Michaella Rugwizangoga

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Michaella Rugwizangoga is a Rwandan engineer with experience in strategic planning, project management and product development. She is currently the CEO of Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwandan, making her the first African woman CEO within the group.

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  • The Rwanda tourism week has been a success, a great way to close 2022 and start another year to implement signed partnerships and what we have learnt. This way, we shall be moving in the right direction, assured of success in growing the industry.
  • WTM in London brings together the globe’s leading travel agents and we are excited to provide a platform for Rwandan travel industry players to connect with their international colleagues and foster new business relationships. We are pleased to see travel professionals excited about Rwanda as a prime ecotourism destination.
  • I am happy to receive this award, not only because it allows me to bring a message of hope and strength from Rwanda but also because it gives me the opportunity to meet amazing women leaders who are making a difference in their respective countries.

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Michaella-Rugwizangoga CEO of Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda

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