Notorious (1946 film)

1946 film by Alfred Hitchcock
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Notorious is a 1946 film about the American daughter of a convicted Nazi spy who is recruited to infiltrate a group of Germans who have relocated to Brazil after World War II.

Cary Grant as T.R. Devlin and Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman.
Claude Rains as Alexander Sebastian.
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Written by Ben Hecht.
Notorious woman of affairs... Adventurous man of the world! Taglines

Alicia Huberman

  • The important drinking hasn't started yet.
  • I hate low, under-handed people like policemen, pussy-footing after you. Of course, I'm a marked woman, you know? I'm liable to blow up the Panama Canal any minute now.
  • I want to make it 80 and wipe that grin off your face. I don't like gentlemen who grin at me.
  • [to Devlin] You double-crossing buzzard - you're a cop!
  • [to Devlin] Get out of my car, federal cop! Crashing my party, just like that buzzard with the glasses!
  • [to Devlin] Go away and leave me alone. I have my own life to lead. Good times. That's what I want, and laughs with people I like. And no underhanded cops who want to put me up in a shooting gallery, but people of my own kind, who treat me right and like me and understand me.
  • I don't know why I should feel so bad. When he told me a few years ago what he was, everything went to pot. I didn't care what happened to me. Now I remember how nice he once was. How nice we both were, very nice. It's a very curious feeling as if something had happened to me and not to him. You see, I don't have to hate him anymore or myself.
  • I'm allergic to American agents. Their fine points don't particularly appeal to me.
  • [to Sebastian] Mr. Devlin has pestered me with his attentiveness ever since I arrived.

T.R. Devlin

  • I don't know if she'll do it...Well, I don't think she's that type of woman.
  • She wasn't drunk, she was sick. Maybe that's why she hasn't shown up. She looked like the ragged end of nowhere.
  • [to Alex, while carrying Alicia] I'm taking her to the hospital to get the poison out of her...How'd you like your friends downstairs to know? They've yet to be told...You haven't forgotten what they did to Emil, have you Sebastian?...You've got your chance here and now. Tell them who she is.

Captain Paul Prescott

  • Gentlemen, I assure you, she's the perfect type for the job.
  • Now try to memorize the names of all the people you see there tonight. The men I mean. And get their nationalities. That's very important...And I suggest that you, uh, don't ask any questions. Just use your eyes and ears. They're a pretty keen and desperate bunch. Don't underestimate them.
  • That sand that Devlin brought in shows uranium ore so now we know what we're driving at. And your job from now on will be to try to help us find out where that sand comes from.
  • Mr. Devlin's been transferred to Spain...Well I guess he thought he was going stale here...I guess he thought he'd find Spain more interesting...Well, of course, it is more or less routine now.


  • John Huberman: You can put me away, but you can't put away what's going to happen to you and to this whole country. Next time, next time we are going to...
  • Alexander Sebastian: [to Alicia] Many things have died for all of us. We mustn't let our spirit die with them. Perhaps I can help you to forget. I'd like to.


Drunk Guest: You show me a fish and I'll show you a liar.
Alicia: What this party needs is a little gland treatment.
Commodore: We'd better start breaking up, Alicia. We have to be on board at nine. One week in Havana and this whole thing about your father will have blown over.
Alicia: Do you love me, Commodore?
Commodore: You're a very beautiful woman.
Alicia: I'll have another drink to appreciate that.

Devlin: There's one more drink left apiece. It's a shame about the ice.
Alicia: What is?
Devlin: Gone.
Alicia: Who's gone?
Devlin: The ice.

Alicia: There's nothing like a love song to give you a good laugh. It's too stuffy in here for a picnic. Do you want to finish that? [gesturing toward his drink]
Devlin: It's a shame to leave it. [He downs most of the drink]
Alicia: You're quite a boy. [She finishes his drink] My car is outside.
Devlin: Naturally.
Alicia: Do you wanna go for a ride?
Devlin: Very much. What about your guests?
Alicia: They'll crawl out under their own steam. I'm, I'm gonna drive. That's, that's understood.
Devlin: Don't you need a coat?
Alicia: You'll do.

Alicia: What's this all about, huh? What's your angle?
Devlin: What angle?
Alicia: About last night.
Devlin: Just wanted to be friends.
Alicia: Friends, yeah. You could frame me, hmm?
Devlin: No, I've got a job for ya.
Alicia: Oh well, don't tell me. There's only, oh, there's only one job that you coppers would want me for. Well you can forget it Mr....
Devlin: Devlin.
Alicia: What?
Devlin: Devlin.
Alicia: I'm no stool-pigeon, Mr. Devlin.
Devlin: My department authorized me to engage you to do some work for us. There's a job in Brazil.
Alicia: Oh, go away. The whole thing bores me.
Devlin: Some of the German gentry who are paying your father are working in Rio. Ever hear of the I. G. Farben Industries?
Alicia: I tell you, I'm not interested.
Devlin: Farben has men in South America, planted there before the war. They're cooperating with the Brazilian government to smoke them out. My chief thinks that the daughter of a, uh...
Alicia: A traitor?
Devlin: Well, he thinks you might be valuable in the work. They might sell their trust to you. And you could make up a little for your daddy's peculiarities.
Alicia: Why should I?
Devlin: Patriotism.
Alicia: That word gives me a pain. No thank you. I don't go for patriotism, nor patriots.
Devlin: I could dispute that with you.
Alicia: Waving the flag with one hand and picking pockets with the other. That's your patriotism. Well, you can have it.

Alicia: [on tape] I told you before Christmas I wouldn't do it.
Father: You can use your judgment. You can have anything you want. The work is easy.
Alicia: I won't listen, Father.
Father: This is not your country, is it?
Alicia: My mother was born here. We had a right of citizenship.
Father: Where is your judgment? In your feelings you are German. You've got to listen to me. You don't know what we stand for.
Alicia: I know what you stand for - you and your murderous swine. I've hated you ever since I found out.
Father: My daughter, don't talk to me like that.
Alicia: Stay on your side of the table.
Father: Alicia, put your voice down.
Alicia: I hate you all. And I love this country. Do you understand that? I love it. I'll see you all hang before I raise a finger against it. Now go on and get out of here. So help me, I'll turn you in. Don't ever come near nor speak to me again about your rotten schemes.

Alicia: You don't think a woman can change?
Devlin: Sure. But change is fun, for a while.
Alicia: For a while. What a rat you are Devlin!
Devlin: All right. You've been sober for eight days. And as far as I know, you've made no new conquests.
Alicia: Well, that's something.
Devlin: Eight days. Practically white-washed.
Alicia: I'm very happy here. Why won't you let me be happy?
Devlin: No one is stopping you.
Alicia: Why don't you give that copper's brain of yours a rest? Every time you look at me, I can see it running over its slogans: 'Once a crook, always a crook,' 'Once a tramp, always a tramp.' Go on. You can hold my hand. I won't blackmail you for it afterwards. Scared?
Devlin: I've always been scared of women, but I'll get over it.
Alicia: Now you're scared of yourself. You're afraid you'll fall in love with me.
Devlin: That wouldn't be hard.
Alicia: Oh now, careful, careful.
Devlin: You enjoy making fun of me, don't you?
Alicia: No Dev, I'm making fun of myself. I'm pretending I'm a nice, unspoiled child whose heart is full of daisies and buttercups.
Devlin: Nice daydream. Then what?
Alicia: I think I will have another drink.
Devlin: I thought you'd get around to it.
Alicia: Make it a double...Why won't you believe in me, Devlin - just a little? Why won't you? I know why you won't, Devlin. You're sore. You're sore because you're falling for a little drunk you've taken in Miami and you don't like it. It makes you sick all over, doesn't it? People will laugh at you. The invincible Devlin, in love with someone who isn't worth even wasting the words on. Poor Dev, in love with a no-good gal. It must be awful. I'm sorry.

Alicia: It's nice out here. Let's not go out to dinner. Let's stay here.
Devlin: We have to eat.
Alicia: We can eat here. I'll cook.
Devlin: I thought you didn't like to cook.
Alicia: No I don't like to cook, but I have a chicken in the icebox and you're eating it.
Devlin: What about all the washing up afterwards?
Alicia: We'll eat it with our fingers.
Devlin: Don't we need any plates?
Alicia: Yes, one for you and one for me.
Devlin: You mind if I have dinner with you tonight?
Alicia: I'd be delighted. Where are you going?
Devlin: If you're going to stay in, I have to telephone the hotel, see if there are any messages.
Alicia: Do I have to?
Devlin: I have to.
Alicia: This is a very strange love affair.
Devlin: Why?
Alicia: Maybe the fact that you don't love me.
Devlin: ...When I don't love you, I'll let you know.
Alicia: You haven't said anything.
Devlin: [kissing her] Actions speak louder than words.

Alicia: What's the matter? Don't look so tense. Troubles? Well handsome, I think you'd better tell Mama what's going on. All this secrecy's going to ruin my little dinner. Come on, Mr. D., what is darkening your brow?
Devlin: After dinner.
Alicia: No, now! Look, I'll make it easy for you. The time has come when you must tell me that you have a wife and two adorable children and this madness between us can't go on any longer.
Devlin: I'll bet you've heard that line often enough.
Alicia: Right below the belt every time. Oh, that isn't fair, Dev.
Devlin: Skip it. We have other things to talk about. We've got a job.
Alicia: Oh. So there is a job.
Devlin: You, uh, you remember a man named Sebastian?
Alicia: Alex Sebastian?
Devlin: Yes.
Alicia: One of my father's friends, yes.
Devlin: He had quite a crush on you.
Alicia: I wasn't very responsive.
Devlin: Well, he's here. The head of a large German business concern.
Alicia: His family always had money.
Devlin: He's part of the combine that built up the German war machine and hopes to keep on going.
Alicia: Something big?
Devlin: It has all the earmarks of being something big. We have to contact him.
Alicia: Go on, let's have all of it.
Devlin: We're meeting him tomorrow. The rest is up to you. You've got to work on him and land him.
Alicia: Mata Hari. She makes love for the papers.
Devlin: There are no papers. You land him. Find out what's going on inside his house, what the group around him is up to, and report to us.
Alicia: I suppose you knew about this pretty little job of mine all the time.
Devlin: No. I only just found out about it.

Alicia: Did you say anything? I mean, that maybe I wasn't the girl for such shenanigans?
Devlin: I figured that was up to you - if you'd care to back out.
Alicia: I suppose you told them, 'Alicia Huberman would have this Sebastian eating out of her hand in a couple of weeks. She's good at that. Always was.'
Devlin: I didn't say anything.
Alicia: Not a word for that little love-sick lady you left an hour ago?
Devlin: I told you, that's the assignment.
Alicia: Oh well now, don't get sore, Dev. I'm only fishing for a little bird-call from my dream man, one little remark, such as: 'How dare you gentlemen suggest that Alicia Huberman, the new Miss Huberman, be submitted to so ugly a fate!'
Devlin: That's not funny.
Alicia: Do you want me to take the job?
Devlin: You're answering for yourself.
Alicia: I am asking you.
Devlin: It's up to you.
Alicia: Not a peep, hm? Oh, darling. What you didn't tell them, tell me! That you believe I'm nice, and that I love you, and I'll never change back.
Devlin: I'm waiting for your answer.
Alicia: What a little pal you are. Never believing me, hmm? Not a word of faith. Just down the drain with Alicia. That's where she belongs. Oh, Dev, Dev. When do I go to work for Uncle Sam?
Devlin: Tomorrow morning.
Alicia: Oh, we shouldn't have had this out here. It's all cold now. What are you looking for?
Devlin: I had a bottle of champagne. I must have left it somewhere.

Alicia: It's odd, but I feel at home with you.
Alex: You know my dear, I knew this was going to happen. I knew when we met the other day that if I saw you again, I'd feel what I used to for you. The same hunger. You're so lovely, my dear.

Mme. Sebastian: You did not testify at your father's trial. We thought that unusual.
Alicia: He didn't want me to. He refused to let his lawyers call me on the stand.
Mme. Sebastian: I wonder why.

Mme. Sebastian: Miss Huberman has been gone a long time.
Alex: Mother, is it necessary for you to always address Alicia as Miss Huberman? I do wish you'd be a little more cordial to her.
Mme. Sebastian: Really, I thought I was behaving very well. Has she been complaining about me? [No answer] I'm grateful.
Alex: You might smile at her.
Mme. Sebastian: Wouldn't it be a little bit too much if we both grinned at her like idiots?
Alex: Please mother. I want to enjoy myself.
Mme. Sebastian: Is it so boring to sit with me alone?
Alex: Not at all, not at all.

Alicia: You can add Sebastian's name to my list of playmates.
Devlin: Pretty fast work.
Alicia: That's what you wanted, wasn't it?
Devlin: Skip it!..I've been recalling some of your remarks about being a new woman. Daisies and buttercups, wasn't it?
Alicia: You idiot. What are you sore about? You knew very well what I was doing.
Devlin: Did I?
Alicia: You could have stopped me. Just one word. But no, you wouldn't. You threw me at him.
Devlin: I threw you at nobody.
Alicia: Didn't you tell me to go ahead?
Devlin: A man doesn't tell a woman what to do. She tells herself. You almost had me believing in that little hokey-pokey miracle of yours. If a woman like you could ever change her spots.
Alicia: Oh, you're rotten.
Devlin: That's why I didn't try to stop you. And the answer had to come from you.
Alicia: I see. Some kind of love test.
Devlin: That's right.
Alicia: Well, you never believed in me anyways so what's the difference.
Devlin: Lucky for both of us I didn't. It wouldn't have been pretty if I believed in you. If I'd figured: 'She'll never be able to go through with this. She's been made over by love.'
Alicia: If you only once had said that you loved me. Oh, Dev.
Devlin: Listen. You chalked up another boyfriend. That's all. No harm done.
Alicia: I hate you.
Devlin: There's no occasion to. You're doing good work. Number 10's out in front. It looks as if Sebastian knows how to pick 'em.
Alicia: Is that all you have to say to me?
Devlin: Dry your eyes baby. It's out of character. Keep on your toes. There's a tough job around. Snap out of it. Here comes dreamboat.

Alicia: Don't talk like that. I detest him...Alex, I've told you before. Mr. Devlin doesn't mean a thing to me.
Alex: I'd like to be convinced. Would you maybe care to convince me, Alicia, that Mr. Devlin means nothing to you?

Beardsley: I worry about a woman of that sort.
Devlin: What sort is that, Mr. Beardsley?
Beardsley: Oh, I don't think any of us have any illusions about her character, have we Devlin?
Devlin: Not at all, not the slightest. Miss Huberman is first, last, and always not a lady. She may be risking her life, but when it comes to being a lady, she doesn't hold a candle to your wife, sir, sitting in Washington playing bridge with three other ladies of great honor and virtue.
Prescott: Take it easy, Dev.

Alicia: [about Sebastian proposing marriage] I didn't know what the department might think about such a step.
Prescott: Are you willing to go this far for us, Miss Huberman?
Alicia: Yes, if you wish.
Prescott: What do you think of this, Devlin?
Devlin: Oh, I think it's a useful idea.
Prescott: Well, you know the situation better than any of us.
Devlin: May I ask what inspired Alex Sebastian to go this far?
Alicia: He's in love with me.
Devlin: And he thinks you're in love with him?
Alicia: Yes, that's what he thinks. Then it's all right?
Prescott: Of course, it's a perfect marriage - for us.

Devlin: You look for a bottle of wine like the one that rattled the fellow at dinner that night.
Alicia: All the bottles look alike to me. I'm no mastermind.
Devlin: You're doing all right.
Alicia: It's no fun there.
Devlin: Too late for that now, isn't it? Look, uh, why don't you persuade your husband to throw a large shindig, so that he can introduce his bride to Rio's society, say sometime next week?
Alicia: Why?
Devlin: Consider me invited, and I'll try and find out about that wine cellar business.
Alicia: I don't think my husband is interested in entertaining just yet.
Devlin: The honeymoon isn't over, huh? Don't underestimate your charms, Mrs. Sebastian, you can handle it.
Alicia: I don't think it's gonna be so easy about you. He thinks you're in love with me.
Devlin: Well, then, tell him you thought if you invited me to the house and I saw how happily married you were, then the horrid passion I have for you might be torn out of me.
Alicia: That sounds very logical.
Devlin: Good, next week then, and get the key. I have to fly up to Berlin, but I'll be back in time.

Devlin: It's kind of your bride to invite me.
Alex: We both invite you, Mr. Devlin. Will you see that our guest is fed, my dear? Amused?...
Devlin: This isn't going to be easy.
Alicia: Why?
Devlin: He, uh, he's quite sensitive about you. He's gonna watch us like a hawk.
Alicia: Yes, he's rather jealous of anyone.
Devlin: Where'd you get the key? Off his chain?
Alicia: Yes.
Devlin: Let's hope the liquor doesn't run out and start him down the cellar for more.
Alicia: Oh, I hadn't thought about that.
Devlin: Quite a point.

Alicia: Alex, he's seen us.
Devlin: Wait a minute, I'm gonna kiss you.
Alicia: No, he'll only think we - No...
Devlin: It's what I want him to think.
[They kiss]
Devlin: Push me away.
Alex: I'm sorry to intrude on this tender scene.
Alicia: I couldn't help what happened. He's been drinking.
Alex: You love him.
Devlin: For what it's worth as an apology, your wife is telling the truth. I knew her before you, loved her before you. But I wasn't as lucky as you.
[Devlin leaves]
Alicia: Alex, don't be foolish. I-I came down because he threatened to make a scene...I couldn't stop him. I tried.
Alex: He kissed you.

Alex: Mother, Mother.
Mme. Sebastian: Why are you up so early?
Alex: I need your help.
Mme. Sebastian: Something is wrong?
Alex: A great deal - Alicia.
Mme. Sebastian: I have expected it. I knew. I knew. What is it? Mr. Devlin?
Alex: No. I am married to an American agent.

Mme. Sebastian: Yes, it is easy to see now. I knew but I didn't see. They picked her because of her father.
Alex: I must have been insane, mad. Behaved like an idiot, to believe in her with her clinging kisses.
Mme. Sebastian: Stop wallowing in your foul memories.
Alex: Then what do I do? There's nothing to do. I'm done, finished. They'll find out.
Mme. Sebastian: They won't find out.
Alex: They'll find out what I'm married to. Look what they did to Emil Hupka, Emil who did nothing. And I've betrayed them, I've bungled and there's no excuse. I'd do the same myself - kill the fool that betrayed them.
Mme. Sebastian: There's no need for them to find out.
Alex: Mathis is very sharp.
Mme. Sebastian: Yes. He dislikes you. But his criticism of your talents wouldn't go that far to imagine that you are married to an American agent. You are protected by the enormity of your stupidity - for a time.
Alex: Alicia, I'll take care of her myself.
Mme. Sebastian: No, not that way. Let me arrange this one. Listen to me. No one must know what she is. There must be no suspicion of her, of you or me. She must be allowed to move about freely. But she will be on a leash. She will learn nothing further to inform. She must go, but it must happen slowly. If she could become ill and remain ill for a time, until...

Devlin: It gets a bit lonely squatting on a bench all day.
Alicia: Yes, Rio can be a very dull town.
Devlin: What's new?
Alicia: Nothing. What's new with you?
Devlin: Nothing. Any domestic troubles about the other night?
Alicia: No.
Devlin: Any footprints in that sand yet?
Alicia: No, nothing yet.
Devlin: Just a social visit, huh?
Alicia: A little fresh air helps.
Devlin: You don't look so hot...Sick?
Alicia: No. Hangover.
Devlin: That's news! Back to the bottle again, huh?
Alicia: It sort of lightens my chores.
Devlin: Big party?
Alicia: Just the family circle.
Devlin: Sounds quite jolly.
Alicia: It helps life in a dull town.
Devlin: You ought to take it easy on that liquor.
Alicia: Don't you find Rio a little hard to take too?
Devlin: Not a bad town. You look all mashed up. It must have been quite an evening.
Alicia: It was.
Devlin: OK, if you want to play that way, go on and have fun. No reason why you shouldn't.
Alicia: That's right, Dev.

Devlin: Alicia, Alicia, Alicia. What's wrong with you?
Alicia: I'm so glad you came.
Devlin: I had to. I couldn't stand anymore waiting and worrying about you. It wasn't a hangover you had that day. You were sick then. What is it?
Alicia: Yes, I was sick.
Devlin: What's wrong with you, Alicia?
Alicia: Oh Dev.
Devlin: What is it, dear? What's wrong with you?
Alicia: They're poisoning me. I couldn't get away from them. I tried but I was too weak.
Devlin: How long?
Alicia: Since the party. Alex and his mother found out.
Devlin: Come on, try to sit up. Sit up. I've got to get you out of here.
Alicia: I thought you had gone.
Devlin: No. I had to see you once and speak my peace. I was getting out because I love you. I couldn't bear seeing you and him together.
Alicia: Oh, you love me. Why didn't you tell me this before?
Devlin: I know. But I couldn't see straight or think straight. I was a fatheaded guy full of pain. It tore me up not having you.
Alicia: Oh you love me. You love me.
Devlin: Long ago. All the time. Since the beginning...Come on, try to sit up.
Alicia: Oh Dev. I'm afraid I-I can't make it because they gave me pills to sleep.
Devlin: Keep awake. Keep talking...
Alicia: They didn't want the others to know about me.
Devlin: Keep talking. Come on, what happened? What happened?
Alicia: Alex found out.
Devlin: And the others haven't?
Alicia: They'd kill him if they knew. They killed Emil.
Devlin: Are you in pain?
Alicia: I don't know - the pills...Say it again, it keeps me awake.
Devlin: I love you. Stand up. Stand up. Come on, wake up. Talk!

Alicia: Don't ever leave me.
Devlin: You'll never get rid of me again.
Alicia: I never tried to.

Alex: [to his Nazi conspirators] She collapsed. Mr. Devlin heard her scream when he was waiting for me.
Devlin: Yes, I telephoned the hospital as soon as I saw how she was.

Devlin: [closing and locking the car door] No room Sebastian.
Alex: But you must take me, they're watching me.
Devlin: That's your headache.
[They drive off to the hospital]
Nazi: There is no telephone in her room to call the hospital.
Eric Mathis: Alex, will you come in, please? I wish to talk to you.


  • Notorious woman of affairs... Adventurous man of the world!
  • Notorious woman of many desires! Fateful fascination! Bold intrigue!
  • Deep their love! Great the risk!
  • Electric tension!
  • The screen's top romantic stars in a melodramatic masterpiece!


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