Lifeboat (film)

1944 film by Alfred Hitchcock

Lifeboat is a 1944 film about several survivors of a torpedoed ship who find themselves in the same boat with one of the men who sank it.

Dying together's even more personal than living together.
Alfred Hitchcock's cameo appearance in Lifeboat
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Written by Jo Swerling, based on a novella by John Steinbeck.
Who goes Primitive first...A man...Or a woman...adrift in an open boat? (taglines)

Connie PorterEdit

  • Dying together's even more personal than living together.
  • We're not like you! You're made of iron, we're just flesh and blood! Hungry and thirsty flesh and blood!


  • [to the delirious Gus] There's Rosie! She's waiting for you! [Willy pushes Gus overboard]

Charles D. 'Ritt' RittenhouseEdit

  • [seeing a bejewelled Connie in a fur coat as he enters the lifeboat] Connie! Did you come from the freighter or the Stork Club?

Gus SmithEdit

  • My name is Schmidt, but I changed it to Smith. That's what I got against these guys more than anything else. They make me ashamed of the name I was born with. I got a lot of relatives in Germany. For all I know this guy may be one of them. I say throw him to the sharks!


Connie Porter: [speaking of the disaster] Reminds me of an air raid once that hit me in Chunking.
John Kovac: Reminds me of a slaughterhouse I once worked in in Chicago. Those Nazi buzzards — a tin fish ain't enough. They've got to shell us too!

Gus Smith: [referring to Willie] A guy can't help being a German if he's born a German, can he?
John Kovac: Neither can a snake help being a rattlesnake if he's born a rattlesnake! That don't make him a nightingale! Get him out of here!

John Kovac: As of now I'm skipper, and anybody who don't like it can get out and swim to Bermuda. What about that?
Gus Smith: I'll buy it.
Stanley 'Sparks' Garrett: Suits me. What about you, Miss?
Alice MacKenzie: I'm for it.
George 'Joe' Spencer: Yes, sir!
Charles D. 'Ritt' Rittenhouse: Well, if the rest agree.
Connie Porter: All right, Commissar, what's the course?

Willy: [fixing her diamond bracelet] Looks like bits of ice.
Connie Porter: I wish they were.
Willy: They're really nothing but a few pieces of carbon crystallized under high pressure at great heat.
Connie Porter: Quite so, if you want to be scientific about it.
Willy: I'm a great believer in science.
Connie Porter: Like tears, for instance. They're nothing but H2O with a trace of sodium chloride.


  • Who goes Primitive first...A man...Or a woman...adrift in an open boat?
  • What happens when six men and three women are alone in an open boat?
  • Six men and three women — against the sea and each other.


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