Lupin III

Japanese manga series

Lupin III(Nihongo: ルパン三世|Rupan Sansei), also written as Lupin the Third or Lupin the 3rd, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Monkey Punch. It follows the escapades of master thief Arsene Lupin III, the grandson of Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief of Maurice Leblanc's series of novels.

Quotations from the seriesEdit

Lupin The Third Part IEdit

Episode 2, The invisible barrierEdit

  • Jigen: Everything becomes very simple and easy when the trick is explained.

Episode 3 The third sunEdit

  • Arsene Lupin: Attack your enemy like a hawk and run like the wind.

The new adventures of Lupin IIIEdit

Episode 59, The Mysterious World of Madame XEdit

  • Zenigata: Lupin does not believe in tired. Life is full of ups and downs but justice always prevails in the end!

Lupin, the incorrigible LupinEdit

Episode 38, The Little MermaidEdit

Jigen: Fujiko, in your vocabulary the word friends is just a synonym for money.

About Lupin IIIEdit

  • Interviewer: Lupin’s charming isn’t he…
  • Monkey Punch: In a word, he’s all about “freedom”, isn’t he. I think this makes him a reflection of what we’d like to be ourselves.
  • Actually, it's kind of interesting. I think men and women in general as... rather than saying tease, say they enjoy each other. They use their attributes; Fujiko uses her beautiful body and her sex appeal as a weapon and Lupin uses his cunning and his wit as a weapon and they like going at it with each other in a fun sense. Not necessarily lovers, not necessarily husband and wife, but more just having fun as man and woman with each other and using their weapons against each other, but in an enjoyable way. That's how I think of that.
  • When I started drawing Lupin thirty-six years ago, I was really only supposed to draw him for 3 months. It was more of only a contract project. At the end of that 3 months, it became popular and I continued drawing it for 10 years. And over that time, I never expected that I'd be invited to America multiple times, to attend these conventions, have so many fans and people that have read my works and have come to talk to me and express their gratitude. It's really an amazing feeling and at the same time it's bizarre in a way. I don't understand the popularity. I'm happy for it, but I don't understand it.
  • I would probably have to say as far as inspirations are concerned, maybe some of the more famous mystery works, just worldly mystery works. I think they probably helped me out creating my stories quite a bit.
    Even things like, you know, Treasure Island or Monte Crisco, I think even those works influenced me quite a bit. I even enjoyed reading about D'Artagnan from the Three Musketeers. It might be my own analysis, but I even feel that Lupin might be very similar to D'Artagnan. M'lady the character that comes out from the D'Artagnan stories, I think that person might even be similar to Fujiko. So, those kinds of works I really think they did affect me at an early age.

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