London's Burning

1988–2002 British television drama series

London's Burning was a successful firefighting drama produced by LWT and broadcast between 1986 and 2002 and ran for 14 series.

  • Movie

Bayleaf: [answers phone] "It's Marion"
Vaseline: "Which Marion, wife or fiancee?"
[Vaseline gets an earful on the phone then hangs up]
Bayleaf: "Which Marion was it?"
Vaseline: "Never said"

Vaseline: "I'll bring bleedin' sandwiches"
Bayleaf: "You've had three wives and 300 fiancees and not one of them has ever so much as buttered you a slice of bread!"

  • Series 1

Vaseline: "White to pot black! As usual!"
Tony: "You are a real a**hole! Do you know that Vaseline?"
Vaseline: "What did I say?!"

  • Series 2

Station Officer Tate: "Now look! You might be a senior officer, but you are inept! We ain't got time to play it by the book!"
ADO Scase: "You're risking the lives of the crews!"
Station Officer Tate: "The crews are prepared to take their chance! What they're not prepared to do is stand about like a load of ponces, waiting for some nutcase of a tinpot dictator who's too bl***y busy making paperwork, and too bl***y high and mighty, to get stuck in and get himself dirty!"

  • Series 4

Bayleaf: "Thats my seat Guv... Well I generally sit there, Guv at the top end!"
Station Officer Georgiadis: "You sit there Bayleaf! Don't worry! I don't go for top table arrangements! We're a fire station not an Oxford college!"

  • Series 10

Geoffery Pearce: "The point is, who is going to cook the lunch? Anyone got Bayleaf's number...?!"
Billy: "Shut up Geoff! I'll do it like I always do!"
Geoffery Pearce: "Don't you tell me to shut up!"

Also throughout most of the series, the catchphrases "Do what?!" and "Switch off!" were frequently mentioned by the various members of Blue Watch.