1974 film by John Sturges

McQ is a 1974 neo-noir crime drama film about Seattle police lieutenant Lon McHugh, aka McQ, who is drawn into a conspiracy involving the shooting of several police officers when his partner is killed and an attempt is made on his own life by a professional hitman.

Directed by John Sturges. Written by Lawrence Roman.
The cop no one can stop. Even the cops.taglines


  • Rosey, if this is a shine, I'm coming back and iron your face.


Captain Kosterman: Lon, I know you. I'm not gonna stand for you making up your own rules. (showing clear disgust) You're not gonna play that Micky Peters thing all over again.
McQ: Peters was a hood and everyone knew it!
Captain Kosterman: (noticeably exasperated) Yeah and you weren't satisfied to throw him up on the roof, you had to go up there and throw him back down! Six months in the hospital, four lawyers screaming about his civil rights!
McQ: Well it kept him off the street, didn't it?
Captain Kosterman: Yeah, and that's why I'm behind a desk and you're taking orders from me, now cool it.

Jack: [about a MAC-10 submachine gun] You're not going to take it, are you?
McQ: Just say it's a loan.
Jack: Lon, it's not licensed!
McQ: Jack, neither am I.

Captain Kosterman: Now what the hell was that? Just what the hell was it? You hotdogging around like that.
McQ: I wasn't sure of my information, by the time...
Captain Kosterman: You didn't have to be sure! Your responsibility is to let us know!
McQ: My responsibility is to my client. Nothing in the law says I have to tell you anything.

[Santiago has caught McQ in his office and revealed the truth about stolen narcotics]
Santiago: Do you understand what's happened? A switch has taken place. And where? Where else but the police department itself!
[McQ's initial shock wears off as the truth sinks in]
Santiago: Actually I find it quite charming.

Pinky Farrell: Santigo arranged the heist and he came up a loser. Insiders pulled this job.
[Farrell ponders for a second]
Pinky Farrell: Wally Johnson worked the morning watch alone, it was have been easy for him to slip out the dope and slip in the sugar. His murder, Hyatt's and Stan's all connect.
McQ: And no militants mixed up in it.
Pinky Farrell: [now realizing where the switch may have originated] Yeah. Yeah and that makes you wonder, doesn't it, why Kosterman is so eager to stick them.

(Santiago and his gunman have pursued Lon and Lois along a lengthy stretch of beach and now seem to have them cornered)
Santiago: McQ! Can you hear me? I want that junk!
(Lon and Lois say nothing)
Santiago: McQ! Are you listening? I said I want that junk! What's your answer?
(McQ fires the MAC-10, spraying Santiago's car in less than two seconds)
Santiago: (now noticeably more reserved) McQ, I'll purchase it from you. Twenty-five cents on the dollar.


  • The cop no one can stop. Even the cops.
  • McQ-he's a busted cop, his gun is unlicensed, his methods are unlawful and his story is incredible!


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