Look Who's Talking

1989 film by Amy Heckerling

Look Who's Talking is a 1989 comedy film directed by Amy Heckerling about a single mother who looks to find a reliable stepfather for her infant son. Much of the film is shown from voiceover as the mind of the baby.

Mikey Edit

  • [Seeing a commercial for Snuggle fabric softener] Hey, it is the Bear Show! This guy is great.

Mollie Edit

  • After Mikey gets born, she sees married men looking at the baby ward congratulating their wives and passing out cigars celebrating their newborns Look at all those daddies down there. They are making goofball faces and taking pictures. Well, you will not find your father here. I really messed things up for you. I do not want you to be upset, because I am going to go out there and find you a daddy, and this time I am going to be smart about it. I am not going to go for some handsome guy just because I am in love with him. You are the only thing that matters to me, and I am going to go out there and I am going to get you the best daddy there is.

Dialogue Edit

Albert: Beth has finally agreed to a divorce. Oh Mollie, I am so glad you waited.
Albert pours champagne for Mollie. She puts down glass to show she is aged with gray hair
Mollie: I knew if I was patient, this day would come.


Rona: It says here that at the fourth month of pregnancy the baby's sexual organs become visible so depending on the gender it can identify the vulva or penis.
Mikey{in gestation}: Hey, what is that that just came out? Is that like my hands? If so I wonder if that could go in my mouth?


James: I will contact your husband for you.
Molly: I do not have a husband. I was artificially inseminated.
James: Are you a lesbo?
[Molly looks at James with anger and shock]

Mollie's apartment. James is babysitting whilst Mollie is out. Doorbell rings; James answers the door and is greeted by Albert
James: May I help you?
Albert: I am here to see my son.
James: Sorry about that sir, I think you have the wrong apartment.
Albert: Is this Mollie and her son? I am the father
James stammers for a moment, believing that Mollie was artifically inseminated, but goes along with it
James: So you say you are the boy's father?
Albert: Yes, and I would like to see my son! The law is on my side, buddy boy!
James: OK, if you are the father then maybe you can answer me these questions. when was he born?
Albert: July 3rd
James: What is his favorite cereal?
Albert: I don't know.
James: Cheerios!, What was his favorite stuffed animal Fred or Barney?, It's Fred right?
Albert: Uh yeah it's Fred.
James: No it's Barney, How many diapers does he go through in one day?
Albert stares at James like a dog staring at its reflection in water
James: About six! Who is his favorite rock star?, Michael Jackson!, Seriously, do you not think a father ought to know some of these things about his children?
Albert: OK, how much is she paying you? Five dollars an hour?
Albert produces $20 bill from his wallet and presents it to James
Albert: Here, go have some fun at the video arcade!
James: Do not give me that shit!
James and Albert start brawling

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  • He is hip, he is slick and he is only three months old.
  • He has got John Travolta's smile, Kirstie Alley's eyes and the voice of Bruce Willis...Now all he has to do is find himself the perfect daddy.

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