Louie Gohmert

United States Representative from Texas

Louis Buller "Louie" Gohmert, Jr. (born 18 August 1953) is an American politician from the U.S. state of Texas. He is the current Republican U.S. Representative from the Texan First Congressional District.

You spend a couple million dollars running for Congress, people get tired of seeing your face.



  • It appeared that [the terrorists] would have young women, who became pregnant, would get them into the United States to have a baby. And then they would turn back where they could be raised and coddled as future terrorists. Twenty, thirty years down the road, they can be sent in to help destroy our way of life.


  • I had this discussion with some wonderful, caring Democrats earlier this week on the issue of, well, they said "surely you could agree to limit the number of rounds in a magazine, couldn’t you? How would that be problematic?" And I pointed out, well, once you make it ten, then why would you draw the line at ten? What's wrong with nine? Or eleven? And the problem is once you draw that limit; it’s kind of like marriage when you say it’s not a man and a woman any more, then why not have three men and one woman, or four women and one man, or why not somebody has a love for an animal?

Speech to the United States House of Representatives (July 2015)Edit

Speech to the United States House of Representatives (10 July 2015), video
  • In the heartlands of Islam, from Saudi mansions to ISIS dungeons, there are still slaves, laboring, beaten, bought, sold, raped and disposed of in Mohammed's name.



  • Sunday I had information from some of our former intel people that there was extremely compelling evidence that can be gleaned from Scytl. That's S-C-Y-T-L. That's a company headquartered in Barcelona Spain that was responsible for aggregating all of our, all the information from all the machines and whatnot.
  • Uh, but now the main headquarters had moved to Frankfurt. You know Frankfurt: where Merkl, uh, in Germany, had said the day after the election that Trump needed to go ahead and concede. Well, uh, they're going through bankruptcy, but they, that information as to how many votes were switched from Republican to Democrat, would've been easily established by the information that Scytl gathered.
  • And y'know how, what were the votes going in, and which ones were changed going out. And he said "can you send me exactly the information we need to gather?" and so I got that information and sent it the wee hours of Monday morning and before he would've had a chance to, uh, make a request to get any of that information, uh, it turns out... I don't know the truth... I know that there was a German tweet in German saying that on Monday, uh, U.S. army forces went into Scytl and grabbed their server.
  • There's some that believe this is the US intelligent that manipulated all this in order to cover their own rear ends but it's a little disturbing to just contemplate just how corrupt the government has gotten with the whole Russia hoax, the framing of Mike Flynn, and so many others: Carter Page, Papadapalous. So this is a desperate time for our country

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