Pillow Talk (film)

1959 film by Michael Gordon

Pillow Talk is a 1959 film about a man and woman who share a telephone line and despise each other, but then he has fun by romancing her with his voice disguised.

Directed by Michael Gordon. Written by Russell Rouse, Maurice Richlin, Stanley Shapiro, and Clarence Greene.
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Jan Morrow

  • Mr. Allen, this may come as a surprise to you, but there are some men who don't end every sentence with a proposition.
  • At least my problems can be solved in one bedroom. You couldn't solve yours in a thousand!
  • Wonder how it would be to have someone to pillow talk with me?
  • If you'll excuse me, I better go to the powder moon. I mean room. Fix my lipstick.
  • I'm yours tonight. My darling possess me.
  • Can you believe that? They sent a woman. That's like sending a marshmallow to put out a bonfire.

Brad Allen

  • I've had hangovers before, but this time, even my hair hurts.
  • Why did I spend a fortune having this apartment done over? Why did I cut myself off from every girl I know? Why does any man destroy himself? Because he thinks he's getting married!


  • If there's anything worse than a woman living alone, it's a woman saying she likes it.


Jan: Officer, arrest this man - he's taking me up to his apartment!
Police Officer: Well, I can't say that I blame him, miss.

Brad: Look, I don't know what's bothering you, but don't take your bedroom problems out on me.
Jan: I have no bedroom problems. There's nothing in my bedroom that bothers me.
Brad: Oh-h-h-h. That's too bad.

[Jan and Brad are on the phone discussing a phone schedule]
Jan: We'll just have to try living with each other...
[Jan pauses, waiting for a response]
Brad: Well?
Jan: I was waiting for you to make some off-color remark.
Brad: Miss Morrow, is that all you have on your mind?
Jan: Never mind my mind! You just stick to your half-hour and I'll stick to mine!

Jan: [about living alone] Well, what am I missing?
Alma: If you have to ask, you're missing it!

Brad: Why don't you take her over for the rest of the evening?
Jonathan: Me?
Brad: Yeah! Take her dancing maybe. She's dying to learn how to dance.
Jonathan: Wait wait. She doesn't know how to dance?
Brad: Well naturally, she doesn't get out of the house very often.
Jonathan: What do you mean, "naturally"?
Brad: Jonathan, believe me, you and Moose - I mean Miss Taggett will get along...
Jonathan: "Moose"?
Brad: So what the girl picks up a nickname? You know, how cruel kids can be. Especially, when someone is a little different.
Jonathan: Different? How different?
Brad: Well... You know. [hesitatingly points to face] Just different.
Jonathan: [Pointing to a fat lady sitting at a table] That couldn't be her, could it?
Brad: How can you tell?
[waves at the lady, who waves back]
Brad: See, she's so friendly. C'mon.
Jonathan: Oh no! Its your moose. Happy Hunting!
[Jonathan leaves]
Brad: Yes, indeed.

Jonathan: Brad, she is the sweetest, she is the loveliest, she is the most talented woman I have ever met.
Brad: That's what you said when you married that stripper.
Jonathan: She wasn't a stripper. She was an exotic dancer... with trained doves.

Brad: [on the phone pretending to be Rex] Am I gonna see you tonight?
Jan: I'd love to Rex, but I already have a date.
Brad: Who with?
Jan: A client. You don't know him. Jonathan Forbes.
Brad: Of course, you're not the kind of girl who would break a date.
Jan: No I'm not.
Brad: And I ain't the kinda guy who'd ask you to.
Jan: I know you're not.
Brad: I'll pick you up at 8.
Jan: I'll be ready.


  • It's what goes on when the lights go off!
  • Footloose bachelor...beautiful career girl...and the world's most fascinating pastime!


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