Meredith Heron

Canadian interior designer

Meredith Heron is a designer who appears on "Design Match" and "Love by Design" and "Restaurant Makeover".


  • In the time I've tried to write this, I've had to run up the stairs to A) Put Baby to Bed which included dressing him (Daddy is not allowed he doesn't do it right allegedly SIGH) B) Read 3 stores about Sushi, Dim Sum & Potty Training ( Yes, I read about it but now I want to eat sushi) C) Sit down to continue writing only to be summoned back upstairs due to a Tummy Ache (visit the potty, change a diaper - always the way - kiss the belly, tuck back in)....
    "Such a Glamourous Life You Lead Meredith...." (said in my best lil ol' Jewish Man voice...)
    But really, truthfully, am so very blessed.
  • ​Look I put gold balls in a vase and voila - I’m done right?? Ha ha ha I have to figure out to Tree or not to Tree. I’m torn. That’s the good thing about having a Jewish husband. He won’t care if I say Xnay on the tree….
  • Seth your voice isn’t needed at this time. You aren’t helping. You aren’t being an ally to women. Why do you go and maybe bake a loaf of challah??
    Because it is delicious and something one makes to share with others. It was akin to telling a woman to get into a Kitchen. My son is Jewish so nice try there but that’s not gonna fly.
    Given that I’m married to and have Jewish children nice try to make it about that. I was telling him to get in the kitchen. His misogyny flipped on him. You blinded by your own?
    Hardly. Sitting here with my Jewish son but nice try. You give him a pass on his blatant misogyny?? Go away troll.
    Hey winner I’m married into the tribe. Have Jewish kids. Nice try. Deflect his misogyny into some imaginary antisemitism.
    His misogyny. My crack was telling him to get back into the kitchen. It was dismissive the way he dismissed a sexual assault survivor. If you don’t recognize his misogyny you’re part of the problem.
  • You mean the kids wearing the MAGA hats? That’s a rather Nazi take you’ve offered there. MAGA hats = Nazis. Nazis deserve to be punched.
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