Pierre Emmanuel Félix Chazal

Belgian politician (1808-1892)

Pierre Emmanuel Félix Chazal (Tarbes, January 1, 1808 – Uzos, January 25, 1892) was a Belgian army officer, liberal and major figurehead of the Belgian revolution. His father Jean-Pierre Chazal, a prominent official in revolutionary France, had settled in Brussels as a political exile after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at the Waterloo. When resistance against the Dutch regime erupted in full force in the streets of Brussels in 1830, he showed his military talents by organizing a makeshift vigilante and by doing so laid the foundation stone for a Belgian army. In 1846 he became aide-de-camp to King Leopold I who appointed him to lieutenant general and Minister of War in 1847. In 1875 he retired to his castle in France where he wrote his memoirs and died in January 1892.

General Pierre Emmanuel Félix Chazal in 1860.
Chazal is depicted on a horse at the bottom left in this 'Scene of the September Days 1830 on the Grand Place in Brussels

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