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Pope John Paul II is a 2005 television mini-series, dramatizing the life of Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła), from his early adult years in Poland to his death at age 84.

Directed by John Kent Harrison. Written by Francesco Contaldo, Salvatore Basile, Francesco Arlanch, Wesley Bishop and John Kent Harrison.
Based on the powerful true story (taglines)


Karol Wojtyla/Pope John Paul IIEdit

  • I want to be your voice, the voice of those who cannot speak. The voice of those who are silenced. The voice of the worker who can no longer wait for the full recognition of his dignity as a man and the Son of God.
  • [saying a speech] I wish to sing a hymn of praise to Divine Providence which has allowed me to come home as a pilgrim. [the crowd of people cheer] I son of polish land. I John Paul II. I shout from all the depths of this Millennium, I cry on the vigil of Pentecost. Lord, let your spirit descend! Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the earth. The face of this land!
  • [when being asked about the Soviets removing their giant cross] Next Christmas, we shall put it back. We will put it back until it stays.
  • Freedom to worship a sacrosanct right of workers, all workers! And the fact that we are all here together demonstrates that this Catholic community is already a reality. As we stand here in the middle of Nava luta. There is already a church!
  • [struggling to walk] Now every step I take, is like a knife.
  • Let's go, I have work to do.


Roman: [being taken away by the Germans] I'm proud to be Polish! And just as proud to be Jewish!
Karol Wojtyla: Roman!

Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha: Violence only leads to more violence. If you must choose a weapon, choose the one they fear the most.

Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński: [to Karol] One by one, they are hunting down the members of the Home Army.

Karol Wojtyla: What must I do?
Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński: If you should be elected. I beg you to accept.

Pope John Paul II: American's want to know if the Vatican is a secure line. Secure line, what is - what is that?

Quotes about Pope John Paul II (miniseries)Edit

  • I believe this film constitutes the latest example of the love that the people had for Pope Wojtyla and their desire to remember him, to see him again and to feel him close.
  • Watching this film has renewed in me a sense of profound gratitude to God for having given the Church and the world a Pope of such an exalted human and spiritual nature.
  • Writer-director John Kent Harrison wisely finds a narrative focus... as the pope stares down the unraveling Soviets hoping to help free his native Poland. More than anything, Voight's performance... taps into John Paul's emotional life... it's a remarkable performance.
  • It was wonderful to understand enough about those areas to be able to put a focus on them — protecting his sense of humor, protecting his emotional presence, his toughness.
  • When you have a person who's the most recorded person in history, you have a lot of information coming at you, and it's him-not people talking about him, but him. You can look at his behavior, feel his emotion, see how he touches people, hear his own words in your language, because he spoke so many languages. It's a treasury that's a tremendous gift for all of us. I'm thinking, with all this available, why do we need a fictionalized portrait? But I found that interpreting him was a great joy for me, and I felt we did bring some things to the table that made it a responsible contribution.
  • He was always on the go; he didn’t want to miss out on anything. Every person he came into contact with was a gift, and with that gift came something to be given, something to be received, something to learn.
  • It has created an urgency in me, to communicate his most important lesson: We are all different, but we are all going to the same place. We are all going to God. And we must never discriminate against any one faith.


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