Lou Dobbs

American conservative political commentator

Louis Carl Dobbs (born September 24, 1945) is an American television commentator, author, radio show host, and the anchor of Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Network.

Dobbs in 2015


  • While the president pleased few of his supporters, if any, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the radical Dems [are] taking victory laps within minutes of the president’s 18-minute announcement
    And the illegal immigrants are surely pleased at the prospect they may soon jump to the front of the line while legal immigrants aren't even part of the discussion in the nation's capital
  • This is nothing but a political persecution. It`s not even an investigation. This is purely and straightforwardly an assault. I want to talk about what these lazy, indolent, passive son of a guns can do on a declaration of war against the radical dems against the president and the American republic.
  • What I fear is a new direction for the president and his administration and what could very likely be a catastrophe for the working men and women, small business and entrepreneurs, our middle class, the American family, the very people this president has represented from the moment he announced he would run for the presidency.
    That Mr. Trump would advance the interest of the globalist elites ahead of our citizens would be a tragic reversal on any day,
    But today, on the same day the Commerce Department reported the United States had the largest trade deficit in our history ... it all means the White House has simply lost its way.
    The nation’s heart will be, after all, broken by the very same people who brought 50 years of consecutive trade deficit and the export of millions of middle-class jobs and who have fed the swamp for decades

Quotes about Dobbs

  • Trump will wrap his arms around bogus claims like they are old friends, and he doesn't care if the person spewing them is a fraud, as long as their words serve whatever purpose Trump has in mind at the moment. One of his favorite sources for news analysis is Lou Dobbs, a once-respected Fox host whose late-night show is now riddled with conspiracy theories and wild speculation about current events. The president goes to bed with Lou's ideas floating in his mind, whether it's conjecture about liberal billionaire George Soros or ideas for new Justice Department investigations. We know this because he regularly brings Lou's ideas into the Oval Office the next morning, demanding that they be implemented the way Lou said they should be. I can't think of another elected leader in this country who is so easily lured in by obvious carnival barkers.
    • Anonymous, A Warning (2019), p. 67
  • Dobbs was best known for anchoring CNN’s “Moneyline,” an early and influential program that helped create the televised financial-news genre. On “Moneyline,” Dobbs featured corporate CEOs and generally lauded them. About five years ago, Dobbs began changing his line, invoking populist rhetoric and championing the cause of the middle class. He thematically titled his coverage “War on the Middle Class” and “Broken Borders.” Dobbs’ signature issue of undocumented immigrants, or, as he calls them, illegal aliens, has tremendous influence on the debate nationally. So it matters if he is wrong...he must be held responsible for not bringing a historical context to this crucial discussion of immigration reform. The immigration issue will not be solved by vilifying a population.
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