Mimi Kalinda

South African communications executive

Mimi Kalinda, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda and raised in South Africa, is the Group CEO and Co-founder of Africa Communications Media Group, a pan African public relations and communications agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kalinda also serves as the Director of Global Communications for Innovations for Poverty Action headquartered in Washington, DC.



"Mimi Kalinda - Living her passion for a better Africa" (2023)

"Mimi Kalinda - Living her passion for a better Africa", Bizcommunity (May 31, 2023)
  • The more I watched television, the more I understood that this thing actually shapes the world that we live in.
  • I made a decision very early on that I was going to use my career in media and storytelling for good, so for me it is about the impact of the work that we have done.
  • 1994 was the most impactful year for me. The country was transitioning to democracy and because I had become such a fan of television, the psychology of the media became obvious to me even at that age.
  • That’s when I thought, media is what I will do, but for good. If there are more of us doing good, with this platform and this tool, maybe by changing mindsets and getting people to see the similarities between themselves rather than the differences, then what kind of world could we build.
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