Pinky and the Brain

animated television series

Pinky and the Brain is an American animated television series that aired on Kids' WB from 1995 to 1998. Pinky and Brain are genetically enhanced laboratory mice who reside in a cage in the Acme Labs research facility. Brain is self-centered and scheming, while Pinky is good-natured but feebleminded.


Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain, but...

Brain: We must prepare for tomorrow night.
Pinky: Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!
Chorus: They're dinky, They're Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain!

Brain: [Last lines of the series before the 2020 reboot of Animaniacs] Come, Pinky-o. We must catch the space shuttle back to our home planet of Acme and prepare for the next millennium.
Pinky: Gee, Brain-2, what are we gonna do in the next millennium?
Brain: The same thing we do every millennium, Pinky-o. Try to take over the galaxy!
Chorus: 3-Pinky, 3-Pinky and the Fridge, Fridge, Fridge, Fridge, Fridge!
Brain: I am not a refrigerator.
Chorus: Dot, dot, dot, dot!

Brain: How are we going to get the Earth to lose weight?
Pinky: I know! We can get everyone to go on a diet!
Brain: Diets don't work.
Pinky: Not even if you call them 'A Whole New Way of Eating?'
Brain: No.

[After seeing on a naval chart how close their objective is]
Pinky: Oh, look Brain, it's so close, we'll be there before you can say "Poit!"
Brain: We'll reach Mars before I yell "Poit!" Pinky.

Pinky: [Their submarine is filling up with water.] We're gonna make it! We're gonna make it, right Brain!? BRAIN??
Brain: POIT!!!

Pinky: You aren't going to get rid of me, are you Brain? I mean, you, working as a single? Look what happened to Jerry Lewis after he broke up with Dean! All that stuff in your hair!

(Pinky and Brain are discussing Brain's not-too-bright girlfriend)
Brain: I met her today in the maze. Her name is Billie. She's of simple folk, fair and true.
Pinky: You mean she's stupid?
Brain: A bit.

Brain: Do not mock a love-smitten mouse.

Pinky: Egad Brain! I wish I was as smart as you.
Brain: I wish you were as smart as a tree stump, Pinky.

Pinky: Brilliant, Brain! Oh, one quick question.
Brain: What?
Pinky: Do sealions eat seazebras?
Brain: You are going to be a help this time. Say it!
Pinky: "You are going to be a help this time."

Pinky: I think I'll ask Winnie if she wants to go to the movies with me. [barks to Winnie in sealion language; she starts swimming faster]
Brain: You just said "Fetch me a big clown hat!"
Pinky: Oh! What a good idea!

Brain: [being attacked by an octopus] PINKY!!
Pinky: Hi Brain. Do you know the lyrics to Muskrat Love?
Pinky: [singing to the tune of Muskrat Love] Octopus help... [stops] I don't think that's quite right...

Brain: [speaking in sealion language] You must get the army back at once.
Winnie: [subtitled] Give me a fish and I will playfully nuzzle you.
Brain: There's no time for me to give you another fish!
Pinky: [speaks to Winnie in sealion language; she swims away] Winnie! Come back! I was only trying to tell her how much I like her."
Brain: Unfortunately, it came out more like, "I'm a big billy goat so you'd better beat it, sister."

Pinky: You know Brain I've been thinking I don't want to be an elf anymore.
Brain: What do you want to be Pinky?
Pinky: A dentist!

Narrator: So they took their friend Christopher's advice and went to see Algore the Donkey, who lived on the very next page.
Pinky: When does this scene start to animate, Brainie?
Brain: It already has, Pinklet. The question is, when does Algore start to animate?

Brain: Has it ever occurred to you, Pinklet, that your scarf is constricting the bloodflow to your head?
Pinky: Yes! And it keeps my neck all cozy-warm.

Brain: Luckily, I know the location of a veritable Fort Knox of honey, right here in Acme Woods!
Pinky: Oooh, a fort! FORT! Oh, can we play Cowboys and Indians?
Brain: No, but we can play Geniuses and Numbskulls.
Pinky: How do you play?
Brain: Like this! [hits Pinky with his stick]
Pinky: Troz! Who won?

Brain: As you know, people in today's body conscious society are obsessed with losing weight. My plan is to secretly replace all the artificial sweeteners in the world with real ones, thus rendering the world's population fat, slow moving, and completely toothless.
Pinky: You mean like the guests on Jerry Springer?
Brain: Exactly, Pinklet.

Brain: After [Snowball], Pinky! He's about to engage the machine!
Pinky: Poit! I didn't even know they were going steady. We really ought to bring a gift, Brain. [Brain grabs him and runs after Snowball.] You know where they're registered? Congratulations, Snowball! We're so happy for you and your fianceé! A hamster engaged to a big machine? What will people say?
Brain: Stop being foolish, Pinky.
Pinky: Oh you're right, Brain, as long as they're happy. We should get them something nice; a fondue set, maybe. I mean, after all, we are getting tight hats in the bargain.

Brain: I feel the need. I feel the need for expeditious velocity.

Brain: The game does not conclude until the woman with the eating disorder ululates.

Brain: What is Troz?
Pinky: Why it's "Zort" in the mirror!Troz!

Brain: The irony of it all, Pinky. Years of trying to take over the world, and all I had to do was say "moo".

Pinky: Russia! I've heard of that place! Isn't it full of cheating, lying and backstabbing intrigue?
Brain: The Cold War is over Pinky. Now Russia is a place of free-market capitalism.
Pinky: What's free-market capitalism?
Brain: Erm... cheating, lying and backstabbing intrigue.

Hillary Clinton: Would you mind telling me who you are?!
Brain: As if you didn't know.
Hillary Clinton: Right. As if I didn't know.
Pinky: Why, he's your guest of honor - the Brain!
Brain: I am the subject of this whole conference.
Hillary Clinton: We're here to discuss the human brain.
Pinky: Egad! There's a human version of you? Scary!

[Brain finds Billie at the controls of the machine]
Pinky: Egad, Brain! Snowball's turned into a mouse!
Brain: No, Pinky, it's Billie.
Pinky: Billie's turned into a hamster? [Brain grabs him and smacks him with his hat repeatedly] She's a mouse! She's a hamster! She's a mouse! She's a hamster! She's a mouse and a hamster?(laughs deliriously)

Bill Clinton: Hey, and don't forget - Saturday morning's the big global Schmëerskāhøvênathon for world peace.
Brain: Schmëerskāhøvênathon? Pinky, do you know what this means?
Pinky: Another preemption for Brand Spanking Fresh and Shiny New Doug?

Brain:(about Snowball's plan)..and execute me in the process.
Snowball:Oh, don't be silly, Brain. It would take all the fun out of life; I derive my greatest pleasure from making you squirm.
Pinky:I derive my greatest pleasure from making Brain squirt milk out of his nose! (Snowball and Brain bop Pinky on the head) Natch!

Brain: No! Pinky, you got chocolate on my Jack-o-lantronic transmitter!
Pinky: You got Jack-o-lantronic transmitter in my chocolate!

Brain: For the last time, Pinky, there is no such word as "Chramecirum"!

[disguised as a cow]
Brain: Moo. We are a cow. Take us to China.

Brain: [Reading Pinky's letter to Santa] "Dear Santa, Hello, haha, narf. [Glares at a tearful Pinky before continuing] This year, Santa, I ask for nothing, but I wish to tell you about [haltingly] my dear friend, The Brain. He is honest and very hardworking, and only wants what's best for the world. But he gets no reward - he's only greeted with defeat. He never gives up, but I know it must be very hard. So please, take anything you have for me and give it to my best friend in the whole world, The Brain. [Looks sadly over at Pinky, who is crying due to not having given the letter to Santa when he had the chance] Love, Pinky. PS - By any chance, do you have in that big old bag of yours, the world?"
Pinky: [Pinky activates the mind control device] You're on!
Pinky: You're on Brain!
Brain: [Still teary-eyed from Pinky's letter, composing himself] Um, ladies and gentlemen of the world, you will do as I say. For I... I command you. I command you to... [Looks over at Pinky, who is urging him on, before tearfully blurting out] Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Have a merry, merry Christmas! Joy to the world! Yes! [Breaks down sobbing]

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