Myst IV: Revelation

2004 first-person adventure video game

Myst IV: Revelation is a graphic adventure video game developed and published by Ubisoft in 2004. It is the fourth installment of the Myst franchise, following Myst, Riven, and Exile.


  • [opening cinematic, writing a letter to the player character] For twenty years, I've harbored a secret. People talk about my sons and the evil things they did, but still I remain strangely mute. I do not discuss my own actions that day, or the rage I felt when I burned the two Linking Books that had snared them. Some people believe my sons died in those fires, but the truth is, they did not. You're the only one I can confide in, my friend, so I'm asking you to come to Tomahna. There are things I must tell you... about my sons.
  • [first meeting with the player, in his lab on Tomahna] Hello, my friend! I see you made it in one piece, so... Yeesha's driving wasn't too erratic, I hope. [chuckles] Well... you're probably wondering why I asked you here. The truth is, I need your help. As you know, my sons, Sirrus and Achenar, were trapped twenty years ago after they destroyed many of the Ages I'd written. At the time, Catherine and I decided to leave them imprisoned, because we hoped it might reform them. Now Catherine believes our sons should be released. But I need an objective opinion. I must find out if either Sirrus or Achenar deserve to be freed, and... you're the only one we can trust.
  • [ending, in Tomahna] Ah, my friend... seems I'm always thanking you. Catherine is taking Yeesha to Tay. She's alright, she really is a... strong little girl, but she's gonna need time. She loved Achenar and... and Sirrus, very much. [sighs] God, this is hard. It's as if a door inside me has closed, despite everything I've done to keep it open. But in a way, maybe that's good. My sons may be gone, but my daughter is safe. And now Catherine and I can give her all the love and attention she'll need to move on with her life... just as we must move on with ours. Endings are just another form of beginning, I guess... and the harder an end is to face, the more hope we bring with us to the next beginning.


  • [first encounter with the player, on Serenia, holding the Life Stone] Wait! Please! Listen to me. Okay, okay, it doesn't look good, I admit it, but it's not what you think! I'm just taking it for a little while. Borrowing it, so to speak. It's the plan. Sirrus is mad! He's got Yeesha! I just want to stop him. He's a nutcase! He's here... don't let Father come here, or you'll screw up everything! Find my journal, the one from twenty years ago. Sirrus doesn't even know that I kept one. I hid it in a stone pillar in the forest, near where two rivers are crossing. It'll explain everything. Sirrus... is mad. He's gonna kill Father! I've gotta stop him!
  • [dying from the toxic pollen of the old Memory Chamber] We did it. The transfer... worked. We saved Yeesha. [laughs, coughs] Don't look so surprised. The Life Stone had to be inserted directly into the shrine. Otherwise, it wouldn't've worked. Only way to do that was to break the glass that contained the gases. 'Course, that made it kinda lethal. Better this way. All the things I did... [Yeesha comes to, surprised] It's okay. Sirrus is dead. It's over. Everything's gonna be okay, little sis... it's gonna be okay... be okay... [collapses and dies, head in Yeesha's lap]


  • [memory from Serenia necklace, trapped and shivering on Spire] I thought I was the only devious one in our family. But this? Oh, this is classic. No Book, Father? No Linking Book home? Think, Sirrus... think.
  • [memory from Serenia necklace, at bottom of "nearest palace" in Spire - seeing there is no ground, and no Linking Book] NO! I... am... Sirrus! And I will NOT BE DEFEATED!
  • [first encounter with the player, on Serenia, coming out of the old Memory Chamber] It's you. Thank God you've come. Achenar's kidnapped my little sister. He says he'll kill her if I don't help him steal Serenia's treasures. Look, I know you have no reason to trust me. You saw me blow up the harvester, but I only did it to stop Achenar from poisoning the Memory Chamber. His confinement on Haven drove him totally insane. All he cares about now is destroying everything Father created. We have to stop him. Go back to Tomahna, and find my father. Explain everything that's happened here. For some reason, Achenar is terrified of Father. Maybe, if you bring him here, the three of us can somehow manuever my sick brother into a trap. I'll try to get Yeesha away from him while you're gone. Now go! Go, before it's too late!
  • [inside Dream: Sirrus explains his plan to Yeesha] See this globe, little sister? See how round and smooth and empty it is? When I turn this switch, the chair you're sitting in will activate. Lights will go off, and everything that's you will be sucked out of your body, leaving behind the perfect disguise for me to step into! Father and Mother will teach you the Art, never knowing it's really me doing the learning! Of course, I'll kill them as soon as I know how to write Ages, then I'll put my new memories back in my body, and no one will be able to stop me!

Serenian ProtectorsEdit


  • [first encounter, upon entering Serenia] I was starting to worry about you. In the Dream, you always arrived before third bell had rung. Welcome to Serenia. I am Anya, one of six now serving as Protector here. You may find this hard to believe, but my sisters and I dreamed you would be coming. You're searching for Yeesha. I fear she may be in trouble, but we have not seen her since we gave her the necklace two weeks ago. I will gather my sisters to help find her. In the meantime, you should consult the Memory Chamber. She always knows more about what's going on in this land than we do. Follow the ceremonial alley to her doors, and see what insight she has to provide.
  • She will be alright, won't she? I mean, you won't stop looking until you find her. Yeesha used to come here every morning when she stayed with us, and spend hours feeding these butterflies. I think she appreciated them more than anyone else in her family, including Sirrus and Achenar. I wasn't a Protector when the brothers lived here, but I gathered they were more interested in the Memory Chamber and our funeral rites... as if death were something to be feared. We must trust in the guidance of the Ancestors. If they offer any new insight, I will pass it along.
  • [after leaving the Dream] You've returned. I had hoped to discuss your experiences in Dream, but you can't always count on hope, can you? Not when so much of what the Ancestors have shown us has already come true. The others have gone to alert the village. I must go inside and protect the memories. I will not allow anyone to enter until this crisis has ended. I wish there was another way, but in all of our dreams, the last task always fell unto you. Good luck.


  • [seeing the memory globe harvester destroyed by Sirrus] What happened? This is terrible! How are we supposed to maintain contact with the ancestors if we can't harvest any globes? [turns to face the player] Forgive me. I've seen your face so often in Dream, I forget you're still a stranger here. You've been inside the Memory Chamber; you've seen the colorful lights crowning her walls. These are the memories of my people, taken from their bodies after their spirits moved on. In Serenia, the Memory Chamber stores our memories, so that future generations can still visit us in Dream. Empty globes for storing our memories are formed underwater, and we gather them using the harvester. So if I'm unable to fix it... I must see how bad the damage is. [goes over to it, then turns back] Oh... I was supposed to tell you, a few of my sisters have gathered in the Hall of Spirits to dream. If you go there after they've awakened, you may be able to learn more about what happened to Yeesha. Good luck.


  • [meeting near the harbor between the Memory Chamber and the village] There you are. My sisters say you are a friend, but if that is true, why does everything fall apart when you are here? The Life Stone is missing. Someone diverted the water course and took it out of the Root Chamber. You are a stranger here. You cannot begin to imagine the threat this poses to my people. The Memory Chamber needs that stone to survive. It nourishes her, keeps her strong and healthy, so she can collect our memories after we die. Without it... we may never see our loved ones again. I must alert the village. There are more stones in the southern hills, but it takes time to find them. If you truly are a friend, you will go to the Hall of Spirits and alert my sisters... although, if they're still travelling in Dream, they may already know.


  • [first meeting, in the Hall of Spirits] Do not be afraid. My sisters and I can speak with you now. Anya told us you needed help, so while you were exploring this physical manifestation of Serenia, we decided to travel her mirror realm - a world in which our ancestors have great power, and which we call... "Dream". We asked the ancestors to show us what happened to Yeesha, but the things they revealed did not make any sense. We think it's because the message is intended for you. This disturbed us, for it means you must travel to Dream, something you must never do without a Spirit Guide. Normally, finding the Guide best suited to your true nature takes time, but we have decided to help, by examining the weave of your past actions. Please, place your hand on the cloth. It will allow us to know which Guide you must seek.
  • [in the Memory Chamber, after finding a Guide, and giving it a sacred offering] Time seems to be against us. Fortunately, there is little I can say to prepare you for what you are about to experience. The mirror realm is different for everyone who travels there, but your Guide will be waiting in his true form to meet you, and will explain what you really need to know. Please, lie down. [player does so] Normally, I would remain until you return, but with everything that's happened today, I cannot. So, should you decide to leave Dream without getting the answers you seek, you will have to return to it later, without help. In that case, just focus on the all-seeing eyes of the Ancestors, and you should be able to travel there. Are you ready? Then gaze on the eyes high above you, and let your journey begin.

Spirit GuideEdit

  • [first journey into Dream] Not what you expected, is it, traveller? You are here because you want to find the answer to something that troubles you. Why, then, wouldn't Dream seem dark and mysterious at first? Do not be afraid. The fragrance of your offering still lingers. It pleases me. So, I shall light this darkness for you, and lead you to the ones you call "the Ancestors". [the light level rises, as what looks like a swarm of fireflies goes by] He is not an ancestor. Like yourself, he is but a traveller here, and if his guide brings him close, you should touch him, to experience as much of Dream as you can. Dream is often visited by such creatures - temporary inhabitants, seeking the enlightenment they cannot find in their waking lives. They do not have the wisdom to shape Dream, as the Ancestors do, but they can still learn much by seeing what possibilities exist here. Sometimes, they come just to seek distraction.
[after a moment] Come. I sense the arrival of one who does have the power to influence Dream... how odd. She resembles an Ancestor, but she is not yet one of them, nor is she a traveller, for I sense no waking mind to return to. It's as if that connection has been severed prematurely. I do not understand how this is possible, but this is the one you seek. The Ancestors approach. They will attempt to communicate with her. The Ancestors are willing to shape Dream for you, but they need your help. By brushing against each one, you can impart some of your own energy to it. This will place each Ancestor in closer harmony with the others. When all are as one, their combined wisdom will reveal the answer you need. Go on, try it. I shall be silent until you succeed. But should you grow too frustrated, signal me by touching your amulet. I will send you back to Serenia immediately... but without the answer you need.
  • [after completing the ancestor puzzle] You have succeeded. I can feel the Ancestors' wisdom at work. Pay attention, for you will never see this revelation again. [the Ancestors reveal Sirrus' color marble code for the old Memory Chamber] The answer has been seen. There can be no turning back. Goodbye, traveller, until we journey together again.
  • [returning to Dream from the old Memory Chamber] You are a most unusual traveller, my friend. The vision you witnessed here last time served you well, yet you still see Dream as dark and slightly dangerous. Why? I see the answer in your need. You're not just looking for visions this time. You seek the very memories themselves. The one you know as Yeesha is still here. She's been unable to return to her waking mind, because her connection with it was severed prematurely. Come. I will take you to her. Yet the strands of Dream are shifting, even as we approach. I sense the connection reopening, so when we reach her... [finding Yeesha's Dream-form, with a monstrous creature connected to it - Sirrus' Dream-form] Interloper! That traveller has no Guide. He's using Yeesha's memories to remain anchored in Dream. Otherwise, he would be lost and quickly crushed amid Dream's constantly shifting waves of possibility. Why is she not aware of him? There! Do you see the anchors he's using? They are very powerful memories, which both Yeesha and the traveller have in common. Somehow, he's jumbled them up and is using the confusion to hide himself from her. She cannot return to her waking mind while he is attached. You can release her. By entering both memories and replaying them correctly, you may startle the traveller enough so that he reveals himself. I will send you into the first one now, and await your return.
  • [after the first memory is restored] It's working. We must move swiftly; the traveller knows what you're doing, and will try to impede you. Go!
  • after the second memory is restored; Sirrus' Dream-form detaches, and is destroyed in the Dream-paths] She's free. You have done well, traveller. The one you know as Yeesha has rediscovered her waking mind. Even now, she begins to return there. The interloper cannot follow her. The strands of Dream close in on him, and without a Guide to shield him, he will be completely crushed under their weight. Return, now, to your waking life, until the next time you wish to travel... in Dream.


[in the old Memory Chamber on Serenia, Yeesha is strapped to a memory transfer chair]
Yeesha: Achenar, you -- [looks up, realizing it's not Achenar] It's you! You've come to rescue me! Over there, there's a lever that'll set me free. Hurry up, before Achenar comes back! [after a delay] What are you waiting for? He'll kill us! Move! [player goes over to the lever] Achenar used the silver lever. Turn it, and you'll set me free!
[Achenar enters, a crossbow pointed at Yeesha in one hand, the Life Stone in the other]
Achenar: No! Stop! This is not Yeesha!
Yeesha: What?
Achenar: Sirrus used the machine. He forced the Memory Chamber to remove all of her memories!
Yeesha: Liar!
Achenar: This is Sirrus, I tell you!
Yeesha: This is crazy! He killed Sirrus when he tried to save me!
Achenar: [points the crossbow at the player] Seriously, would I kill my own brother?
Yeesha: Yes!
Achenar: No. He removed Yeesha's memories, and then he used the machine to plant his own memories inside her head!
Yeesha: What?!
Achenar: This is Sirrus, I tell you!!
Yeesha: Look, he's got the Life Stone! Serenia's Memory Chamber can't survive without the Life St--
Achenar: [points the crossbow at Yeesha] Shut up!
Yeesha: [pleading] Please, I'm your little sister.
Achenar: [points the crossbow back at the player] He's just playing games with you!
Yeesha: You see, he's a killer!
Achenar: No... no! [holsters the crossbow] I told you already. I only stole this to stop Sirrus from hurting Father, but I was wrong! He was after Yeesha all along!
Yeesha: No, he's the one who kidnapped me, not Sirrus!
Achenar: Look, we have to set everyone's memories back right again. The amber lever. Turn the amber lever to begin the process.
Yeesha: No, you'll kill me if you do that!
Achenar: Hurry! Before the Memory Chamber gets too weak to power the transfer!
Yeesha: Don't listen to him!

[one bad ending: the player pulls the silver lever, freeing Yeesha from the chair]
Achenar: No!
[Yeesha runs over to the rope holding the Dream Stone up, and brings it down on the player and Achenar. The player comes to a moment later...]
Yeesha/Sirrus: Coming around? I wish I could say the same for my poor, dear brother, but I guess getting crushed twice in one day was just too much for him. [raises Achenar's crossbow] Thank you so much for believing in me. I wasn't sure my little Yeesha act would fool anyone, but now I'm sure it will convince Mother and Father... at least long enough for them to teach me everything they know about the Art. [shoots the player with the crossbow, fade to black]

[the other bad ending: the player does not pull either one]
Yeesha: No!
Achenar: Trust me! Use the amber lever!
Yeesha: No, you'll kill me! Use the silver one! Now!
Achenar: The amber lever!
Yeesha: The silver one!
[after a continued delay...]
Yeesha: No...
Achenar: [walks up closer to the player] You really have to trust me. This is not my little sister! And we're running out of -- [Yeesha grabs Achenar's crossbow and shoots him in the back] No... Sirrus... [Achenar falls dead to the floor]
Yeesha/Sirrus: Never could control yourself, could you, dear brother? [points the crossbow at the player] Unfortunately, he proved to be more intelligent than I anticipated. No matter. I won't insult you by demanding that you let me go now. I'm sure Father will be along soon. Having one more dead body around will only make my performance as Yeesha that much more convincing... at least, until he finishes teaching me the Art. [shoots the player with the crossbow, fade to black]

[the good ending: the player pulls the amber lever, beginning the memory transfer]
Yeesha/Sirrus: No! You fool! My performance was perfect!
Achenar: Thank you.
Yeesha/Sirrus: You may have won this round, brother, but it's not over. [Yeesha slumps unconscious]
Achenar: No! Sirrus! Don't! No... something has gone wrong. [consults a console] Yeesha's memories are not coming back again. There's gotta be some way that I can reach her. If only I had a -- [the chamber begins to shake violently] No! Not now, not now! The Memory Chamber can't fail now! [looks at the Life Stone, then at the player] Listen to me. The Memory Chamber is dying. And if it dies, it'll stop the transfer, and I don't know what that will do to Yeesha's mind. I... can keep the Chamber alive using the stone, but you have got to find a way to reach her. Go to the Dream World, and try and find a way of getting through to her memories. It's the only chance we have. Use the other chair, but hurry! I don't know how much time you'll have after I use the stone!

[inside Dream: A shared memory between Sirrus and Yeesha]
Yeesha: Daddy's really good at chess. You should play him.
Sirrus: I'd like to, sis, but I don't have a chess set.
Yeesha: You could make one, just like you made my Spirit Guide.
Sirrus: I could, but it's really hard to carve figurines that small. They break so easily.
Yeesha: Well... maybe Mom and Dad could give you a set, as a present. I'll tell them to when I link home.
Sirrus: [laughs] Right, and I suppose you'll tell them to make it out of the same rock as this chamber? That way, I'll never be able to break it.
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