Miuccia Prada

Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur

Miuccia Prada (10 May 1949 - ) is an Italian billionaire fashion designer and businesswoman.

Miuccia Prada in 2011


  • I'm not really interested in building a reputation for myself. But I do care for what the company stands for. I believe in work and being connected to the world we live in.
  • (Sitting at the Bar Quadronno in Milan's Quadronno district) I come here all the time! […] It's right next to my apartment, which is in the building where I grew up, and my mother is still there, on the first floor, and my brother is on the third floor, and it's right next to my children's school [...], and it's not too far from my office, and it's open all day and very late, every day. It's cute, isn't it?

Quotes about Miuccia Prada

  • Cresciuta in Porta Romana, Miuccia Prada vi abita tuttora (risiede nello specifico in Corso di Porta Romana); non ci stupisce quindi che abbia deciso di aprire la sua Fondazione nell'adiacente quartiere di Corso Lodi.
    • Grown up in Porta Romana, Miuccia Prada still lives there (specifically she resides in Corso di Porta Romana); we are therefore not surprised that he decided to open his Foundation in the adjacent Corso Lodi district.
      • [1], Milano donne Miuccia Prada, Yes Milano
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