Project X (2012 film)

2012 American film by Nima Nourizadeh

Project X is a 2012 film about three high school seniors who throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.

The Party You've Only Dreamed About.
The next time your pool guy comes by for a clean, he's gonna say, "Excuse me Mr. Kub, but I think I may have found some water in your semen."
Directed by Nima Nourizadeh. Written by Matt Drake and Michael Bacall.
The Party You've Only Dreamed About. (taglines)


  • [on video] What up my lovely females? This is your boy Costa, your host for the evening. Behind me is Thomas Kub's house. Today is Thomas Kub's birthday, [grabs crotch] and this is Project X, yo.
  • [about the "Naked Girls Only" sign by the pool] The next time your pool guy comes by for a clean, he's gonna say, "Excuse me Mr. Kub, but I think I may have found some water in your semen."
  • [after the car is driven into the pool] Wow. I don't know how to fix this. I don't know how to fix any of this shit. I'm sorry Thomas. I just wanted to get some pussy.


Mom: I'm just worried.
Dad: About what?
Mom: I don't know. Thomas, leaving him alone all weekend.
Dad: Oh please. Come on honey, he's 17 years old.
Mom: That's what I'm worried about.
Dad: Let's be realistic here. This is Thomas we're talking about. He's not exactly Mr. Popular.
Mom: What is that supposed to mean?
Dad: I'm just saying that he's not that type of kid, you know. He's got a couple friends, they're gonna hang out, but they're not gonna do anything. He's a sweet kid, but he's a loser.

Thomas: My parents are gonna crucify me if anything gets fucked up! You know what I don't care if everyone thinks I'm a dick, I'm getting them out of the house.
Costa: Dude come on.
[Thomas stands on a chair]
Costa: Dude what the fuck are you doing? Thomas! Please don't embarrass me like this!
Thomas: Hey listen up!
Alexis: Yeah, Thomas! Woow!
[Crowd cheers]

Kirby: [Filming Thomas] So Thomas, are you having fun?
Thomas: No.
Kirby: Not at all?
Thomas: Yes.
Kirby: You look pretty fucked up.
Thomas: I'm, I'm, I'm a little fucked up.
Kirby: But you look good. Have you gotten lucky at all?
Thomas: [smiling at her] I'm pretty lucky right now.
Kirby: Slow down dude.

Thomas: [Looking at a picture from when they were younger] Oh my god. What was wrong with me? Wow, this was before Costa.
Kirby: Yeah, the good old days.
Thomas: Yeah, back when you were still in the crew.
[He holds the picture next to her face]
Thomas: You used to be so cute, what happened?
Kirby: Shut the fuck up. It still looks like me.
Thomas: [He kisses her] Was that weird? I'm sorry. Shit that was weird wasn't it?
Kirby: No, it was...
Thomas: Fuck.
[They make out]

Costa: [All three are sprawled on the front lawn, high on ecstacy] I love you guys. No seriously. Look I realize I can be like a huge dick sometimes, I'm really sorry for that.
Thomas: It's okay.
Costa: No it's not. JB, I'm sorry for buying you a bra on your birthday. That wasn't cool.
J.B.: Wasn't cool man.
Costa: And I'm sorry for all the times I called you "fat fuck." "Pudgy bitch." "Fudgy the whale." And I'm sorry for that time at your brother's Bar Mitzvah when I told everyone you look like Rosie O'Donnell because you don't.
J.B.: I don't.
Thomas: Hey guys? I hooked up with Kirby. I'm like, really into her.
Costa: Okay seriously Thomas, that's like cool and all, but she's like always been around. It's like hooking up with J.B., but her tits are smaller.
J.B.: Hey.
Costa: I'm just saying. Kirby's sort of like, one of us. Tonight's about the girls we never had a shot at. Tonight's about changing the game.

Rob: [knocking on the door] Hey, Thomas. Look man I don't want to be a dick here or anything, but your friend Oliver came by earlier and told me you guys were having a little party but this is too much.
Thomas: Yeah. We actually should be winding down like midnight, maybe 1. Is that okay?
Rob: No, it's not. I'm sorry. The baby can't sleep and Melinda's gotta be up early for work.
Costa: [walks up] Fuck yeah! My boy Rob is here to rage! Good to see you, brother.
Rob: Whoa, yeah. Actually I'm not raging, but I'm just telling Thomas it's time to shut it down.
Costa: You can't be serious. This is a great party. What the fuck?
Rob: I am serious because it's 11:30 at night and it's time to wrap it up.
J.B.: Hey, hey, hey. Why don't we just bring everyone to the back and lower the volume a bit.
Rob: Guys, this isn't a request! The party's over.
Costa: I guess we're just gonna have to agree to disagree then, aren't we?
Rob: Listen to me. Thomas, either shut it down or I'm calling the cops. Fine, fuck it! I'm calling the fucking cops.
[gets a taser shot by Everett]
Costa: Fuck! Oh shit!
J.B.: Jesus fucking Christ! What did you do that for?
Costa: [Rob punches Everett in the face] Are you fucking kidding me? I will fucking kill you!
Rob: The little fuck tazed me! I'm definitely calling the cops now!
Costa: You punched a kid in the face! I'm calling the cops on your ass now!
Rob: Do it, genius! It's all on tape. I just saw this mother fucker record it right here.
Dax: No, all I got was you punching that little child's face.
Rob: Fuck you!
Costa: Go home, Robert!

Thomas: [on the roof, looking at the party below] Is this big enough to be cool?
Costa: Game changer. [The crowd below is chanting Thomas' name] Are you hearing this? This is your fucking Party man!
Thomas: You're right dude. I needed this.

Rob: [as the riot police close in] Hey Oliver! Great party buddy. [points to a flaming tree in his front yard] You owe me a fucking tree, you piece of shit!
Costa: All we were doing was trying to have a good time, you cocksucking motherfucker! This is your fault!
Rob: I'll kill you, you fucking punk! You know where you're going? You're going to jail you motherfucker! You're gonna-OW!
[Everett and Tyler run up to Rob and tackle him to the ground]
Costa: Yeah! That's my boys! Suck my dick, Robert! Suck my fucking dick!

Dad: I just didn't think you had it in you.
Thomas: I know. Sorry I let you down.
Dad: No, I literally didn't think you had this in you. So uh, how many people were here?
Thomas: Uh, 15 hundred. Couple thousand maybe.
Dad: Wow.
Thomas: You should have seen it. It was awesome.
Dad: Well, you're still fucked Thomas.

Thomas: Kirby I'm really sorry about what happened. I didn't know how to handle it. But I think I do now and that's why I'm here. My life right now, it's totally ruined, okay. I practically burned down my whole neighborhood. Probably bankrupted my parents. I'll be in debt until I die. But, the only thing I care about fixing right now is this. So, I'm sorry. You're still mad. I get it. But if you are talking to me about my next birthday, I'd really like to spend it with just you.
Kirby: You're...
[She kisses him]
Thomas: So we're cool again?
Kirby: I never said you were cool.
[They hug. Thomas motions for Dax to stop filming]


  • The Party You've Only Dreamed About.
  • You are invited.
  • Witness it.


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