor Moon: "Saturn?"
Super Sailor Pluto: "You're back at Ginga TV."
Eternal Sailor Moon: "Where's Mamo, and the others?"
Super Sailor Pluto: "A sudden burst of light brought you and the Star Lights back to us. As for the others... [holds and looks at Chibi Chibi sleeping] She must be exhausted. She's asleep."
Eternal Sailor Moon: "So then... it wasn't a dream." [begins to cry] "Mamo, Rei and all the others... They're gone now! What am I going to do?!"
Super Sailor Pluto: [worried] "Sailor Moon..."
Super Sailor Uranus: "This isn't the time for tears! While we're just standing around, Galaxia's invasion continues! Getting emotional is not going to change the situation!"
Sailor Star Fighter: "What's your problem?! Don't you care that your friends just died?!"
Super Sailor Uranus: "As the Guardians of the Outer Planets, the four of us were planning on settling this matter ourselves. But we messed it up!"
[she thinks about the four Inner Guardians getting killed by Galaxia then winces]

Super Sailor Saturn: "That's not true."
Sailor Star Fighter: "Huh?"
Super Sailor Saturn: "Fighter, you like Sailor Moon, don't you?"
(After a pause)
Sailor Star Fighter: "Yes I do."
Super Sailor Saturn: "I'm glad. Then it seems that you are holding on to the same hope as the rest of us. Have faith in our princess, okay?"
Super Sailor Pluto: "I promise we will defeat Galaxia once and for all. So please watch over us."

Super Sailor Pluto: Dead Scream
Super Sailor Uranus: "World...Shaking!! Still can't touch her."
Galaxia: "You could throw a whole army at me and it wouldn't be enough. None of you will ever be able to lay a finger on me."
Super Sailor Saturn: "Fine!! In exchange for my life, I'll destroy you and bring peace to the solar system! What's so funny!?"
Galaxia: "You're so clueless. Who do you think helped restore your powers in the first place?"
Super Sailor Saturn: "What are you saying?"
Galaxia: "Just try and think back. What was it that forced you to return as a Sailor Guardian so soon after your rebirth?"
Super Sailor Pluto: "It can't be!"
Galaxia: "That's right. I released the Queen of Darkness, Nehelenia, and that prompted Saturn's awakening. It was all me."
Super Sailor Pluto: What you're saying is, the battle with Nehellenia was staged from the beginning!?
Super Sailor Saturn: "That's a lie!"
Galaxia: "My goal is to harvest every true Star Seed in the galaxy. And for that to be realized, I couldn't have one that hadn't ripened yet. So I presented a catastrophe that would help quicken you awakening. The Queen of Darkness willingly offered her services to me. That's how badly she wanted her revenge on you!
Super Sailor Saturn: "Liar!! I bet you tricked her into doing it by fueling her envy of Eternal Sailor Moon!!"
Galaxia: "Silence!! I rule over this entire galaxy, and I'm free to use it; however I see fit!!"

Super Sailor Saturn: "Pluto"
Super Sailor Pluto: "I sensed it, too. They're quite serious about this. Then we won't hold back."
Super Sailor Saturn: "We'll fight to the death if we must!"

Dying Stars: Uranus and Neptune's Last Stand

  • Chibiusa, Diana and Mamoru appear in a dream made by Galaxia

Super Sailor Neptune (after failing their mission): "This is it."
Super Sailor Uranus:" We not longer possess wings to fly through the sky. Now all that we have left are bloodstained hands."
Super Sailor Neptune:" Yes, you're right."
Super Sailor Galaxia: "All of your efforts meant nothing in the end."
(she takes away the bracelets away from the two Super Sailor Guardians)
Super Sailor Uranus (begins to slowly fade): We'll be answering for our sins forever.
Super Sailor Neptune (slowly dying): I can endure, if I'm with you--even if we're burned in the flames of hell.
:Super Sailor Uranus: Hell, huh? It. doesn't suit you.
Super Sailor Neptune: I have no regrets.

Eternal Sailor Moon: "Why?! Why do this?!"
Super Sailor Uranus: "Because this is how we chose to fight."
Super Sailor Neptune: "It's the cross we chose to bear as Guardians."
Eternal Sailor Moon: "But that's not how it should work! You didn't have to do this! Why didn't you guys tell me?! I thought you'd really turned against us for good, and that you two weren't friends with us anymore! I am so sorry! I didn't believe in you until the end!" [Uranus and Neptune slowly collapse as they slowly fade] "Haruka!! Michiru!!" [sobs]
Sailor Star Fighter: "Serves you right! I'll never forgive you!! And after all that big talk of yours!! If you two die, who will look after Sailor Moon!!?"
Super Sailor Uranus: "Fighter, the thing you're trying to protect isn't the universe or peace..." [groans weakly] "...or even the future is it?"
Sailor Star Fighter: "Huh?!"
Super Sailor Uranus: "I want you to protect her from now on".
Sailor Star Fighter: [begins to understand] "Uranus..."
Super Sailor Uranus: "Please take good care of her. Our princess is such a crybaby."
Super Sailor Neptune: "She sure is."
Eternal Sailor Moon: [continues crying] "I can't help it!"

Eternal Sailor Moon: "I've lost two more people that I care about! In the end, I wasn't able to protect everyone!"

Eternal Sailor Moon: [goes very depressed] If I give in and just do as Galaxia says, will I be able to see Mamo and the others again?
Sailor Star Fighter: Sailor Moon!
Eternal Sailor Moon: Huh?
Sailor Star Fighter: Uranus and Neptune fought that way for a reason. Do you know what that reason was?
Eternal Sailor Moon: No, I don't!
Sailor Star Fighter: I didn't get it at first either--how they went so far to sacrifice everything. And for what? Could it be that it's really just the way that they fought. It's entirely possible. But I've realized there's more to it than that: it's because they all have faith in you.
[Sailor Moon lightly gasps]
Sailor Star Maker: They all have faith...
Sailor Star Healer: Faith in Sailor Moon...
Sailor Star Fighter: Yes, and also in their friends. There's something special about you. I used to think that you and I would never fight alongside each other, not in a million years. But look at us now, fighting side by side. I don't know why, but being with you makes me want to believe in others. And most of all, it makes me want to believe in you.
Eternal Sailor Moon: [still sad] So what? What are you trying to say? That that's the reason why all of my friends are gone now?! I didn't need to hear that!
Sailor Star Fighter: But your friends aren't like you think they are.
[Sailor Moon gasps hearing this]
Sailor Star Maker: Yes. They still live within your heart and will only truly be gone when you decide to give up hope for good.
Sailor Star Healer: But all of them believe you'd never do that and you'll save everyone.
Sailor Star Fighter: That's why they placed their hopes in you. So, you want to try surrendering to Galaxia? It'll definitely be easier.
Eternal Sailor Moon: [thinks about it for a moment] No.
Sailor Star Fighter: I knew you'd say that. Well, then, if you're going to keep going, I guess I believe in you, too.
Sailor Star Maker: So do I.
Sailor Star Healer: And the same goes for me.
Eternal Sailor Moon: Fighter, Healer, Maker... Tell me, we're friends, aren't we?
[Fighter and Healer nod]
Sailor Star Maker: Of course.
Eternal Sailor Moon: Then let's go!

The Light of Hope: Final Battle for the Galaxy


Eternal Sailor Moon: Was that truly the only way? Why? Why did try to resolve everything by yourself? If we all came together, they would have been a better way, without sacrificing anyone, right?
Shadow Galaxia: Hmm?
Eternal Sailor Moon: If you really are that same Sailor Guardian, we can understand one another.

Sailor Star Fighter: [struggles trying to perform her attack on Galaxia] Star... Serious... [Galaxia violently stomps on Fighter's hand destroying her attack] AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Sailor Galaxia: What's wrong? That all you've got?
Sailor Moon: [rushes in to stop Galaxia with tears in her eyes] Please, stop this! I don't want to lose any more of the people I care about. I don't want to see them suffer anymore!
[Galaxia mockingly chuckles]
Sailor Star Healer: Don't waste your breath, Sailor Moon!
Sailor Star Maker: She's a cold-hearted devil who doesn't even have a Star Seed to call her own!
Sailor Star Fighter: It's no use trying to reason with her!
Sailor Moon: [smiles at Fighter] That's not true. [Fighter gasps] We're all Sailor Guardians, so we can learn to understand each other. I know we can. [blood suddenly trickles down on Galaxia's right arm shocking Galaxia] We're the same, all of us. When we get hurt, we bleed the same blood, we feel the same pain.
[Galaxia gets very agitated by this and suddenly slaps Sailor Moon violently across the face]
Sailor Star Fighter: SAILOR MOON!!!! [catches Sailor Moon breaking her fall]
Sailor Galaxia: "We're the same"? You miserable worm! [clenches her fist making her blood on her arm disappear] I am a god--a god who is shaping a new future for this galaxy!

(In Shadow Galaxia's subconscious mind, the true self of Galaxia is seen)
Sailor Galaxia: After everything, what have I fought for? Chaos! It's trying to strengthen its energy while it's sealed. I this continues, my body will... No! I can't give in. I most do something. But who? Who could protect the galaxy but me? Go on, my star seed. My light of hope. To someone who will embrace you warmly, to the newly born stars and planets of love and justice.

Shadow Galaxia: "Now it's over!!"
[Galaxia attacks until Sailor Moon steps up with light glowing]
Sailor Star Fighter: Sailor Moon...
Galaxia: What--what is that?!
Sailor Star Healer: Her star seed...
Sailor Star Maker: Could she be planning to release its energy?
[Sailor Moon goes calm as she does so]
Galaxia: A fitting Star Seed for the princess of the moon. Its radiance is unlike any other in the galaxy. HA!
[Sailor Moon's Star Seed comes out of her]
Starlights: "SAILOR MOON!!"
Sailor Moon: AAAAAHHHH!!!!
Galaxia: Did you think your Star Seed was so special that it would be strong enough to defeat me?! YOU FOOL!!!!!

Galaxia: "This radiance. Is the one light capable of opposing me? The Light of Hope I sent out into the galaxy"
Usagi: "The Light of Hope."
Galaxia: The Light of Hope is about to awaken."

Usagi's Love: The Moonlight Lights Up the Galaxy

  • This is the series finale of the 1990s anime series. Seventeen years later it is followed by Sailor Moon Crystal which is the reboot adapted more faithfully to the manga

Chibi Chibi: "That was how it all began."
Sailor Galaxia: "Go, my Star Seed. My Light of Hope, to the ends of the galaxy. Find a star that will embrace you, a star that will one day arise to fight for love and for justice and help her protect this world from the forces of evil."

Galaxia: "She is about to awaken--the Light of Hope I sent out into the galaxy. That miserable light!"
Usagi: "The Light of Hope."

Chibi Chibi: Sailor Moon."
Sailor Moon: Who's there?
Chibi-Chibi: "I have been searching all this time for someone who would embrace me."
Sailor Moon: But who are you?
Chibi-Chibi: I am the radiance of the star that was once within Galaxia, the Light of Hope."
Sailor Moon: The Light of Hope?"
Chibi-Chibi: Please accept this, my life's spark.
[turns into a butterfly and soars to Usagi and becomes a pink Star Seed]
Sailor Moon: [reaches out and smiles] So warm and gentle... [the Star Seed turns Sailor Moon into Princess Serenity] What?!
Chibi Chibi: I beg you. Please reignite the Light of Hope in this galaxy. [ turns into a royal sword] To that end, I grant you this sword."
Princess Serenity: "A sword?"
Chibi Chibi: "Use this Sealing Sword on Galaxia."
Princess Serenity: "But I..."
Chibi Chibi: "There's no time to hesitate. It is the only way to end this battle."

Chaos: [speaking within Galaxia] So that's it! You intend to seal me away by force, using that sword--just as she once did. But power alone cannot defeat me! [her appearance changes in evil dark colors] For this body belongs to Sailor Galaxia, the most powerful Guardian in the galaxy!

Chibi Chibi: (voice over as the Light of Hope): She is no longer Galaxia. Galaxia's body is now under the complete control of Chaos. From the moment she sealed Chaos within herself, it has slowly corrupted her body. She left behind one ray of hope. She cut off her Star Seed, which was still untainted, and released it into the galaxy. Eventually, it has found its way here... to you.
Sailor Moon: So, Chibi-Chibi is...?
Chibi-Chibi: But now, it is too late. Please, Sailor Moon, save the galaxy with that sword you hold.

Chaos: Now there's no one left in the galaxy who can stop me!
Sailor Moon: No, this isn't right!
Chaos: Hmm?
Sailor Moon: [holds Chibi Chibi's lifeless body] There's nothing good that ever comes out of fighting! You just end of hurting one another. [Chibi Chibi vanishes from her arms] Oh, Chibi Chibi, I'm sorry!
Chaos: In the end you've proven only that you haven't courage or the pride of a true Guardian.
Sailor Moon: If being a Guardian means hurting others, then I don't want it. Nothing good ever comes out of fighting. You know violence isn't the only way to solve things. [discards her Princess Serenity persona]
Chaos: What?!

Chaos: So, you've given up then, Sailor Moon?
Sailor Moon: No, in fact, I'm far from it. You see, the thing is... I love this world.
[the ribbons disappear from Sailor Moon revealing she is wearing nothing but the wings on her back]
Chaos: You what?
Sailor Moon: It may be fill with pain and sadness, but I still love it. Because this world was where I was able to meet everyone. You know it too, don't you? How wonderful this world is?
Chaos: [gets agitated and attacks] Stop talking nonsense!! If you won't fight for this world, then you're not fit to defend it! All your friends are gone, because you weren't strong enough to protect them.
Sailor Moon: They're not gone.
Chaos: What?
Sailor Moon: The Star Lights taught me that. [the Star Lights watch on] As long as I don't give up, my friends will always be with me. If I were to give up, lose hope, stop trying, only then would they be truly gone. That's why I won't lose hope... Why I will never give up.

Sailor Galaxia: Thank you, Sailor Moon. You have illuminated the entire galaxy with your light. It's such a loving and gentle light, and so warm. Do you think Chaos is gone for good?
Sailor Moon: I think it's just gone back to where it was always meant to be.
Sailor Galaxia: Was meant to be?
Sailor Moon: Yes, inside the hearts of everyone.
Sailor Galaxia: You're saying it will happen again?
Sailor Moon: Have faith. Let's have faith in the people of this world we both love. It'll be all right. After all, don't forget that the Light of Hope resides within everyone's heart as well.
Sailor Galaxia: You're so strong, and pure. But I--I can never make amends for all the terrible things I've done.
Sailor Moon: Just start over, from the beginning. It's never too late for someone to have a second chance. Now, guide the Star Seeds back where they belong, so they don't lose their way.
Sailor Galaxia: Thank you... Sailor Moon.

Super Sailor Saturn: Thank you, Usagi.
Super Sailor Pluto: You fought wonderfully.
Usagi: Hotaru. Setsuna. I am so glad.

Mamoru: Usako.
Chibi Chibi: Chibi...
(Appears in the attire of Prince Endymion)
Mamoru: It was this girl who guided me to you, Uasko.
Usagi (tears up with joy): Mamo-chan.
Mamoru: You did fine, Usako.
Usagi: Oh, Mamo-chan.
Mamoru: It's all right. It's over.

Usagi: Chibi Chibi?
Chibi Chibi: Thank you.
(Flies off to parts unknown as a bright pink light)
Usagi (thinking): Thank you, Chibi Chibi.

Sailor Star Fighter: 'The Light of Hope resides within everyone's heart'.
Sailor Star Maker: Sailor Moon taught us that.
Sailor Star Healer: And what it means to believe.
Princess Kakyu: She is indeed an angel on Earth.
(Appears, revived and unscathed)
Sailor Star Lights: Princess!
Sailor Star Healer: It's a miracle!
Sailor Star Fighter: Thank goodness, you returned to us!
Sailor Star Maker: Welcome back.

Seiya: Mamoru...
Mamoru: Huh?
Seiya: [from what Haruka taught her] I want you to protect her from now on! [Mamoru goes silent] Had you for a second there. I got that line from this smug jerk I know.
Mamoru: Don't you worry.

Usagi: [closing monologue] I'm Usaki Tsukino. I'm sixteen years old and go to Juban High School. I'm a bit of a klutz, and get teased for being a crybaby. But the truth is, I'm the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and for justice. I am Sailor Moon.


Mina: It's got Amy and Raye! It's the one who stole people's energy before!
Luna: We need Scout power.
Mina: Venus...Star...Power!
(Transforms into the Sailor Scout of Love and Beauty, leader of the Sailor Scouts of the Inner Solar System)

Amy and Raye: Get this thing off us!
Sailor Venus: Venus Love Chain Encircle!
Luna: "It's still alive."
Lita: "That's one stubborn weed."
Keisenin Blossom: "Let's play."
Raye: "Mars Star...Power!"
(Transforms in her standard Sailor form as the Sailor Scout of War and Fire)
Sailor Mars: Mars Fire...Ignite!
Amy: "Mercury Star Power!!"
(Transforms into the Sailor Scout of Water and Knowledge)

Fiore: "Impressive. I never thought of you nitwits having such awesome power."
Sailor Moon: You're behind this?
Fiore: Uh huh. But as you well know, no one works completely alone.
Artemis: Who are you!?

Fiore: Sailor Moon, surrender! Hand over your magic wand or lose your pals!

Sailor Moon: You'll no such thing, Kisinean.
(Rises and opens her Crystal Star Brooch, to reveal the mighty Imperium Silver Crystal in the shape of a rose')
Sailor Mars: "Not that!"
Sailor Venus: "Don't do it, Sailor Moon!"
Sailor Jupiter: The Moon Crystal's too powerful!"
Sailor Mercury: It'll take all your strength!"
Tuxedo Mask: Don't do it!
Sailor Moon: It's cool. Why have the Moon Crystal if I'm not supposed to use it? Don't worry. Everything will be all right. Now, let's get home safe and sound, 'K?
(Fiore covers the Silver Crystal)
Fiore: If you think you're going to change to asteroid's trajectory, your wrong! Give me the Crystal!! Like taking candy from a baby.
Serena: I can make you better. Your heart is still pure. We can be friends if you trust me.
Fiore: You're lying!
Serena: Maybe you'll believe me if I show you how Darien became my friend.

Fiore: The Crystal's changing. A flower!
Kisenin Blossom: Fire, take the Moon Crystal and get rid of her!! Fiore!!
(Tears come down his cheeks, as the Kisean Blossom is wiped out by the Silver Crystal's mightily powerful light)

Sailor Mars: Wake up! You did it! You stopped the asteroid! No!
Sailor Mercury: The Moon Crystal has used up all her strength! We can't lose her!
Sailor Jupiter: Wake up! You can't leave us alone like this!
Sailor Venus: Don't go, Sailor Moon!
Tuxedo Mask: Fiore!
Fiore: You and Sailor Moon have rescued me from the Kisean's destructive grasp.
Snow Queen Kaguya: Beautiful Earth. I shall make it all mine.

Kakeru: Welcome back. how was your trip?
Himeko: I haven't been in Japan for a year. Are things still the same?
Kakeru: I discovered a new comet near the moon.
Himeko: Really? That's odd. There wasn't anything on the news. Are you sure it's not a mistake?
Kakeru: Mistake!? I saw it! And this may be a part of it!! It fell from the sky the night I saw the comet!
Himeko: Pretty.
Kakeru: But the comet disappeared.

Sailor Venus: Venus...Crescent...Beam Smash! What was that freaky thing?
(The Snow Dancer charges towards her and Sailor Jupiter)
Sailor Mercury: Mercury Bubbles...Blast!
(It becomes trapped in bubbles)

Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon, now!
Sailor Moon: Right.
(Picks up the Spiral Heart Scepter)
Sailor Moon: Moon Spiral...Heart...Attack!

Luna: I don't care what happens to me! I just want to save Kakeru! If he meets Princess Kaguya, whom he's been dreaming about since childhood, I'm sure he'll become strong enough to fight off the evil energy! But a cat will never become a human.

Princess Kaguya: Bring them to their doom slowly.
Sailor Mars: Mars Celestial Fire...Surround!
(Several fire rings burn the Snow Dancers, and the four Inner Sailor Guardians arrive to assist their fellow Sailor Guardians)
Princess Kaguya: It doesn't matter how many of you there are. Go have lots of fun with them!
Sailor Mercury: Shine Aqua...Illusion
[The Movie
Luna: "Transform, Guys!"
(Each girl takes out the mystical Crystal Change Rod she had received from Pegasus/Helios)
Amy: Mercury Crystal Power!!
Lita: Jupiter Crystal Power!!
Raye: Mars Crystal Power!!
Mina: Venus Crystal Power!!"
All: "Transform!!"
Super Sailor Venus: "Venus...Love and Beauty Shock!!"
Serena and Rini: Moon Cosmic Dream Action!!
(Transform into their evolved Super Sailor forms)
Super Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Magic!!

Super Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter...Oak Evolution!!!
Super Sailor Mercury: Mercury...Aqua Rhapsody!!

Papaonyo: "Be careful. They seem to possess strange powers."
Super Sailor Jupiter: Supreme Thunder!!
Super Sailor Venus: Venus Love Chain Encircles!!

Papaonyo: "You had more reinforcements! How did you humans find our invisible castle!?
Sailor Neptune: No tricks work on my magic mirror. Submarine...Reflection.
Sailor Uranus: Space Sword...Blaster!
Super Sailor Mars: "In that case. Mars...Flame Sniper!!"

Super Sailor Moon: "Let's do this."
Super Sailor Mini Moon: "Yeah."
(Both summon their own mystical Moon Kaleidoscope)
'Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Mini Moon: Moon Gorgeous...Meditation!!!



Transformation Objects


Sailor Moon

  • Transformation Brooch
  • Disguise Pen (for Usagi/Serena; Season 1)
  • Crystal Star Brooch (evolution of basic Sailor form; Season 2)
  • Cosmic Heart Compact (second evolution of basic Sailor form; Season 3)
  • Crisis Dream Compact (Season 4 & 3rd movie)
  • Eternal Article (Season 5)

Sailor Mercury

  • Transformation Pen (Season 1)
  • Star Power Stick (Seasons 2 & 3; evolution of Sailor form)
  • Crystal Change Rod (Seasons 4 & 5; Super form)

Sailor Mars

  • Transformation Pen (Season 1)
  • Star Power Stick (Seasons 2 & 3; evolution of Sailor form)
  • Crystal Change Rod (Seasons 4 & 5; Super form)

Sailor Jupiter

  • Transformation Pen (Season 1)
  • Star Power Stick (Seasons 2 & 3; evolution of Sailor form)
  • Crystal Change Rod (Seasons 4 & 5; Super form)

Sailor Venus

  • Transformation Pen (Season 1)
  • Star Power Stick (Seasons 2-3 & 1st and 2nd movies; evolution of Sailor form)
  • Crystal Change Rod (Seasons 4-5 & 3rd movie; Super form)

Sailor Mini Moon

  • Prism Heart Compact (Season 3 & 2nd movie)
  • Crisis Heart Compact (Seasons 4, 5 & 3rd movie; evolved Super form)

Sailor Uranus

  • Lip Rod (Season 3 & 2nd movie)

Sailor Neptune

  • Lip Rod (Season 3 & 2nd movie)

Sailor Pluto

  • Lip Rod (Season 3 & 2nd movie)

1990s Attacks


Sailor Moon

  • Moon Tiara Action (Seasons 1-4 & 1st and 3rd movies; renamed Moon Tiara Magic)
  • Moon Healing Escalation (Season 1; renamed Moon Healing Activation)
  • Moon Princess Halation (Season 2 & 1st movie; renamed Moon Princess Elimination)
  • Moon Crystal Power (second arc of Season 2 via the Crystal Star Broach)
  • Moon Spiral Heart Attack (Season 3 & 2nd movie)

Super Sailor Moon

  • Rainbow Moon Heartache (Season 3 & 2nd movie)
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation (Season 4 & 3rd movie with Super Sailor Mini Moon)

Eternal Sailor Moon

  • Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss (Episodes 173-186)
  • Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss (granted by Sailor Chibi Chibi, in Episode 187)
  • Silver Moon Crystal Power ("The Light of Hope: Final Battle for the Galaxy")

Sailor Mercury

  • Mercury Bubbles Blast
  • Mercury Ice Bubble Blast
  • Shine Aqua Illusion
  • Super Aqua Illusion
  • Mercury Rhapsody
  • Mercury Aqua Mirage

Sailor Mars

  • Evil Spirit, Be Exorcised!!
  • Mars Fireball Ignite
  • Mars Firebird Strike
  • Mars Celestial Fire Surround
  • Mega Mars Fire Rings Blast
  • Mars Flame Sniper

Sailor Jupiter

  • Supreme Thunder
  • Supreme Thunder Dragon
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure
  • Jupiter Thunderclap Zap
  • Superior Sparking Thunder
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution

Sailor Venus

  • Venus Crescent Beam Smash
  • Venus Crescent Beam Shower
  • Venus Love Chain Encircle
  • Super Venus Love Chain
  • Venus Love and Beauty Shock

Sailor Mini Moon

  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack (Season 3)
  • Crystal Twinkle Bell (Season 4)
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation (with Super Sailor Moon; 3rd movie)

Sailor Uranus

  • World Shaking 9Season 3 & 2nd movie)
  • Space Sword Blaster (Seasons 3 & 5 & 3rd movie)
  • Super World Shaking (Season 5)

Sailor Neptune

  • Deep Submerge (Season 3 and 2nd movie)
  • Submarine Reflection (3rd movie and Season 5)
  • Super Deep Submerge (Season 5)

Sailor Pluto

  • Dead Scream (Season 3 & 2nd and 3rd movies)
  • Opening of Space-Time Door (Season 2)
  • Time Freeze (Season 3)
  • Super Dead Scream (Season 5)

Sailor Saturn

  • Destructive Powers to Utterly Annihilate Pharaoh 90 (Season 3; Episode 125)
  • Silence Wall (Season 5; Episodes 172 & 197)
  • Silence Glaive Surprise (Season 5; Episode 172)

Sailor Star Lights

  • Star Serious Laser
  • Star Gentle Uterus
  • Star Sensitive Inferno

Magical Weaponry

  • Moon Tiara
  • Moon Stick (renamed "Crescent Moon Wand"; Season 1)
  • Legendary Silver Crystal
  • Cutie Moon Rod (renamed "Cutie Moon Scepter"; Season 2 & 1st movie)
  • Spiral Heart Moon Rod/Scepter (Season 3 & 2nd movie)
  • Pink Moon Stick (Season 3)
  • The Holy Grail (Season 3 & 2nd movie; renamed "the Purify Chalice")
  • Space Sword (Seasons 3 & 5, 3rd movie)
  • Deep Aqua Mirror (Seasons 3 & 5, 3rd movie)
  • Garnet Rod & Garnet Orb (Seasons 3 & 5, 3rd movie)
  • Silence Glaive (renamed "Silent Scythe"; Seasons 3 & 5)
  • Crystal Carillon (renamed "Crystal Bell"; Season 4)
  • Moon Kaleidoscope (Season 4 & 3rd movie)
  • Mercury Harp (Seasons 4 & 5, 3rd movie)
  • Mars Arrow (Seasons 4 & 5, 3rd movie)
  • Leaves of Oak (Seasons 4 & 5, 3rd movie)
  • Heart of Light (Seasons 4 & 5, 3rd movie)
  • Eternal Tiare (Season 5)
  • Holy Moon Chalice (debuts in Episode 187 with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss)
  • Sword of Sealing (renamed "Sword of Galaxia"; series finale)






  • Chaos/Sailor Chaos

The Dark Kingdom

  • Queen Metalia
  • Queen Beryl
  • Four Kings of Heaven: Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite, and Kunzite (Malachite in DIC dub)

Black Moon Clan

  • Wiseman/Death Phantom (Doom Phantom in DIC dub)
  • Prince Demand (Prince Diamond in DIC dub)
  • Blue Saphir (Sapphire in DIC dub)
  • Green Esmeraude (Emerald in DIC dub)
  • Crimson Rubeus
  • Specter Sisters

Death Busters

  • Pharaoh 90
  • Mistress Nine
  • Kaolinite (Kaorinite in DIC dub)
  • Professor Soichi Tomoe
  • Witches Five: Eudisl, Mimette, Villui, Tellu, and Cyprine & Ptitol

Dead Moon Circus

  • Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon
  • Zirconia
  • Amazon Trio: Tiger's Eye, Fish Eye, Hawk's Eye
  • Xenotime and Zeolite

Shadow Galactica

  • Sailor Galaxia
  • Chaos
  • Sailor Phi
  • Sailor Chi
  • Sailor Lethe
  • Saior Mnemosyne
  • Sailor Animamates
    • Sailor Iron Mouse
    • Sailor Lead Crow
    • Sailor Aluminum Siren
    • Sailor Tin Nyanko
    • Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion


  • Naru Osaka (Molly in DIC dub)
  • Umino (Melvin in DIC dub)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino
  • Shingo Tsukino
  • Deimos & Phobos
  • Queen Serenity
  • Neo-Queen Serenity
  • King Endymion
  • Helios/Pegasus
  • Amazoness Quartet/Sailor Quartet: Vesu-Vesu/Sailor Vesta, Palla-Palla/Sailor Pallas, Jun-Jun/Sailor Juno, Cere-Cere/Sailor Ceres
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