The Mikagura-uta (みかぐらうた, The Songs for the Service) is one of the three Tenrikyo scriptures, along with the Ofudesaki and the Osashizu. It was composed by the foundress of Tenrikyo, Miki Nakayama, from 1866 to 1875, and revised to its current version in 1882.


The translations currently used here are from the most recent edition published by Tenrikyo Church Headquarters, unless otherwise noted.
  • あしきをはらうてたすけたまへ
    • Sweeping away evils, please save us,
    • Mikagura-uta section one.
  • ちよとはなし かみのいふこときいてくれ
    • Just a word: Listen to what God says.
      I never tell you anything wrong.
      Representing heaven and earth
      I have created husband and wife.
      This is the beginning of the world. Namu Tenri-O-no-Mikoto.
    • Mikagura-uta section two.
  • あしきをはらうてたすけせきこむ
    • Sweeping away evils, hasten to save us.
      All humankind equally purified, the Kanrodai.
    • Mikagura-uta section three.
  • 八ツ やしきハかみのでんぢやで まいたるたねハみなはへる
    九ツ こゝハこのよのでんぢなら わしもしつかりたねをまこ
    十ド このたびいちれつに ようこそたねをまきにきた
    たねをまいたるそのかたハ こえをおかずにつくりとり
    • Eighth, As this Residence is the field of God, every seed sown here will sprout.
      Ninth, Since this is the field of this world, I, too, will sow the seed devotedly.
      Finally, This time, I am glad to see that all of you equally have come here to sow the seed;
      those who have sown the seed, shall reap a rich harvest without fertilizing.
    • Mikagura-uta VII:8–10.
  • 八ツ やまひはつらいものなれど もとをしりたるものハない
    九ツ このたびまでハいちれつに やまひのもとハしれなんだ
    十ド このたびあらはれた やまひのもとハこゝろから
    • Eighth, Though illness is so trying, no one has ever known its origin.
      Ninth, Until this time all of you equally have been ignorant of the origin of illness.
      Finally, This time, it has been revealed. The origin of illness lies in your own mind.
    • Mikagura-uta X:8–10.

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  • Nakayama, M. (1999). Mikagura-uta (Tenrikyo Church Headquarters, Trans.). Tenri, Japan: Tenrikyo Church Headquarters. (Original work published 1888)

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