Layal Abboud

Lebanese pop singer

Layal Abboud (Arabic: ليال عبود‎‎:[layāl ˈabˈboud]; born 15 May 1982) is a Lebanese pop singer, folk music entertainer, sound-lyric poet, concert dancer, fit model, Muslim humanitarian and businesswoman.

Music is My life.
 July 16, 2014

Quotes edit

2008 edit

  • An artist should combine her beautiful voice, her external form with her coquetry and mollycoddle and to stay away from temptation, in my opinion. There is a huge difference between femininity, coquetry, temptation and irritation.
  • I compete with myself, people will judge whether I deserve to be on the scene or not.
  • I live in love with every moment and with every song.

2009 edit

  • The art road is paved with thorns.
  • If we do not learn from our stumbles, we can't growth.

2012 edit

  • Every year in art is equivalent to 10 normal years ,in my opinion; Art is very tiresome and tiresome.
  • No one is competing with me and I am not trying to compete with anyone, I am looking for excellence and uniqueness in my work.
  • February 1, 2012; Al-Ittihad

2014 edit

  • Music is My life.
  • A lyricist must be a poet by nature.
  • I may live in Beirut, but I think Egypt is beautiful and I feel like it’s my second country.

2016 edit

  • Man is half of woman, who helps her and the one who stands beside her, one who makes her feel comfortable, but the man should be jealous [Gheerah] on his wife not of her.
  • In my childhood our neighbor had horses, I was letting him kiss me to let me ride the horse.
  • A woman is 25% mind, 75% emotion.

2017 edit

  • I love being a beautiful woman when I look at myself in the mirror.

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