last words in The Walking Dead media

Last words in The Walking Dead.

Comic books edit

Days Gone Bye  (Vol. 1, 2003–2004) edit

  • Well I gotta pee. Does anyone need anything while I'm in here? More napkins? I think there's still more left.
    • Who: Amy
    • Note: Character was bitten in the neck by a zombie, and died almost instantly.
  • L-Leave me. When I come back... Maybe I'll find-find my family... Maybe they c-came back too. Maybe we can be together again.
    • Who: Jim
    • Note: Character had lost his family to the zombies, and had been bitten by one months later. He wished to change so that he may find his family and be with them.
  • [Rick Grimes: God dammit Shane! Stop this!!No, Rick... This is the only way! This is what has to happen... You weren't meant to come back... You weren't meant to live!
    • Who: Shane
    • Note: Character was about to kill the main character, Rick Grimes, but before he could pull the trigger, he was shot in the neck by Rick's son, Carl.

Miles Behind Us  (Vol. 2, 2004) edit

  • You worry too much.
    • Who: Donna
    • Note: Character was talking to her husband Allen, while they were searching abandoned homes. She turned her back on the door while talking to him, and a zombie snuck up on her and bit out her eye.
  • No! Not my father! Not my father!
    • Who: Arnold Greene
    • Note: Character was helping his father trap a zombie in their barn when they broke out. He was bit in the neck by his brother Shawn.
  • Arnold! No! No!
    • Who: Lacey Greene
    • Note: Character was helping her father trap a zombie in their barn when they broke out. She was disemboweled by several zombies.

Safety Behind Bars  (Vol. 3, 2004–2005) edit

  • Yeah-I think I'm ready. Let's do it.
    • Who: Julie
    • Note: These may not be her final words, but she had her boyfriend kill her off-screen shortly thereafter but she may have said something else, but they will never be known.
  • It wasn't supposed to be like this. We were supposed to be together forever. Fire at the same time-it was going to work. Together forever. I just pulled the trigger too fast... Faster that her. Supposed to be at the same time. We were going to be together forever. Together forever. Now I'm all alone-what have I done? Supposed to fire at the same time.
    • Who: Chris
    • Note: Character had just killed his girlfriend Julie in a suicide pact. He fired too early and became traumatized. Julie's father Tyreese found her body, which turned into a zombie shortly after. Terrified by this, Chris shot her again, and was strangled to death by Tyreese.
  • I want to cut my hair!
  • Me too! Where is it, Maggie? Where is it?!
    • Who: Rachel and Susie Greene (respectively)
    • Note: These are not actually the characters' final words, but the last words they are shown saying before their decapitated bodies are found.
    • Who: Thomas
    • Note: Character killed Rachel and Susie, and attempted to kill Andrea. He was put in a cell and later freed by Patricia, who he immediately attacked. He was shot in the back twice by Maggie, who then shot his body several more times. His body was then thrown to the zombies.

The Heart's Desire  (Vol. 4, 2005) edit

  • Don't mean shit. That don't change a fucking thing. Smart man woulda let it get me.
    • Who: Dexter
    • Note: Character had just been saved from a zombie by Rick Grimes, who shot him in the head shortly after.
  • Take care of my boys. You and Dale-you take care of them like they were your own. Please.  [Andrea: I won't have to, Allen-listen to me.]  [Carol: Is he okay? How is he doing?I-...
    • Who: Allen
    • Note: These were not the character's final words, but the last words he was shown saying. One of his children said, "He said he wants to be with mommy. He said he will be soon," referring to their mother Donna.

The Best Defense  (Vol. 5, 2006) edit

The Sorrowful Life  (Vol. 6, 2006–2007) edit

  • I'm not dying... Think of it scientifically... I'm just... Evolving... Into a different- Worse life form. I'll still exist in some way. Take the supplies... You'll need them to take care of these people. Use what I taught you. Go.
    • Who: Doctor Stevens
    • Note: Character was bitten in the neck by a zombie and told his assistant Alice to keep going.
  • I'm starting- ...I'm- I think I'm getting- The idea.
    • Who: Caeser Martinez
    • Note: Character was responding to Rick Grimes's question of, "Don't you know what people are capable of?!" referring to the Governor and the people of Woodbury, while he was strangling Martinez.

The Calm Before  (Vol. 7, 2007) edit

  • Oh good... You do like me.
    • Who: Carol
    • Note: Character let her new zombie "friend" bite her in the neck.

Made to Suffer  (Vol. 8, 2007–2008) edit

  • Bald fuck...They came back...They...
    • Who: Bruce
    • Note: Character had been shot by Andrea in the neck shortly before. When The Governor shows up, Bruce explains what happened to him and his group before bleeding to death.
  • Whu--?!
  • Oh, Fuck!
    • Who: Eric and Jim (respectively)
    • Note: Killed in an ambush by Michonne and Tyreese. Eric is decapitated by Michonne and Jim is tackled and beaten to death by Tyreese.
  • Don't let him in! Don't--
    • Who: Tyreese
    • Note: The Governor is using Tyreese as a hostage to gain access into the prison. Tyreese begs the group to not make the deal, and The Governor decapitates him with Michonne's sword.
  • Shit. We're fucked.
    • Who: Axel
    • Note: Character has just learned The Governor and his army are on their way back to the prison. During the following attack Axel is shot in the head and dies instantly.
  • But, Phillip--You don't--
    • Who: Gabe
    • Note: Character is begging his boss, The Governor, to command a retreat to save their troops. He is sniped in the head by Andrea afterwords.
  • We're sitting ducks! We've got a move! Run!
    • Who: Patricia
    • Note: Character is under fire from The Governor and tells her friends Hershel and Billy to run. She is shot in the head by Tom following this.
  • She--She--
    • Who: Billy Greene
    • Note: Character is reacting to Patricia's death. His father, Hershel, grabs him and tries pulls him through the gunfire, but Billy is shot multiple times in the head and neck and dies instantly.
  • Aggh! Fuck! Fuck you!
    • Who: Alice
    • Note: Character has been shot in the leg trying to allow the Grimes family to escape. She yells and the approaching Governor and fires at him, but The Governor kicks her gun out of her hand and shoots her in the head.
  • Is that the plan? We just make a run for it? What;s going on out there? Are we going to walk out into a wall of guns firing at us? We just hope we make it to the truck? That's it?
    • Who: Lori Grimes
    • Note: Character has just heard her husband, Rick, explain his plan for escape from the prison. While running for it, she, and her newborn daughter Judith, are shot to death by The Governor's men.
  • Dear, God...Please. Just kill me.
    • Who: Hershel Greene
    • Note: Character is weeping next to the body of his son Billy. The Governor approaches him, and Hershel admits he has no will to live after seeing six of his seven children die. The Governor then shoots him in the head.
  • Dont panic! The Biters can't outrun us! We just need to keep calm and get inside the prison--Make sure it's closed off. We can clear this place out later--We've got to stick together!
    • Who: The Governor / Brian Blake
    • Note: Character is addressing his now fleeing militia. One of his soldiers, Lily, then shoots him in the head and kicks his body to a horde of zombies in revenge for giving the command to kill Lori and Judith. This distraction allows his remaining troops to escape the zombies.

Television series edit

Season 3 (2012–2013) edit

"Sick" (S3E2, 21 October 2012) edit

  • It was coming at me, bro.
    • Who:  Tomas
    • Note:  Character had tried to kill Rick, following a dispute with him, by "accidentally" pushing a walker towards him, failing due to Daryl killing the walker in question before it could bite him. When Rick confronts him, Tomas tries to pretend it was an accident, but Rick isn't fooled and buries his machete in Tomas' head.

"Killer Within" (S3E4, 4 November 2012) edit

  • I'm dead! just go!
    • Who:  Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas
    • Note:  Character attacked a herd of walkers to get Carol to safety.  He says these lines before being devoured by the walkers.
  • What are you waiting for? Do it! It's our house, shoot him!
    • Who:  Andrew
    • Note:  Character is a prisoner who is speaking to fellow prisoner Oscar, who is pointing a gun at Rick, who had broken into the prison to escape the walkers, but then had a dispute with the prisoners. However, Oscar shoots Andrew instead of Rick before surrendering the gun to Rick.
  • Goodnight, love.
    • Who:  Lori Grimes
    • Note:  Character says farewell to her son Carl upon realizing she is about to give birth to Judith and dies.

"Home" (S3E10, 17 February 2013) edit

  • You know, one time that son of a bitch-
    • Who:  Axel
    • Note:  Character is talking to Carol about his poor relationship with his late brother when he is suddenly shot in the head by the Governor.

"This Sorrowful Life" (S3E15, 24 March 2013) edit

  • I ain't gonna beg.  I ain't begging you!
    • Who:  Merle Dixon
    • Note:  Said before being shot in the chest by the Governor.  He later reanimates as a walker, and is stabbed in the head several times by his brother Daryl.

"Welcome to the Tombs" (S3E16, 31 March 2013) edit

  • I tried...
    • Who:  Andrea
    • Note:  Character has been bitten by a zombified Milton Mamet and is dying of the subsequent infection. She laments about how she'd tried to save everyone before committing suicide to prevent herself from turning into a walker.

Video games edit

Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 1 (2012) edit

"Episode 1 - A New Day" (24 April 2012) edit

  • This other time-
    • Who:  Atlanta Police Officer
    • Note:  TBA

"Episode 2- Starved for Help" (June 27, 2012) edit

  • Please... someone...
    • Who: Mark
    • Note: A part of the group of survivors who joined Lee and the others in staying at the St. John house, Mark was wounded after being pierced in the leg with an arrow from a rival gang planning to steal from the family. When it was time for the group to eat, Lee discovers Mark with his legs cut off to be served for their meal. After telling the group the truth behind the St. John family, they are held captive long enough to see Mark drag his body downstairs. He eventually succumbs to blood loss and becomes a Walker.
  • Oh God...
    • Who: Larry
    • Note: After learning the truth about the St. John family, Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Lilly and her father Larry are trapped in a meat locker to be prepared for consumption (as the family are cannibals). While Lee and Kenny look for a way to escape, Larry angrily pounds on the door demanding to be let out until he has a fatal heart attack. Lee can then either choose to help Lilly resuscitate her father or to crush the man's head in with a salt lick (with Kenny's assistance). Even if Lee helps Lilly bring Larry back, Kenny chastises him and crushes Larry's head in anyway.
  • Just stop!
    • Who: Brenda St. John
  • Get back here and finish this, Lee!
  • Lee!!!
    • Who: Andrew (Andy) St. John