Original Sin

2001 film directed by Michael Cristofer

Original Sin is a 2001 suspense film about a man who is plunged into a life of subterfuge, deceit and mistaken identity in pursuit of a femme fatale whose heart is never quite within his grasp. It is a remake of the 1969 Truffaut film Mississippi Mermaid.

Directed and written by Michael Cristofer, based on the novel Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich.

Bonny Castle edit

  • No, this is not a love story. But it is a story about love.
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Luis Vargas edit

  • From the moment I saw her. I loved her. And no matter the price. You can not walk away from love.

Walter Downs edit

  • There is no such thing as love. Only misguided feelings and emotions.

Dialogue edit

Bonny Castle: What are your plans for me?
Luis Vargas: My plans? I just came here to kill you.
Bonny Castle: My God. All right. Do it.
[Bonny held his gun to point her heart]
Bonny Castle: There. There is my heart. Don't hesitate. Your money has gone. Do it.

Bonny Castle: I told him that night. I didn't want to go through with it. I couldn't.
Luis Vargas: Why not?
Bonny Castle: Because! Because I was... Damn it. I was falling in love with my own husband!

Luis Vargas: Shall we play the game or just speak the truth?
Bonny Castle: The truth is best.
Luis Vargas: All right. Is he here?
Bonny Castle: Yes.
Luis Vargas: Where?
Bonny Castle: Outside. Waiting. When I turn the lights off.
Luis Vargas: When I am dead?
Bonny Castle: Yes.
Luis Vargas: I led him to you in Havana, didn't I?
Bonny Castle: Yes.
Luis Vargas: How'd he know I would not kill you?
Bonny Castle: He put blank cartridges in your gun.
Luis Vargas: Ah. Like a play. All of it. Lies. From the moment I met you.
Bonny Castle: Not all of it, no.
Luis Vargas: You laughed me at behind my back, the two of you. You laughed me for how stupid I have been. How blind.
Bonny Castle: No.
Luis Vargas: Laugh now when I tell you this. I love you , Julia.
Bonny Castle: Julia is not here. Julia is dead.
Luis Vargas: Laugh when I tell you that I still love you.
Bonny Castle: No, not me. You don't love me.
Luis Vargas: Yes. Yes, you. Not Julia Russell. Not Bonny Castle. You. I love you as I know you. Because I know you. As you are. Good and bad. Better and worse. I told you this already, but you didn't believe me.
Luis Vargas: Tonight, you will. To us. A short life but an exciting life.
Bonny Castle: Don't do this.
Luis Vargas: No other one. No other love but you. From first to last. Start to finish.
Luis Vargas: Don't change, Julia. Don't ever change.
[Luis took a cup of poisoned coffee. He collapsed.]
Bonny Castle: No!!

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